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review 2018-06-24 03:38
3 Kiss Review
First Time Rider - Sage L. Morgan

Aspen left her sadistic motorcycle club boyfriend behind and all she wanted was a fresh start. But that plan gets shot to hell when she meets Liam. 


Liam belongs to a motorcycle club as well and it seems Aspen can't seem to find another type of guy to be attracted to. Before we can shake our heads, we learn Liam's got his hangups, too and everything gets all complicated pretty quickly. Can they both stop for a moment and get over their pasts or will Aspen's ex finally catch up to her and destroy her future? 


First Time Rider features: 



oral sex

nonconsensual themes

motorcycle club




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review 2018-03-17 18:16
A Fun Story for Aspiring Young Writers
The Reading Parrot Named Darwin - Mary Sage Nguyen

The Reading Parrot Named Darwin reaches kids ages 2-12 with a story that enjoys lovely colorful drawings by Marvin Alonso as it tells of would-be writer Lana, who suffers from writer's block and waits for words that will not spill onto paper.


Interrupted in her frustrating endeavor by the delivery man, Lana receives a mysterious box that contains an African gray parrot, an odd gift from her aunt.


What transpires when Darwin wears his special glasses makes for an engaging tale as Darwin proves his prowess in more than just flying and Lana discovers her writer's block has been cured by inspiration from an unexpected source.


Girls and women who aspire to literary success will find much to like about Lana's efforts and the surprising interruption that turns her life around, providing new changes that spark her creative impulse.


The story moves in an unforeseen direction in a stimulating tale that is both fun for leisure readers and inspirational for would-be writers searching for their muses.


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review 2018-03-04 02:50
Blue Sage (Western Lovers: Ranch Rogues #2) - Anne Stuart

I ponder a lot, about these characters who stay in small towns where they're miserable. I really ponder why this town continues to exist. Seems like such a tragedy in a town that barely qualifies for a truck stop (with no gas station...where do people gas up?). the kindest thing would be for the whole town to die. And of course, I wonder why something like what happened would keep being rehashed.


So basically, the past is that the H's father, a Korean war vet, had...issues...from his time there. And the H's mother, freaked out by him, left with the H, then a 2 year old. 15 years later, he snapped during the 4th of July, and shot a bunch of people. It is implied that prior to this, a bunch of animals in the area turned up dead, at his hand. The h was the lone survivor among the victims - she was shot in the knee.


The H has spent the last 15 years having people look at him suspiciously due to who his father was. I kinda puzzled at that. His almost-step-father insists that he go back to his parents' home town and well, figure things out.


The h has become, whether she wanted to or not, the town martyr. She wants out. The town judge took her in by marrying her (he's dead now), and well, everyone takes care of her...until she sleeps with the H, then they turn on her like rabid dogs. (see "why do people remain in small towns when they're miserable?"). He stays away for a bit and they sort of forgive her, deciding she's been victimized again (well, yeah - by them).


In the meantime, someone is planning on recreating the tragedy. The H's reappearance is v. convenient as everyone suspects him. The person makes their move against the h, the H for whatever reason goes back and gets her untied, then they go and avert disaster.


As stated earlier, I don't get why the h had stayed there. I don't get why she let herself get railroaded into a marriage (no relatives apparently). I don't get a lot of things about this set up really.

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text 2018-01-16 06:39
What Are The Advantages Of Using A Sage Mobile App For Your Company?



Sage mobile app is advantageous for a lot of businesses because it can help in managing payroll, sales, and accounts. It's regarded as an online accounting program that provides an effective and risk-free accounting system for businesses. Since this can now be used on cellular devices, it becomes more convenient and attainable for many users.

The Sage CRM app offers trusted insights that permit businesses to know their customers. Such insights are helpful for executing effective sales and marketing tactics. With the use of this Sage CRM app, businesses can deliver impressive service and gain full management and visibility to their customers.

In addition, people can now take their work or manage their accounts anywhere and anytime through the Sage application. Apart from being convenient, it also offers a lot more benefits for its users. If you are one of those who is considering to purchase this accounting application for your business, this article can help you out. Listed below are several benefits you can have for utilising the Sage app:

1. It provides protection
When talking about the accounting system of one’s company, safety must always be prioritised. This often involves the business’ profits, financial and inventory reports, income statement and many more. These things are undoubtedly important for businesses, and with the use of the Sage 50 mobile sales, you will not have to worry about the security of the accounts of your business. It can offer monitoring on any action that is happening in your accounts. On top of that, you can be assured that your data is secure as it possesses an automatic backup.

2. It offers effective management solution
Another benefit that you can have from using Sage mobile app is an organised solution for the system of your business. This is undoubtedly much more efficient rather than organising paperwork for payroll, reports, and receipts. Furthermore, you can store all your accounting information in one spot, and it can even provide excellent inventory reporting and management. What's more, the Internet accounting application can give you quick access to your stored data and saves you more time so you can accomplish other business concerns. With systemised accounts and files, you can work efficiently and easily get whatever you require.

3. It guarantees precise accounting system    
One of the biggest advantages of using Sage 50 mobile sales app is that it can guarantee precision for any accounting issues. This software can take care of vital business operations like monitoring deliveries and stock, inventory tracking and much more. You can then be sure to receive precise financial reports and possess an always up-to-date application. Furthermore, by using a computerised way to store financial data, you can prevent human mistakes including incorrect statistics and missing information.

Here are some of the benefits of having an online accounting software for your company. By utilising a Sage mobile app, you don’t need to be worried about manually managing the accounting concerns of your business like customer account details and sales. Hence, if you’re in need of an efficient solution to improve your company, get in touch with a reliable Sage mobile app provider now!

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text 2017-10-17 15:23
The Sword in the Grotto - Angie Sage,Jimmy Pickering
The Case of the Haunted History Museum (Museum Mysteries) - Steve Brezenoff,Lisa K. Weber
The Tail of Emily Windsnap - Liz Kessler,Sarah Gibb

I have a 9 year old who is reading through everything! At school they us the AR point system to track their reading. We have not even finished a quarter of the school year and she's at 82 points. To put that in perspective, most of the other students in her class will achieve that number by the end of the year. I want her to be challenged but I also don't want her reading books with content that's over her head. I linked to some of the books she's read recently and loved. 


Help me find more books for my 9 year old! Currently she's working her way through anything by Beverly Clearly. I'm trying to direct her towards SuperFudge or other Judy Blume books with little success. Piggle Wiggle and Pippi Longstocking are also on my radar. She really likes books in a series. I'm pretty sure she has read and owns just about every American Girl book ever written. 


I have no idea what to do with her. While I have always loved to read, I wasn't the reader she is when I was 9. I just didn't have access to books the way she does. 



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