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review 2014-08-13 17:17
A M/M Series Worth Continuing ~ Dirty Kiss
Dirty Kiss - Rhys Ford

It was good, I enjoyed it... entertained. But it didn't knock me over in a passionate embrace like say, Cut and Run did. I'm still very keen to continue the series, and I did enjoy how 'real' the characters seemed to be. Everyone had flaws, and I loved how it still poked fun at stereotypes.

The 'mystery' part... *sigh* I'll give it this: there was action galore. Car bombs, home explosions, bodies being stumbled over left and right - the pacing of the action rocked. The overall 'who done it' and explanation... not so much. The action helps this, but I still waffle on my feelings about this in the book.

The narrator was better than average, and I liked his accents for the variety of nationalities represented, but isn't an all-time favorite. If you enjoy audiobooks in general, and m/m mystery romance, then I'd recommend this book.

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review 2014-08-13 16:02
"Are You Feeling This" ` Cut and Run Into My Heart!
Cut & Run - Abigail Roux,Madeleine Urban

I'm going to give this a 4... but I will admit I'm torn on this one. 

Narration: *Meh* Was not great, difficult to tell which character was speaking, but on the flip side he wasn't so bad that it felt like listening to nails running down a chalkboard. Sloppy but serviceable - if only just. I'd probably give it 2♥'s, maybe 2½♥'s on narration.

Romance: I need a cold shower. Followed up by a cold shower. Maybe Ty and Zane could join me? To QUOTE a line from a Madonna song, "My bottom hurts just thinking about it." (but in a good way...) It's exactly how I feel two guys that are very 'alpha' and manyly and braun and FBI agents that are not totally 'out there' to act. Equals parts of wanting to smack their ass and their faces and upside the heads. *Shiver* It was intoxicating. 4½♥'s on this part.

Mystery: *Sigh* OK, I'll admit, this part kind of blew chunks. And there was much of 'this part'... wasn't nearly as clever as I wanted the mystery to be, and COME ON... I saw it coming a mile away. But, it's the first book in the series, and the man-love made up for so much. I think I need another shower. Scooby has better 'mystery' plots, but I didn't mind the more 'office-like' FBI parts. 2-2½♥'s.

So, by the law of averages, my rating should be lower- but like I said... Ty and Zane sandwich, order up! I'll happily be the spicy mustard of that sandwich, and can't wait to sink my teeth into the rest of the series.

Source: stoplookingatmybooks.blogspot.com/2014/07/bitten-by-mm-bug-cut-and-run-into-my.html
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