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text 2020-08-26 10:42
How Does Fast Charging Work? Every Standard Is Compared Here

In the increasingly competitive smartphone market, people thoroughly study all the features a smartphone has, from screen size to CPU, before choosing the best smartphone for them. A newcomer to the coveted feature lineup is fast charging. This technology now enables fast charging through limited downtime in our busy everyday lives. Who doesn't want a smartphone that charges in minutes, not hours?

If only it could be that easy. Standard charging is a complex combination of chemistry and physics, and each has its limits, and incompatibility is a problem. To make matters worse, smartphone makers tend to place confusing labels on their product.

How exactly does fast charging work? Take a deep breath. Our guide to the most widely used wireless charging standards on the market breaks it down at its simplest level. Here is everything you need to know about Magnetic Data Cable Square Head Type USB C Fast Charging, USB Fast Charging, and much more.


Before we dive into the same, let's start with the basics.


Every smartphone contains a battery and each battery supplies power in a more or less the same way.

The cell consists of two electrodes (one positive and one negative) and a catalytic electrolyte reaction that converts a compound into a new substance. Over time, ions - atoms with an insufficient or large number of electrons - form at the electrodes; this encourages the movement of electrons to the negative outer terminal of the battery and sends an electric charge to your phone.

This chemical reaction only occurs once in a rechargeable battery. However, with the rechargeable lithium-ion battery that powers the smartphone, the reaction is "reversible". When a battery runs out, a chemical reaction generates electricity, and when the battery is charged, the chemical reaction absorbs energy.

Fast Charging

Therefore, we found a way to charge and discharge the battery. In order to understand how fast with the U-Shaped USB Charging Cable works, you need to know a little about something called a regulator.

Short Side Note:

Since we'll be talking about volts, amplifiers, and watts as our discussion, here's a refresher. Volt is of course a voltage meter, amp is a current meter, and watts are of course an electric power meter. A common analogy is simply a garden hose: the voltage is proportional to the pressure of the water in the hose; its presence is proportional to the flow rate; the performance is proportional to the amount sprayed into the spout. So watt is the product of volts and amps - volts (V) times amps (A) equals watts (W).

Smartphone batteries are charged when electricity flows through them. Higher currents and voltages will charge the battery faster, but there are absorption limitations. The controller (IC) protects against dangerous overvoltages.

The control chip regulates all current flows into and out of the battery. In general, lithium-ion regulators determine the presence (in amps) at which a battery is charged by measuring the currents and voltages in the battery cells and then adjusting the current input. Some use DC-to-DC converters to convert input voltages, and more built-in fan circuits adjust resistance, including charger input and battery pole, to increase current flow up or down.

Regardless of which Magnetic Data Cable Square Head Type USB C charger you buy, you will have to withstand the hard-coded security restrictions on your iPhone. Fast charge starts when capacity is between 0% and 79% but ends when it reaches 80%.

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text 2020-08-07 04:28
That means that you



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The fourth example is the worst: The poor attempt at humor. This is the section of almost U Shape Shower Curtain Rod for sale every website I see, where actors come across as needy, clueless, confused, or simply unprofessional.. .. This is a crucial element of an actor's website and many actors do not pay enough attention to it. I was also honored to be caller number nine - winning a pass to see Britney's custody case.




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text 2020-08-03 03:25
problems which are subtle enough to be handled

A stripper can be used for this process but check its instructions before use because it may not be applicable for your type of wood. Chairs often have boards in the back support the back of the one seated, which become loose and become very uncomfortable. Keep your furniture in perfect shape so that you can spare yourself from the trouble of heavy repair. However termite growth is not the only hitch with wooden furniture.For such a situation, take out the drawer completely and apply oil thoroughly under its bottom from where it dyeing machine suppliers moves. We often encounter problems with our desk drawers that do not slide.Have you spent a thousand dollars to lavishly decorate your drawing room with wooden furniture and you see a termite attack on the dry wood? You do not have to worry too much about that because Central Kansas pest control is there for you.


After using the stripper over the piece of furniture twice or thrice, add lacquer. A very common problem with desks and chairs is rigid wheels, which make moving them quite difficult. For such problems refinishing the whole furniture is an applicable solution. Kansas pest control team will be there at your doorstep at your call and treat the termite infestation for you at minimum possible cost and time. Rotate the board back into its original position and rub off any excess glue, and let dry before use. This technique will make sliding easier and the drawer a lot easy to use. A slight problem could be a broken leg of a wood table. Sometimes wooden furniture becomes beyond repair but until such a time, it is a healthy process for the wood to be fixed from time to time. It becomes very difficult to open them and once they are opened, closing them is another tedious task.


Often we have the nut or screw pulled out with the wood damaged; this could be solved by simply hammering a small wooden board over the damage and adding the screw or bolt over it. Clean it thoroughly by means of a brush to remove them from the wheel, and apply oil over all moving parts of the wheel and replace it in the furniture. There are several other problems which are subtle enough to be handled by you. It can easily be solved by rotating the board as much as possible, and apply strong glue over the top and bottom side of the board. For such conditions remove the wheel from the furniture and check it for some hair, dust balls or other obstructions.


Then let dry before placing your things back on the furniture. This could be solved by having a thorough look at the table and check out the tools required for repair. There are some chemicals that damage the furniture's finishing and polish, For instance a nail polish remover or hair dye solutions etc over dressing tables. For instance, a screw can be tightened by a screwdriver and a nut can be done by the wrench. Oil used can be any lubricating substance like grease or mineral oil.

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review 2020-06-13 18:23
The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox
The Accidental Demon Slayer - Angie Fox
Lizzie's adoptive parents were decent enough but never very loving, so she's thrilled when her biological grandmother contacts her out of the blue and wants to meet. Her dreams of warm hugs are ruined when her grandmother locks her in her own bathroom, just in time for a demon to appear and try to kill her. Once that's been dealt with, her grandmother explains that she's a witch and Lizzie is a demon slayer, and they have to get moving before more demons arrive. Lizzie is a preschool teacher who carefully plans everything, so this is very much outside her comfort zone, but she eventually grabs her dog Pirate (who can now talk) and reluctantly gets on her grandmother's motorcycle.
Lizzie's grandmother takes her to the Red Skulls coven, where she's supposed to gain the coven's protection and begin learning to use her powers. These plans are complicated by imps, more demons, a sexy shape-shifting griffin named Dimitri, werewolves, and no one being willing to tell Lizzie anything about what's going on.
If I hadn't been reading this for my Booklikesopoly game, I might have DNFed it early on and added it to my offload pile. I wouldn't have missed out on much. This was an incredibly frustrating read. Pretty much the only things I liked were Lizzie's talking dog, who was a bit much at first but eventually grew on me, and maybe Lizzie, although I did think she was way too forgiving.
Lizzie barely got a chance to speak to her grandmother for the first time before she was dragged into a world of magic and supernatural creatures. With no time to get her bearings, she was taken to her grandmother's coven, where she was told nothing important and immediately made to take part in a protection spell that wasn't fully explained to her. She was rightfully worried about drinking something that might have bits of roadkill in it, and that potion turned out to be the most important part of the spell. She then blamed herself for screwing up, even though it was due to the coven not explaining anything to her, and the coven had the gall to get mad at her when they found out.
And it kept happening - everyone either lied to Lizzie, expected her to do as she was told without even a basic explanation, or deliberately withheld information from her. Most of the characters in this book sucked, and I wouldn't have blamed Lizzie for leaving them behind to deal with their problems on their own. Dimitri, Ant Eater (a member of the coven), and Lizzie's grandmother were the biggest offenders.
There was no magical system as far as I could see. If the author wanted a spell to exist, it probably did (there were giggle, dance, and transportation spells), and Lizzie eventually learned how to use these things called switch stars that were basically magical ninja stars. The ending was a mess - Lizzie and her grandmother did things more because the story called for it than because it fit anything that had previously been established about how magic and demons worked.
The "paranormal romance" label on the book's spine wasn't very accurate. Lizzie thought Dimitri was hot, and they eventually had sex, but there wasn't much of what I'd call romance and the story was more focused on the whole demon thing than on Lizzie and Dimitri's relationship. "Urban fantasy with romantic aspects" might be a more accurate label.
Anyway, I don't intend to read any more of this series. The dog was sweet, but the magical aspects were very weak, and Lizzie deciding to stay with people who'd spent the whole book lying to her or refusing to tell her anything she needed to know honestly made me think less of her.
(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)
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review 2020-03-18 20:49
The Shape of Family by Shilpi Somaya Gowda
The Shape of Family - Shilpi Somaya Gowda

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


When tragedy befalls a family, blame and grief widen the cracks and isolate the remaining members. A mother who misses her culture, a father who is a workaholic, and a daughter who is searching for an outlet for the pain. The Shape of Family is an intimate portrayal of how lost someone can get when a loved one is taken away and how families can grieve together and separately, trying to find their way back to one another.


Everyone in her family had their secrets, and Karina became practiced at keeping them.


Utilizing first person povs, The Shape of Family, jumps povs and time periods (mostly linearly) between Jaya (mother), Keith (father), Karina (daughter/sister), and Prem (son/brother). The story starts introducing the family through Karina's eyes and we learn that she sees it as Prem and her against the world. With an Indian mother and American father, kids at school constantly remark on her skin tone. Her mother is proud of her culture, while Karina sees any hallmark of it as another way to make her different. She's a bit closer to her father because of this issue and while she has a bestfriend Izzy, Karina ultimately sees Prem as the only one who can feel like her and understand.


This sets-up the emotional foundation for when a couple chapters later, Prem drowns in the family pool. Karina is thirteen at the time and watching him while her parents are at work, she performs CPR but is unable to save him. The guilt she feels from this is obvious and as readers follow her throughout her life, this tragedy and guilt is apparent in every decision she makes. We get povs from her parents, Jaya's guilt sends her searching for answers, which she looks for in religion, and Keith's guilt at his inability to keep his wife from depression and daughter from pushing him away has him throwing himself more into his work. The story though, mainly follows Karina.


Mr. and Mrs. Olander,” the officer says as they reach the top landing, her hand on the door handle. “I'm not sure what's happening with your daughter. All I know is she needs your love and support right now.”


Karina tries to handle her grief through cutting but when she goes off to college, she finds relief in becoming a new person, no one knowing about Prem. This pushing away and ignoring those emotions works for awhile, until her first love ends up being her first heartbreak and she once again is lost as to how to deal with her pain. Her vulnerability is taken advantage of and Karina finds, what she thinks of as love and family, in a commune with increasingly cult like actions.


This was a poignant dip into how grief can affect a family individually and as a whole. While we get pov looks into how Jaya and Keith are handling their son's death, I thought there could have been more between the two; they divorce and I thought we missed reading/feeling some of that emotional upheaval. Readers also get Prem's pov after he dies and I'm not sure this worked for me. Except for a crossroads moment towards the end, his pov didn't add anything for me and I think having him completely absent would have made the characters stark cut-off even more felt to the reader.


They are flawed, all three of them, but they belong to each other.


Whims of fate, Keith ended up surviving 9/11 because of a delayed meeting but their son drowns in the family pool, and the fact that there is no set time on how long grief can keep a hold of you, were achingly apparent in this story. The way the characters tried to fill their lives with things that turned out to be empty for them and beginning to see that acknowledging, addressing, and processing their emotions through therapy was helpful to them, was deep and thoughtful. The Shape of Family will have you shedding a tear or two as the Olander family rides the waves of grief.





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