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review 2018-02-21 23:40
The Giving Tree
The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein

This wonderful piece of literature is suitable for children of all ages, and adults too! This story promotes kindness and sharing. I think this book would be perfect to read at the beginning of the school year as friends are just settling into the classroom. This book would be perfect for sequencing, and I would even turn it into a center. This text would also be perfect to read during Earth Day!


Guided Reading - N

AR - 2.6

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review 2017-04-07 06:35
The Rainbow Fish - Marcus Pfister,J. Alison James

This book is a great choice for children because it is colorful and creative for them to read. Each page has a different type of texture the main characters scales to grab the students attention. This story tells the story of a fish that is so prideful about his own scales, but loses friends because he refuses to share. When he seeks friends he discovers that the way to gain friends is to share his scales with others. This story would be great to use in the classroom for an arts and craft project and for teaching sharing to younger students for a shared reading lesson. This story would be useful for a 1st grade classroom and is a Lexile Level of AD410L. A great read for the classroom! 

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review 2017-04-07 00:33
The Giving Tree
The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is a 2.6 on the Accelerated Reading leveling system. This story is about a tree who gives everything to a young boy anytime he asks. As a child, the boy loves to play with the tree. When the boy grows older he asks for fruit, leaves and wood as he needs to eat and build a house. In the end the tree gives everything and is just a stump. The story circles back around with the boy as an old man simply sitting with whats left of the tree once again. This story is perfect for a unit on sharing and helping other people when they ask. It could also be expanded upon to teach students not to take advantage of other's kindness.  

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review 2017-04-02 22:26
Pete the Cat: Pete's Big Lunch
Pete the Cat: Pete's Big Lunch: My First I Can Read - James Dean

Pete the Cat: Pete's Big Lunch is an absolutely perfect story for emergent readers in kindergarten. This author has really taken new emergent reader books by storm as I and thousands of others have fallen in love with silly likable Pete. In this book Pete is trying to make his lunch but he is just not satisfied with anything he chooses. However, when he invites his friends over to share his lunch with him does it become truly endearing. This book teaches students that sharing can make you feel good and make some activities more enjoyable when shared with friends. Along with the character building lesson on sharing I would personally focus on teaching the children about nutrition with this book. A great activity would be to have the kids bring in one healthy and one non healthy item from home. We can all share our items with the class and discuss what makes them healthy or not healthy.

Reading Level: Kindergarten through 3rd Grade.

LEX 220L

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review 2017-04-02 22:12
What Teachers Can't Do
What Teachers Can't Do - Douglas Wood,Doug Cushman

This is a very interesting book and would be a great read on the first day of school. Reading this book with the students can break the ice and show them that even teachers can't do everything. For instance did you know that teacher's can't buy their own apples? Or slide down the tubes on the playground?  I did not know either! After the book has been read, I would have the students write down or draw something they do not think they can do well and put the response in a box. I would then draw the responses out of the box and share them with the class. There would be no embarrassment or shame as no one's name is written on the paper and it helps other students know they are not alone in things they can not do.

Reading Level: Kindergarten to 2nd Grade

LEX 290L

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