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review 2018-06-23 03:06
Player by Sean Ashcroft Review
Player - Sean Ashcroft

Tennis player Isaac Hudson isn’t gay, but when a photograph of him kissing another man makes its way to social media, he doesn’t have the heart to correct the speculation and disappoint all the people it means so much to. Still recovering from a shoulder injury, he decides to play the part and enlists the help of his childhood best friend to be his temporary boyfriend.

Julian has been in love with Isaac since they were kids. Knowing his friend was off-limits helped him keep his feelings hidden, but now that he’s supposed to pretend to date him…

Well, things are getting a little tricky in the feelings department. 

After a few surprisingly intimate dates, it becomes obvious that Isaac is less interested in faking it and more interested in trying it.

Throw in a few steamy moments, and soon enough, Isaac finds himself falling into bed with his best friend.

But can Isaac figure out his feelings in time to see what’s right in front of him? Or will his player past come back to haunt him and take away his best chance at happiness?



As a sucker for both friends to lover and pretend dating, I picked this right up.

And its a nice quick read. Julian is wonderful and Isaac...well he isn't very self reflective. 

He is also a kind of crap friend but he does evolve and come to understandings about himself and what matters.

Julian is too good for him though but Isaac is what he wants so I am happy for him.

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review 2018-02-09 20:37
Taking a Knee by Sean Ashcroft 4 Star Review!
Taking a Knee - Sean Ashcroft

Noah’s otherwise average life has just hit a wall. As an out-and-proud roller derby player, his team is right in the middle of qualifying for next year’s national competition when he suddenly loses his job--and therefore the work visa that was keeping him in the country. 

Unexpected help comes in the form of Jace, his straight best friend and ‘derby husband,’ the guy who always looks out for him on the track. The solution to all of Noah’s problems? Get fake married to Jace, get his green card, and play out the rest of the season after all. It almost sounds too good to be true.

Jace has two loves in his life: his career as a pediatric nurse, and his roller derby team. When he finds out that their star player is on the verge of being deported, he’s willing to do anything to stop it--including marrying the guy. It’s only for three years, and it’s not as though anyone's going to get hurt.

Things get messy when Jace begins to realise he may not be as straight as he’s always thought he was. Since when did Noah have such pretty eyes? And why the hell is he thinking about him all the time? 

Between a jealous rival, Noah’s ex-boyfriend, and the mother-in-law from hell, Jace comes to realise that he wants more out of this marriage than the chance to head to the national championships.

All he has to do now is summon the courage to tell Noah that. And win the rest of the games in the season. And deal with his new mother-in-law. Easy.



This romance has a ton of catnip for me which made me really like it and forgiven some of the lighter brush stokes of plot, character, and family.


It is a great friends to lovers, marriage of connivence, green card marriage plot.


Both heroes were great and while there is a discovered sexuality theme, the angst level is low. There is a lot of love here.


And then the awesomeness of Roller Derby. Which is awesome.


A great deal of fun to be had here!

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review 2018-02-04 20:24
Ex-Boyfriend Material by Sean Ashcroft Review
Ex-Boyfriend Material - Sean Ashcroft

Alex is smart, charming, and attractive. Good at approaching people and getting them to sleep with him, his talents fall down when it comes to maintaining a relationship. His last boyfriend left him with a broken heart and without half the rent, so now he needs a new roommate. This time, he wants someone mature, sensible, and not even a little bit attractive to him.

What he gets is Liam--funny, gorgeous, and surprisingly put-together for a man who doesn’t own a single shirt without a stain on it and has an incurable oral fixation. 

After months of feeling as though he can never move on while he lives in London, America is Liam’s fresh start. His breakup with his girlfriend left him heartbroken, and home only reminds him of everything he’s lost. With a twelve-month contract on offer, the chance to take a break is too good to pass up. All he needs now is a roommate, since his company-organised apartment has fallen through.

He runs across Alex’s Craigslist posting and thinks the other man seems perfect--little does he know that his new roommate is also nursing a broken heart, and coping with it by sleeping his way through the entire population of New York.

Both of them know the dangers of getting into a relationship with their roommates. Alex spent months stuck in a relationship that made him increasingly unhappy, Liam had to move away from his home to give himself a chance to heal.

They seem to soften each other’s rough edges, fill the gaps in each other’s lives. But love is risky, and their hearts are fragile--can they learn to trust one another and take the chance to have a home in each other’s arms? Or will their pasts and their fears get in the way of their happiness?




This is a slow burn romance with one demisexual hero and one introvert hero with self esteem issues.

It is slow going and there is a nice exploration of demisexuality as well as bisexuality. 

The heroes become roommates, then friends and then finally lovers. 

I would have liked to spend more time with them as lovers and see them bloom a little more but it was an enjoyable read.


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review 2017-12-23 00:00
Snow on the Roof
Snow on the Roof - Sean Ashcroft Snow on the Roof - Sean Ashcroft Actually giving this 4.5 stars, it would have gotten the full 5 but it qwas just a tinsey bit insta-lovey. Other than that tiny complaint this book was a joyful read, filled with lots of Christmas cheer and love. Although I totally get Sunny not wanting to spend Christmas with his apathetic (his description not mine) parents, especially considering they named him Sunshine. I mean what were they smoking when they chose his name... nice to see he worked with what he was given and owned it totally. Grant is like the perfect BF, totally adorable, hot as heck and sweet as anything. Also liked the way Grant's ex, his daughter and his ex's new husband were worked so well into the whole story. Just a very fun, angst-free delightful read!
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