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text 2020-07-23 06:12
ProKorp launches compliance software for secretarial firms

Covid-19 has changed the business world and every company is looking for ways to utilise technology. This is very much so in Singapore as well, where there is a growing need for easy-to-use digital corporate secretarial solutions.

ProKorp — after months of rigorous internal testing and several iterations- has officially launched today, 1st July 2020. This will help to transform the way corporate secretarial firms work — from manual mundane routines to 100% automation on one digital platform.

What is ProKorp?

Winner of Singapore’s SME Digital Leap Award 2019, ProKorp is a powerful AI-based corporate secretarial compliance platform, which enhances a Singapore company’s efficiency by 200%. This it does by streamlining the entire workflow using eight different modules, which include:

  • ProKorp Secretary — a secured and simplified corporate secretarial task management system, capable of extracting information from ACRA — Singapore’s company regulator — anytime anywhere.
  • ProKorp Immigration tracks and monitors work pass applications, expiry and renewal statuses easily.
  • ProKorp AutoDoc generates the complete statutory set of documents in one click
  • ProKorp Biliing sends invoices and monitors collections
  • ProKorp HR manages payrolls and employee leaves
  • ProKorp Analytics generates accurate financial reports
  • ProKorp Tickets provides email integration and client support
  • ProKorp Due Diligence conducts real-time diligence on clients after scanning large databases.

How ProKorp benefits your business

ProKorp transforms a corporate secretarial firm to thrive in today’s digital era. A subscription gives corporate secretarial firms three options to choose from — basic, professional or enterprise. Depending on your choice, you get access to few or all of eight ProKorp’s modules, which advantages include:

  • paperless, cost-reducing digital platform from anywhere anytime
  • generate reports, agreements, proposals, and invoices with just one click
  • generates smart reports with data visualisation to help a client make intelligent and well-informed decisions
  • file annual returns with ACRA
  • improve client engagement and relationship so that they always feel valued
  • carry out due diligence on clients
  • 24/7 access to centralised records and secured database
  • automation of all routine mundane tasks so that the firm can focus on growing its business

What makes ProKorp unique

In addition to simplifying and automating tasks, ProKorp is uniquely equipped with a KYC function which enables you to easily conduct real-time client due diligence on the go. With this particular ProKorp Due Diligence module, you can now populate hit & search results and track hundreds of databases in just a few minutes. This provides you and your company the security and confidence to proceed with building your client base without any unforeseen obstacles.

Unlock high performances for your business with ProKorp today.

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text 2020-03-23 12:08
Best Company Incorporation Services in Singapore

The company incorporation refers to the legal process. That is used to form a corporate company. An incorporate organization is a separate prison entity on its own, identified by way of the law. These companies can be recognized by using these terms – Limited or Inc.

Do you know? If you have a group of 7 people or more so your company will be called a public company. And if there are only 2 people so that is called a private company.

You can also take company incorporation services here.


Here, m sharing steps that are involved in the company incorporation.

1. First, choose an appropriate name for any company. As you know, a company is recognized through its register name. The company name is stated in the memorandum of association of the company. You should know that a public company name must end with “Limited” and private company name must end with “Private Limited”.

2. You can find a rule book for the memorandum of association of a company. In this, you will know the business, types of business and objectives of the company and its plan. Do you know about the Article of Association? If not, m here to tell you all about it. Article of Association is a document of rules followed by a company. It creates a contract between members and the company. This article mentions all the duties, liabilities, and rights of the members.

3. Let’s discuss the power of attorney. Attorneys have the authority to act on behalf of the company and its members. So, to complete the legal documentation formalities, you will need an Attorney.

4. You can get the company incorporation certificate by fulfilling the Registrar requirements. Because he has the right to issue a certificate of the incorporation company. This will be proof that all requirements of the Act you have fulfilled.

Benefits of Company Incorporation

The benefits of company incorporation are transferable shares, limited liability, separate property, flexibility and many more. The word incorporation means the process of constituting a company, city or other organization as a legal corporation”. If you are thinking about a company so “Interactive accounts” offers company incorporation services in Singapore.

Capital is the money needed to produce items and services. An organization has two sorts of obtaining capital: equity, this means that raising funds through the public and debt referring to bank loans or different varieties of credit. When an organization is incorporated, it's miles taken into consideration extra reliable; subsequently, it shall be easy to reap capital.

The SEBI and other allied laws require the incorporation of the company to allow sourcing funds in the shape of equity. Moreover, if the price range is raised from the public in place of a non-public group, the organization have to satisfy the conditions for a public business enterprise and be listed on a recognized inventory exchange. Hence, it promotes a smooth way for capital formation and pooling.

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photo 2020-02-14 03:14

The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority Requires businesses to appoint a company secretary within six months of its incorporation. Corporate Services is a reputable corporate secretarial services that can provide you a company secretary in Singapore. We have dependable and excellent corporate secretries to help you grow your business.


Check out our infographic how secretarial services evolved in today's world.

Source: www.corporateservicessingapore.com/the-evolution-of-secretarial-services-role-in-todays-corporate-world
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video 2019-12-11 02:22

If you want your company to focus on its day to day operations and improving the efficacy of the company, hire a company secretary. A company secretary is a person who is also good with legality and has a sound knowledge in improving the efficiency of the company. Partner with Corporate Services Singapore. We provide corporate secretarial services in Singapore and with years of experience in this field.


In this video, we discussed the common misconceptions about a company secretary that should be corrected.

Source: www.corporateservicessingapore.com/6-misconceptions-about-the-company-secretary-that-should-be-corrected
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url 2019-10-11 02:38
How to Register a Representative Office in Singapore

In this article you'll learn about the activities of a representative office and requirements of a representative office in Singapore

Source: www.corporateservicessingapore.com/register-representative-office-singapore
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