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review 2017-09-21 13:34
Book Review - Lottery in Paradise by Deborah Brown (Florida Keys Mystery Series Book 11) plus $25 Amazon/Paypal Giveaway
Lottery in Paradise (Paradise Series) (Volume 11) - Deborah Brown

The 11th time we meet Madison and her crazy band of friends and family who take us on yet another rip roaring adventure through Florida Keys.  This book can easily be read on its own as the author gives us the resume of the other adventures and describes the characters to a tee.

The writer pulls it out of the bag again, and engaging story with innovate ideas and plots, with lots of humour and emotions thrown in.  The characters become more endearing and the story is fast paced and by the time you get to the end you are wanting more.  You just lose yourself in the descriptive writing and imagine yourself being right alongside our heroines.

The real gem of these books is the fact that to do what is right sometimes you have to step over the boundaries of law enforcement and you are kept on tender hooks wondering whether they will get away with it or will be caught in the act.

I love this series of books as the characters grow from strength to strength and gain a place in your heart.  Roll on the next adventure!

Source: beckvalleybooks.blogspot.co.uk/2017/09/book-review-lottery-in-paradise-by.html
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review 2017-09-21 04:10
Slap Shot: An Aces Hockey Novel - Kelly Jamieson

This is book # 5 in the Aces Hockey series.  This book can be read as a standalone novel.  For reader understanding, and to avoid spoilers, I recommend reading this great series in order.


Kendra meet Max at a wedding.  The chemistry if off the charts right from the get go.  The timing however, seems off.  She is beginning to feel like it was just a one off.


Max wants more from Kendra, but his issues from losing his wife are still there.  He is hoping to heal, and Kendra is a big part of that.  Her touch soothes him.


This was an amazing story.  So much was in it with surprises and fun.  The banter is delicious.  The heat was right on, and the story just flowed really well.  I give this book a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given by Netgalley and its publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2017-09-21 04:02
Excellent Debut
The Dragon in the Garden (The Watcher Rising Series, #1) - Erika Gardner

I can't even begin to express just how much I enjoyed this book! While I don't read a lot of Epic Fantasy, I love Urban Fantasy and Mythology and this one has both in spades. There are a lot of characters to keep up with and it is a lengthy read with a lot going on, but it's such an engaging story that it all just worked. We have a group of three humans, a fallen angel, a Valkyrie, and a dragon set on saving the world. With a mix like that, things are bound to get crazy and they do with plenty of action as demons, a reaper, and even the fae enter the picture. There are some moments of sadness and yes, I cried along with our heroine, and there are also some fun sexy times. It's not graphic, but it is there. With everything going on in this tale, some of my favorite parts included the dialogue between the characters. It's all quite witty, but several times it is absolutely laugh out loud hilarious and timed quite well. The whole story is just so good and overall, this fantastical, romantic, hilarious, emotional, and even a bit creepy at times story is an excellent debut from Gardner.

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review 2017-09-20 16:22
Monster in the Closet Book Review
Monster in the Closet (The Baltimore Series) - Karen Rose

This is my first Karen Rose novel. I don't read a lot of adult thrillers so I thought I'd branch out. I live in Maryland and especially liked that I recognized a lot of the scenery in Hunt Valley and Baltimore. 


It took a while for me to really get into Monster in the Closet. The last 100 or so pages were pretty exciting and fast paced. I wish more of it was the same. There are several characters this follows from the bad guys, to the parents and the children so it almost took too long for me to get into. 


I enjoyed it enough to probably read more by this author in the future. The only problem is I don't think I'll remember this one a year from now or even in a few months. 

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review 2017-09-20 11:59
Book Review For: His Hand-Me-Down Countess by Sorcha Mowbray
His Hand-Me-Down Countess (The Lustful Lords Series) (Volume 1) - Sorcha Mowbray

'His Hand-Me-Down Countess' by Sorcha Mowbray is the First Book in the New Series called "Lustful Lords". This is the story of Theodora Lawton and Achilles Denton, the Earl of Stonemere. Achilles and his friends are called the "Lustful Lords' by society and they have lived up to that name.
Achilles older brother, Odysseus has died and now he is the Earl of Stonemere.
Achilles never thought to take the title but now he has it. Along with the Title is seems he has his brother's future bride. Achilles knows he has to marry to carry on the Title for his family and he might as well marry Theo as another women.
Theo is very smart and with her Pin Money has bought land and worked some business deals. Although Theo doesn't want to get married she knows it will open her up to more freedom for her endeavors. Theo and Achilles have met and shared a few society dances but neither really knows the other. Theo knows that she is attracted to Achilles but when it comes closer to their time to actually marry, she ask him if they could not get to know each other better.
Achilles finds Theo shy and somewhat attractive at first but when he starts to get to know her, her mind and her temperament he finds she is irresistible. But she would be shocked at his physical needs...or would she?
In addition to their hot romance there is someone trying to kill Achilles which is adding to the story line in the book.
This is my first book by Ms. Mowbray but I plan on reading more books as soon as I can!
Lustful Lords: Who are they?,
Achilles Denton, the Earl of Stonemere
Robert Cooper the Earl of Brougham
Matthew Derby of Marquess of Flinshire
Grayson Powell, Viscount of Wolfington
Marion Thomas, Baron Linolnshire
I hope to read their story soon!~
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

Source: www.amazon.com/Hand-Me-Down-Countess-Lustful-Lords-Book-ebook/dp/B073HMYDJ8/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1505854608&sr=1-1&keywords=His+Hand-Me-Down+Countess
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