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text 2022-03-21 06:58
Entab — Experience Innovative Learning Lab for K-12!

With a specially designed experiential learning programme mapped to David Kolb’s learning style, Entab reimagines learning all over again. It's a portal to an immersive learning experience modelled to help you advance your aptitude. 


The experiential learning lab is specially aligned with NEP 2020 and it empowers the teachers and learners with:

  • Competency Based Education (CBE)
  • Competency Based Assessments (CBA)
  • CBSE's Learning Standard Framework
  • HD Quality Digital Content with Immersive Experiences
  • Campus Care ERP Solutions
  • LMS with AI-Based Assessments
  • Learning App for Students as an Extension of School at Home


Delve into a deeper and fuller understanding of the subjects with

  • Practical demonstrations of concepts
  • Live presentations of Lab Experiments & Activities
  • Explanatory content for deeper understanding of concepts


At Entab, knowledge is more about understanding and application rather than mere accumulation. Our Hybrid Learning Solution increases efficiency in management and directs a complete focus on learning. We offer carefully crafted Smart Lesson Plans, Digital Teaching Resources, Question Banks with the latest pattern of questions to empower teaching.  


Overcome monotony and get transported to a land where books come to life—Stand under a rainbow to understand its formation! Furthermore, Quick Revisions and elaborate revisions with Master the Chapter, enhance your understanding of the subject. 


Map out your learning journey and your progress with our AI-based Practice Worksheets and Assessments. Our learning programme helps you develop and sharpen your Critical Thinking Skills, Analytical Skills, and Judgmental Skills.

Our Experiential Learning Programme enlivens learning altogether and instils greater enthusiasm and commitment. With an independent learning experience and a clear and acute analysis of progress, Entab helps you embark on an outcome-based journey. 




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url 2020-04-26 12:24
What Is the Best School Management Software?

School management Software is mainly designed for making the effort paperless. Nowadays everything is being digital. To reduce the time for a particular work people are being digital. They use particular software for a particular task like school management. Best Software for school should have some qualities that make software excellent.


  • It should be having the ability to host modules.
  • It should be able to maintain the academic history of its students.
  • And also it should be helpful for the teachers to make a record of their data to work in accord.


What are the functions of the best school management software?


As we have already mentioned that the top school management software project has a number of advantages. It also helps the institute to digitalize most of the functions and automate an outmoded task. Also, it helps to manage the diverse verticals of school operation as the management of academic data of students. There are a number of tasks that can be easily performed by School ERP Software. Few of them are as follow :


  • Admission Management
  • Student Registration
  • Library Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Designating Faculty To The Classes
  • Setting Timetable & Schedules


If You have the messaging facility in your software then that would be good for your communication process. And that will give you higher efficiency & Better Performance. 

Source: schoolprobiz.thirdeyeinfotech.in
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url 2020-04-24 14:02
Free School ERP Software In India - AEDU

AEDU is a  free school ERP software tailored precisely for digitizing the management of an educational institute. This software is very simple and easy to use. It is user friendly and makes management easier.


AEDU helps your management to be organized and precise all the time. No extra worries during exams or admissions, it is all safe in one place! Everything that you need to manage manually in your school can be done through this software.

There are various panels and features supporting different functions necessary for your management.

Source: www.aedu.co.in
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text 2020-04-24 13:55
How Going PaperLess by Using School ERP Software helps School management

How the schools could be benefited by adopting paperless school management software.

The most famous topic these days conservationists work upon to save the environment is to Save Paper and Go Green. Every year the production of the paper exceeds by 300 million tons and it is also known that 60% of the harvested wood is utilized for the paper and its goods. However, people adopting paperless culture can have abundant benefits for the environment.

Schools and other educational institutes can go paperless by adopting school ERP software. Let’s look at how can going paperless benefit to schools:

  • Avoiding unnecessary personnel operations
  • Workplace pressure decreases by effortless workflow
  • Elimination of errors
  • Timely completion of work
  • Avoids chances of possible threat and risks 
  • Less probability of losing of finding the information 
  • No more furniture required to store a heap of papers

What will the benefits Educational Management Software will experience in adopting paperless culture? 

  • Make process simpler

Digitalization makes operations simpler by avoiding unnecessary work and streamlining the activities of the school. It avoids duplication of work hence ends up saving a lot of time and effort. Simpler procedures avoid panic, pressure, and require limited resources. Now, student’s data could be saved digitally and can also incorporate a lot of other data sources and digital devices which could altogether promote a new stage of data processing. 


  • Security assurance 

Data that is stored online is much safer than that on paper, as the data on paper can be misplaced or theft. Manipulation, and transfer of data or changing the physical data of students can easily be done as there is no security. On the other part, data stored on the Cloud, in the management software is secured with a layer of security codes to protect it. This secured data can only be accessed by those who have the right to modify that data.  


  • Real-time access 

The teachers, parents all can have real-time access to the updated information. Like when the teacher enters the marks of students, parents can view them. These changes apart from parents and teachers, admin can view them as well. This saves a lot of paper, time, and effort. Quick decisions and timely delivery is made possible only by online data storing.


  • Reduces chances of risk

Tasks done with the help of computers are error-free as they don’t make mistakes with calculations or processing. The chances of misplacing, misfiling, or losing important data can also be avoided. When the data is online stored the hours which were previously wasted for searching for the documents can now be saved. 


  • An economical data storage mechanism

Paper is inconvenient to manage and store and cannot be easily backed up as well. It is also not possible to take several photocopies of each and every document as it will lead to wastage of paper, and space. On the other hand, an electronic file can be saved anywhere and it is also not required to maintain any physical space and saves the cost of paper and stationery. 



Adapting to the paperless environment will deliver multiple benefits to all teachers, parents, and admin. It also takes care of all the routine activities going in the school like attendance, tests, report card, registration, and many more, are working in an effortless manner. Digitalizing all these works saves lots of teachers time and effort which they can use in the classroom for their teaching activity. 

For adopting a Free ERP that could help you contribute to the environment and make your task efficient and effective. Schedule a call now and get a 15 minute free demo. Contact us now.


Source : https://www.aedu.co.in/

Source: www.aedu.co.in/how-going-paperless-by-using-school-erp-software-helps-school-management
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text 2020-04-09 12:12
Importance of School Management Software in the Modern Education System

We live in a world driven by technology. And just like the other spheres of life, the realm of education has also become more dependent on technological advancements than ever. One such innovation is school management software that helps schools in performing the various administrative tasks in no time. Here, we’ll be discussing the importance of school management software in the modern education system. Give it a read.



What is a School Management Software?


A school management software is a specially designed program that caters to everyday tasks of administration. The software automates the whole process and lets schools and institutes to go paperless. Be it tracking attendance of students, to managing the staff data and information, a school ERP does it all. This helps in saving a lot of time and minimizes the chances of errors.


Interesting Features of School Management Software


Because of its remarkable functionality, features, and modules, school management software has become crucial for every school these days. The pointers mentioned below describe the various features of school ERP software.


  • Role-based Access: School management software connects all stakeholders and provides a personalized experience by giving access to a relevant set of features to each of them. Whilst a principal can view the details of all the staff members and the students, a parent might not be able to do so. 
  • Dynamic Plugins: School ERP software also serves as a medium to keep all stakeholders on the same page. This is done through dynamic plugins such as calendars, news updates, upcoming events, etc. In this way, every user can stay updated with the latest events and happenings. 
  • Cloud Computing: Advancements in technology help in making the process of management and administration more streamlined and efficient. And the advent and rise of cloud computing helped in keeping the data safe with added features such as high speed, mobility, and reliability. 
  • Email and SMS Integration: The app version of the school administration software provides access to all the users, anywhere, anytime. The feature of email and SMS integration further strengthens the process of communication, allowing all the stakeholders to converse whenever they want to. 
  • Backup and Data Security: Back when cloud computing wasn’t incorporated in school ERP software, the data had to be stored in decentralized locations. But now, with cloud facilitation data remains secure on a centralized database and can be recovered with the feature of backup.


Benefits of School Management Software


Right from providing online access to all the stakeholders, to providing personalized learning to students, school management software provides a large number of benefits to schools, students, and their parents. Below are some of these. 


  • Connects All Stakeholders in One Place: When there was no school management software, it was difficult for stakeholders to communicate. School ERP software not only connects all stakeholders in one place but also makes sure that each of them is on the same page. 
  • Provides Personalized Learning: Teachers and students can communicate via the school management software. This helps parents to stay updated with their ward’s performance at all times. Moreover, with access to report cards, assignments, and homework, parents can keep track of the progress of their child and work on it accordingly. This helps in providing personalized learning to students. 
  • Easy Access: The app version of the school ERP software lets all the stakeholders access the software whenever required. We live in a busy world where everyone is always on the go, so it is not easy to access a computer every time. Hence, the app version makes it much easier for all users. 
  • A Cost-Effective Solution: Without school administration software, all the work of administration has to be done by various personnel. This increases the chances of errors and the time involved to perform the operations. School ERP software not only cuts down on the cost required for the manpower but also eliminates errors. 
  • Empowers IT Department & Teachers: Schools need to help their staff members and employees to stay updated with the latest technology. And school management software allows them to do so. Not to mention, it saves them a lot of time which can be used for other important things, such as teaching.


In the modern world, it is too difficult to overlook the importance of school management software. Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, school ERP software is acting as an important tool to let the students and parents connected with teachers and schools to let the process of learning going on. Hence, every school needs to have school administration software for better functioning and management.

Source: www.entab.in
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