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text 2022-11-02 04:49
Using Hypnotherapy to Treat Addictions


Addiction plagues most people around the world in one form or another. When we imagine addiction, we commonly picture drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. However, we may be addicted to a lot more than that, such as gambling, sex, and even work.


Addiction may be defined as not having any control over taking, doing or using something to the point of harm. It's an issue that affects your mind and body, consuming lives and affecting careers and relationships. There are many reasons why people develop addictions, and various factors may be involved, from purely environmental to genetics. The most common suspects, like drugs, alcohol and nicotine, give a nice physical or emotional feeling, urging you to use them repeatedly, but a price is attached. You can find a similar high when you engage in gambling, compulsive shopping and more.


What Causes Addiction?


There is no single underlying cause for all addictions, but many factors may increase the risk of someone developing one. The factors fall into two categories - chemical and behavioural. 


Behavioural Factors


Certain traits in behaviour may make you more vulnerable to addictive substances and activities, such as the following:


  • Background - Traumatic experiences during childhood, such as abuse or neglect, tend to increase the risk of developing addictive behaviours. Early use of such substances or activities also links to a lifelong struggle with addiction.


  • Genetics - there is enough evidence to suggest that there are also genetic links to addiction. If you have a family history of addiction, you have a higher chance of developing one. Certain genetic traits may also speed up or delay the progression of addiction.


  • Mental Health Issues - People who experience more anxiety and nervousness in their lives tend to be more vulnerable to the lure of addiction. Individuals who struggle with stress and seek coping methods may also lean toward such addictive behaviour patterns.


Chemical Factors


There is a link between the repeated use of specific substances or engaging in certain activities and the brain's pleasure centres. Addictive behaviours trigger the creation of dopamine, which causes a mental high and a sense of satisfaction. The brain remembers this state of pleasure and wants it repeated, which is the primary mechanism behind addiction.


The repeated use of a substance or activity tends to change the way the brain feels pleasure, so the user needs more, either upping the frequency of the activity or substance use or the dose to catch up with the same feeling they experienced in the beginning. The withdrawal symptoms get more severe when the tolerance increases and the addiction is in full swing.


Using Hypnotherapy for Addiction


Recovery from addiction requires long-term changes in your behaviour. This is extremely difficult without a strong support system to back you up. Hypnotherapy uses a state of deep relaxation or hypnotic trance to make your mind more open to positive suggestions. This allows the hypnotherapist to help you change your addiction's perspective and push you toward changing your habits. 


The process of hypnotherapy is a relaxing experience and helps lower stress levels, making you better at managing stress in general. As stress triggers addictive behaviour, this makes a big difference. Depending on withdrawal symptoms and the added stress of your recovery, hypnotherapy offers a layer of support you can count on, alongside other methods like balanced dieting, exercise and more. Reinforcing the changes made during your hypnotherapy sessions will take multiple sessions, as well as the use of self-hypnosis techniques you can use in your daily life, helping you stay focused and motivated on your path to rid yourself of your addiction.


© Zoe Clews & Associates


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text 2021-11-27 15:56
How ToHelp Someone Suffering From Opioid And Substance Addiction?

Are you suffering from substance addiction and abuse? Is any one of your friend or family going through opioid addiction or addicted to other drugs? Addiction to drug is one of the worst things that can happen to someone. It not only ruins a person but a family and everyone surrounded.

There is no shame is approaching opioid addiction treatment Lexington KY to come out clean. There are many effective treatments which has helped people to come clean from years of opioid addiction. The personalized treatment plan is developed for every individual after analysis of multiple factors and aspects.

  • Visiting a Professional De-addiction Center

If you know some struggling with drug addiction, it not only mess their life, career, and family but everything around. The addiction makes one unstable, delusional, and constantly subjected todeteriorating mental health. The treatment starts after thorough counselling of an individual. The duration for complete recovery varies depending on addiction stage.

There are behavioral and cognitive therapy as well as medication assisted programs for effective recover. The professionals ensure once the recovery process is over, there is no relapse. The aim is to provide long term recovery for those who have been struggling with substance use disorder Lexington KY.

  • Safe and Supportive Environment for Individualized Treatment

There are many factors which come into play when it comes to development of  a treatment plan for substance addiction. The path of recovery requires personalized plan designed after holistic and comprehensive consultation. There are a number of effective residential programs that provide quick recovery.

  • The counselling is the first and foremost step for opioid addiction treatment Lexington KY. This involves individual, group as well as family counselling to chart out a tailored treatment and recovery program.
  • The professional environment is safe space for all the individuals. One of the primary aspects is support and create a non-judgmental environment. This help people open up and cope up during the recovery process.
  • There are group therapy and activities which helps in creating a bond. It help in sharing experience and coping up while performing daily skills. It helps in building a strong community who has each other’s back.
  • As a part of the recovery therapy, the in-house program have many therapy based tasks. This helps in building good habits in the individuals and gradually let go off their addiction. It provides a gateway for the individual to walk back into their normal life.


  • Extensive Treatment to Help People Adjust and Prevent Relapse

Once the therapy and in-house program is over, there are chance of relapse and hence after recovery residential treatment becomes essential. With such supportive treatment, it motivates people with substance use disorder Lexington KY to go back to regular life. The transition phase is when people need a lot of support.

The recovery programs provide intensive outpatient service ranging for a few weeks. These programs are intended for supporting skill building, prevent relapse and teach coping strategies to the people. With the post residential treatment, it help people gain confidence and step back into the society.


Source: newvista.org
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How A Pregnant Can Quit Substance Abuse?

Pregnancy is the time when a little life grows inside your body. At this time, you need to give optimal conditions to this life. At this time, you need to check what you are consuming and how it can affect the baby. Having a bad addiction at this time can have a bad influence on the baby.


For this reason, a mother should give up all bad addictions to have a healthy baby. If you are suffering from bad addictions, then you can contact substance abuse Lexington KY to give up these addictions. With their help and support, you can ensure good health for your baby.


  • Common Addictions In Pregnant Women


  • Cigarette Addiction


The cigarette is a common thing that most pregnant women are addicted to. It is true indeed that cigarette gives some temporary relief from stress, but it does big damage to the respiratory system. During this pandemic period, any problem to the reparatory system can put the baby’s life on the line.


With the help & support of pregnancy addiction Lexington KY, any woman can give up this addiction in a few weeks. By giving up cigarette addiction, you can ensure the healthy arrival of your baby. If you are pregnant and addicted to cigarettes, then you should consult this behavioral therapy clinic immediately.


  • Alcohol Addiction


Being alcoholic at the time of pregnancy is not good and it can cause multiple problems to the baby. Alcohol addiction can cause severe damage to the liver and renal system and you can experience complications at the time of delivery.


Alcohol-addicted women can contact pregnancy addiction Lexington KY for help. Their behavioral therapy has helped many pregnant women to give up alcohol. As a result, these women have delivered healthy babies without any complications. Behavioral therapy fortifies the will of pregnant women and helps them give up alcohol addiction.


  • Narcotic Addiction


At the time of pregnancy, most women go through mood swings and narcotic substances can make it worst. Narcotic substances always damage nerve cells, which can be dangerous for pregnant women. It not only cause mental problem to pregnant women but can damage the mental growth of the baby in the womb.


For this reason, addiction to narcotic substances is a big no for pregnant women. Currently, behavioral therapy has been proven the best way to give up narcotic addiction. Any pregnant woman can receive this therapy from substance abuse Lexington KY.


A woman needs lots of physical and mental strength to conceive and deliver a baby safely. At this time, she needs to take extra care of her baby in the womb. Bad elements like cigarettes, alcohol and narcotics cause permanent damage to the baby’s physical and mental condition.


Giving up an addiction to these substances is already difficult for normal people. A woman needs to give try even harder to give up addiction from these elements. With the help of behavioral therapy, she gets extra support. This therapy guides her in the right direction, which will help her have a healthy baby.

Source: newvista.org
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mental health Lexington ky, addiction treatment Lexington ky

Addiction is never easy to overcome. Failure to recover can force a patient to enter into the depression stage. If you have been addicted for months or years, then recovery is not possible without proper rehab facilities. Effective treatment has to be given to the patients.


  • You may have to look around for the best recovery program
  • Medicines and counselling sessions have to be offered to the patient
  • Family and community involvement is also essential


You may have to look around for the best depression Lexington KY rehab facilities. This is important so you get to enjoy back to your normal lifestyle.


The treatment offered by experts will generally follow different stages. You can continue reading further to get familiar with these stages.


  • Treatment initiation stage


Right treatment has to be initiated by an expert. It is not possible to initiate treatment without proper guidance from an expert. The treatment initiation stage is important.


This is the right stage when the patient and the family members will be exposed to the harmful effects of addiction. Expert addiction Lexington KY team will expose the patient to addiction effects. They will identify the problem and provide the best treatment. Motivation is also essential for the patient.


  • Early abstinence stage


It is possible to enter the second stage only if the first stage has been agreed upon by the patient. The patient needs to agree to undergo proper treatment. In most cases, the experts will guarantee positive outcomes.


But the patient and the family members have to be made aware of the withdrawal symptoms they will face once the treatment has been initiated. They have to be aware of the dependence factor – emotionally and psychologically. The patient will face a lot of cravings. 


  • Maintaining abstinence stage


This probably is the next stage. The withdrawal symptoms will be visible for weeks or months. In some cases you find that most patients are unable to move from the second to the third stage for months. They give up hopes to come out of the addiction. 


Some patients might even enter into the depression stage. You may need to hire the services of the best depression Lexington KY expert. If you are undergoing professional treatment then you may not be forced to enter into substitute addition.


Community and family members play an important role in this stage. It is important to help build a very strong relationship with the patient during this stage. Patients have to get used to leading a substance abuse free lifestyle. 


  • Advance recovery stage


This is the final stage and is one of the most important stages. Coming out of addiction is not difficult, but long terms goals are important. If you hire the best addiction Lexington KY expert the expert must try and implement a lot of counselling sessions during this stage.


Any type of addiction recovery is never possible without the involvement of the family and community. Everyone has to participate actively to make the rehab program successful. Failure to do so will force the patient to get addicted again.


It is important to implement proper strategies to help recover successfully. This is important so you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle. 



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text 2021-11-27 15:53
Why To Look For Mental Health Clinics With A Sense Of Urgency?

You are healthy only when you are both physically and emotionally fit and that that is possible only when you take care of your mental health. It is a time when the WHO. UNICEF and other agencies are putting emphasis on mental health.

That would mean that you have to be looking for a clinic for mental health Lexington KY where you can get the treatment and you must know why you need one with a sense of urgency.

  • The sense of urgency for mental health:

The fact of the matter is that a lot of people do not know that they are suffering from mental issues until things go out of other hands and that is why you must make sure that you consult experts as soon as you see the symptoms.

The second thing is that after the pandemic, these surge in mental issues because this draconian lockdown has put stress on the minds, the sense of insecurity, the fear of death and isolation all these things bring mental problems and you must not ignore any such symptoms, you must make urgent decisions and find the best clinic for addiction treatment Lexington KY and treatment for mental issues as quickly as possible.

  • Getting the right treatment:

You need to know how you can get the right treatment and that you can get by looking for the right clinicians and you must also know how to find one clinic and get the treatments, here are a few things to get you smart clinics where you can get the treatments.

  • You need to make sure that you are looking for a mental health clinic that is reputed and that has a good track record, here you should be talking about other people who consult the clinic to find out how good they are
  • You need to make sure that you have look at the process and procedures of the mental health Lexington KY because that also matters, the best clinic will make sure that they are giving you the best treatment with a sense of love and care because mental issues need better and carful approach
  • You should make sure that when you are taking your loved ones to mental care centers, you have to be careful to make sure that you earn everything about what to do and how to deal with mental issues, this is sensitive and you must be careful

The fact of the matter is that you cannot ignore any mental issues as it can lead to many devastating effects and for that, you have to always look for the smart clinic where you can get the treatment that you and your loved ones need to stay healthy and mentally fit.

All you have to do is to look for the best addiction treatment Lexington KY and consult them to find out how they can help you and your loved ones to deal with mental and emotional issues and this is the time when you must take mental issues seriously and get the treatments.

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