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text 2018-03-14 09:58
Make Your Own Way- Company Registration In Singapore!!

 The entire developed region of the world is enjoying most of the inventions which makes the environment quite attractive for the viewers. Singapore, Malaysia, Europe and likes are well executing the plans for becoming a popular part on the globe. Many people dream of establishing a business in Singapore. Some of the locals as well think of registration as a huge task. Are you looking for a qualitative business registration in Singapore? Probably yes then, you may have a cup of tea at BT Consultants for experiencing well garnished services.


Business registration is actually a responsible step as you become a proprietor of an individual brand and things will proceed from your behalf. It involves proper documentation, approval from respective authorities and other formalities done for a successful registration of your brand. Registration service providers make the complete process feel like no challenging. Company registration in Singapore is now a procedure of spending some money to get your registration done professionally.


The challenge doesn't ends here and continues in form of after registration tasks like bookkeeping, accounting, investment planning, execution and rest which all are magnificently served by the organizations as well. A separate bookkeeping company is never required as the registration service provider better bookkeeping services after incorporation. Experts handle your accounts with accuracy and suggest profitable investments plans for taking your brand name to a well known platform.


Registration companies become the backbone of the client's brand and provide support at every stage for better functioning of the activities. The major purpose of service providers is to make your ideas true with best efforts and maximum output. It remains essential to get services from a trustable partner as you can start from accurate working standard without any registration failure or other issues. Providing easy and comfortable registration is a basic service offered at many stores these days.

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text 2018-03-14 09:08
Come To the Business Heaven

Setting up a company in Singapore is probably the easiest when you consider the other companies. There are no unnecessary formalities nor delays here. The government promotes business more than anything else. The procedures are transparent and straightforward. There is no red-tapism. Digitalization has made the procedure even more simple.


With the able assistance of 3 E Accounting in getting your company registered, no business should find it difficult to start a company in Singapore. 3 E Accounting has been in the business to know the procedures and easiest way of getting things done.

Of all the kinds of companies that you can set up in Singapore the limited private company Singapore finds favor with most investors, whether local or foreign. This is because of the benefits such a company offers.


First of all, a limited private company can be started by a local or it can be 100% owned by a foreign individual or company. It can function as a subsidiary of the foreign company. The shareholders are not liable for the losses or debts suffered by the company. The company will also get the tax benefits declared by the government.

3 E Accounting will assist you not just in registering the company, but also in fulfilling some of the obligations laid down by the government for such a company. The regulations specify that there should one director of the company who should be a local resident. But he need not be a shareholder of the company.


We can help you with a nominee director for this purpose. Another condition that needs to be followed is to have a registered office in Singapore. We can provide you with a local address for this purpose if you don’t want to invest for the same.

3 E Accounting can give you complete advice on how to set up business in Singapore.

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text 2018-03-06 04:59
Trusted And Most Professional Company Set Up And Secretary Services In Singapore

Singapore has always been one of the most preferred destinations for various new businessmen to establish their business and be successful and having a very great opportunity to deal with the various markets. The city is actually one of the most famous for various business houses that are very successful and the most popular international markets. Besides that Singapore also offers great opportunity for faster growth and development and with international recognition and with ample opportunities to deal with various other businesses. But as an agency we have experienced since many decades that setting up a business in Singapore is not an easy matter and it requires professional support and assistance and we have been providing the most unique and successful services to incorporate company in Singapore and we have been very successful with great recognition in the market of Singapore. Besides that we are very much accustomed with the various formalities and requirements and our expert representatives are very dedicated and they give their best in helping our clients set up their business at the earliest and we also extend our most professional help in choosing the best office in the most lucrative location of the city of Singapore.


We have always endeavored to maintain high quality service delivery to our clients and we also have various other services which include our company secretary in Singapore and we being very much acquainted avails the most competent services. We always give much priority to the experience and proficiency of the secretaries and ensure that they are very dedicated and hard working. Besides that we have many clients who avail our services regularly and also recommend us very highly among their friends and colleagues and this has given much acclamation and recognition.

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text 2018-02-23 05:33
Getting the best help with taxation

The biggest fear and worry of any businessman across the world is tax. If one has ever tried to file tax in a business, he would understand the dire need of help required to accomplish this cumbersome task. Understanding the various rules of taxation, finding the slab you fit in, estimation of the amount of taxes the business is liable to pay, and following all the procedures in the right manner are some of the acts involved in tax filing. But there is no need to be scared, as FM Accounting & Consultancy will guide your way out through this labyrinth of taxes by making GST registration Singapore easier for you.


With FM Accounting, you can be leave all the tax related work in their hands and be assured that your business will not have to suffer any kind of consequences with best advices. The financial advisors at FM Accounting & Consultancy are well versed with GST registration Singapore and give you the best help in all the matters concerning the niche of tax. Tax filing would not have been easier ever.


Tax is a later stage of a business, but if you need help in the steps that precede it, FM Accounting & Consultancy offers all kinds of services and give you all what your business may require. If you are seeking help for company register Singapore, even then FM Accounting is the best to go to. They will trace the path that your business needs to follow for success and make sure that it gets a smooth beginning. Registration is the primary step, and if it is disturbed by any means, then the foundation of the company is shaken. Legal advisory services from FM Accounting & Consultancy will affirm that it doesn’t happen.

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text 2018-02-15 10:15
Competent And Trusted Services For Business Registration In Singapore

It is very much a well-known and true fact that any business set up requires to be done with proper consultation and the best location has to be chosen which actually is beneficial for better growth and development with a very high prospect of getting the best results. We being a very established company with many years of field experience have come across many people who prefer the city of Singapore above other cities or countries since the prospect for growing their business in Singapore is much better compared to other cities. But just starting a business is not as easy as it sounds but there are numerous paper works and permissions required to be met and such matters can be handled in the most systematic way by an established company or agency. We have been dealing in the most advanced services of how to register a company in Singapore and since we are very much accustomed with the various procedures it is much easier for us to assist our clients in the most appropriate manner and helping them to set up their business without facing any hindrances of any sort. We have also availed our contact and service details at our website along with our telephone numbers.


All our services are recommended as the best and result oriented with the highest number of success and our services for setting up a company in Singapore is very highly appreciated due to our capability for resolving any issues very fast. Our reputation in the market is maintained as the most efficient for many decades since all our services are very much dedicated and we are very hardworking and are also very punctual and also maintain much discipline in dealing with our clients in the market.

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