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review 2021-02-08 00:00
Citywide - Santino Hassell Citywide - Santino Hassell I read this so long ago. I loved the rest of the series and couldn't wait for more. I didn't love this one, but I did like it. Around the time that I read it, all kinds of things came out about the author. It really ruined my experience so I wasn't able to leave a review at the time.
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review 2020-01-25 02:12
The Institute
The Institute - Stephen King,Santino Fontana

It's difficult to write about this book without spoilers. I feel as though the blurb even has too many spoilers, and I'm glad I didn't read it before completing the book. (I started to read the first sentence of the blurb soon after starting, but then backed up, as it was telling me more than I wanted to know.)

The book features a sinister place in (of course!) Maine, The Institute. The residents of The Institute are children with psychic abilities--telekinesis or telepathy (sometimes both). They are kidnapped from their homes and subjected to tests and procedures. If they are not cooperative, they are punished with physical abuse. The children begin in "front half," and before too long, they are graduated to the mysterious "back half." What they are told is that after their "service" in back half is concluded, they will have their memory wiped and be sent back to their families to live happily ever after. It does not take the children long to be skeptical about this.

What is going on in back half? Who is in charge of The Institute? If anyone found out what happens in that place, who would believe it?

I don't want to give away more than that, but I'll make a few spoiler-free comments about the structure. The book opens with one character, and then after following him for a while, switches to another, who ends up being the book's central character. When I realized this, I wondered how the first guy would fit into the narrative. Don't worry--he shows up later, and then the beginning makes sense!

This book has some serious kid power. It's also got some seriously evil adults who hurt kids, which is disturbing. But Stephen King delivers a satisfying arc and conclusion.

Oh, and if you are thinking about Carrie at the mention of the telekinesis, I'm with you! I think Carrie could have dismantled the entire place, and the book would have ended five minutes after she got there. And while I am on other SK titles--there is a fun reference to twin girls in the institute reminding a character of an old horror movie. Must be The Shining!

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review 2019-11-02 19:49
The Institute ★★★★☆
The Institute - Stephen King,Santino Fontana

When do the ends justify the means? At what point is the cost – to ourselves, to our society, to our collective moral compass - of saving the world too high?


There are only human monsters in this story, but they are all too real, too recognizable from real life. People who so believe in the ultimate rightness of their goals that they are willing to destroy innocent individuals to benefit all of mankind. And having committed to it, refuse to honestly question its necessity or explore possible alternatives. In reducing individuals to the status of tools, they make it possible to dehumanize them, removing any checks on people with an appetite for cruelty and thirst for power. Does it matter that these human tools are only children?


Uncle Steve once again tells a great story. His main protagonists are easy to identify with, to root for, to invest in. He peoples it with minor characters that captured me for whatever time they were on stage. It’s an interesting ride that carried me along to the end, and more unusually for King, the ending was a satisfying one. It’s not a HEA, but it is hopeful. It allows us to believe in the best of ourselves, even after acknowledging the worst.


What it fails to do is give us much insight into the villains. In the best of Uncle Steve’s stories, his villains are given equal voice, where we can see inside their psyches, understand their decisions, and sometimes even have some empathy for what they are. Here, they only tell us why, and the experience is less satisfying for it.


Audiobook via Audible. I’d heard raves about Santino Fontana’s narration in Carolyn Kepnes’s You, but this was the first opportunity I’ve had to hear him, and his performance was outstanding.



I read this book for the Booklikes Halloween Bingo 2019, for the square Modern Masters of Horror: Horror published in or after 2000.



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text 2018-03-31 00:36
March wrap-up 2018 part 2
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda - Becky Albertalli
Emma in the Night - Wendy Walker
Radio Silence - Alice Oseman
Mature Content - Megan Erickson,Santino Hassell
Ready Player One - Ernest Cline
Moxie: A Novel - Jennifer Mathieu

6 audiobooks 

2 librairy 

1 re read 

1 ebook

5 physical  books

I read lots of great books here are the star ratings

1 3 star

5  4 stars 

10 5 stars


Total read this month 16

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-03-27 23:33
Book Review : Mature Content Megan erickson
Mature Content - Megan Erickson,Santino Hassell

March 10-20

My life plan is to be brutally honest all the way to the bank. Don't believe me? I run a popular YouTube channel called TrashyZane, and my claim to fame is oversharing about every aspect of my personal life. Sometimes while tipsy. Not everyone loves my style, but I have a long history of icing out people who can't handle me. I have no time for judgmental foolishness.

Except, apparently, when it comes to Beau Starr. His channel is the polar opposite of mine, and so is he. Wholesome, inspirational, and clean-cut. Everything about him should turn me off, but when we hook up following a confrontation at a convention, my world flips upside down. Not only does Beau Starr turn me on, he uses the exact combination of dirty talk and roughness needed to turn me out.

But we still hate each other. I think

Review : This was so cute I love Zane . This is about Zane and Beau they are both gay youtubers but very different . Beau gets this deal to do a tv thing but his contract says no drama and his ex boyfriend pops up and he's pissed and he's threating Beau . Then Zane finds Beau at the con and they end up fighting and fucking they are both a bit kinky in bed . They start to get along and end up dating but they haven't made it public this gossip youtuber is trying to get them to talk. they both end up doing a video together and it gets a bit intense . Beau ex boyfriend is out of Jail and threatens Him and Zane which is why he denies to Zane's friends that they are dating and Zane flips and yells ant Beau but then Beau explains everything and accepts Beau's appolgy and everything is pretty great from there I loved this series .


Let’s be real, kids. The world sucks. Family sucks. And being expected to be eternally indebted to the people who bumped uglies and squirted you out? That sucks. You’re not beholden to anyone.” 

Hey, this is Beau Starr. Next time you want to use my name to get views, you can just go ahead and put my name on your title. Guaranteed to make you trend, actually. #ProTip. 

Right, Beautifuls?” he asked. “He’s getting cocky because he’s up one point. Fuck that. Put on the blindfold, Beau

Beau has facial hair?” Ian clutched his boyfriend’s shoulders. “I honestly thought he had laser hair removal.” “Seriously?” I said, at the same time Jesse rolled his eyes. “I can grow a beard if I want to. I just never want to, okay? It comes in patchy and it itches.” “Huh.” Ian watched me suspiciously, like I was going to turn into a werewolf. “I’m just having a bit of a lie-in,” I said. Ian’s eyes got bigger. “A lie-in? What are you, British?” Jesse

I kinda like you, Zane. A lot.” His eyelids fell to half-mast. “I like you too, Beau. A lot.

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