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review 2018-09-10 03:13
Leave a little sparkle wherever you go...
The Rainbow Fish - Marcus Pfister,J. Alison James

This book is a great reminder to any age students about the importance of being kind to other and sharing. Not to mention the pictures are gorgeous beyond means. The story painted from page to page honestly captivates even some of the oldest readers like myself and everyone can use a friendly reminder on how to treat others from time to time. This is a great book to read during the beginning weeks of school to remind students about the rules and procedures in the classroom and what is expected from each student. Let the students discuss ways they can share in their own lives with their partners during a turn and talk and maybe allow a few to share. Also, using this story to describe physical and inner character traits in a lesson would be great to understand that greedy can’t be seen on the outside but is a character trait. 


Guided Reading Level: M

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review 2018-09-10 02:49
The Rainbow Fish - Marcus Pfister,J. Alison James

The Rainbow Fish is very beautiful and wants to keep all of his scales to himself, but after declining over and over again to share his scales he comes to the realization that his scales should be shared with all his friends so everyone can experience the beauty. This book is a great way to start a discussion about sharing in the classroom and could be used to talk about and identify character traits.

Lexile: AD610L

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review 2018-09-09 17:57
The Giving Tree
The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein

The Giving Tree is about a boy who becomes best friends with a tree, but the tree will always be happy as long as the boy is happy. The boy asks the tree for certain things, and as long as the tree has what he needs, he will lend it to the boy. As the boy gets older, he spends less and less time with the tree. But, as he gets older, the tree does also. The tree gave and gave until he had nothing left to give. Children of all ages and grades would enjoy this story, and could very easily make a self to text connection. An activity for this book is for the class to make a tree out of their handprints and ask the question, "What can you give that doesn't cost money?" Have your students write their ideas on their paper hands and attach them to the tree. This can be a reminder throughout the whole year.


Lexile Level: 530LL

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review 2018-09-08 03:23
Should I Share My Ice Cream?
Should I Share My Ice Cream? - Mo Willems

Gerald and Piggie are best friends, but Gerald has a decision to make about sharing his ice cream. Will he make the decision in time? This is a good book for Kindergarten because it talks about sharing. Students could design their own ice cream cones and make a promise to share during class.


Lexile Level: 260LL

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review 2018-08-26 03:12
The Rainbow Fish
The Rainbow Fish - Marcus Pfister,J. Alison James

The Rainbow Fish is a great book about the importance of sharing and friendship. In the text, the Rainbow Fish brushes off all other fish when they comment on and want one of his beautiful scales. Soon, he learns to share them in order to be a good friend. This is a great text to provoke some awesome conversations about friendship and expectations in the classroom. One fun activity would be to have students make a rainbow fish and then put qualities of a great friend on each of the scales. 


Lexile level: 410L

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