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text 2019-01-21 18:23
Holmes Pastiche


I am not a fan of Holmes pastiche (as many of you know), but while checking out another Sayers-related rabbit hole, I have come across one work of Holmes pastiche that I'd highly recommend:


The Adventure of the Two Collaborators


It's short. 





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review 2018-12-21 21:51
The Annotated and Illustrated Sherlock Holmes
The Annotated Sherlock Holmes Volume 1 and 2 - William S. Baring-Gould, Arthur Conan Doyle

I pulled this out intending to do my annual Christmas read of The Blue Carbuncle, but made the mistake of glancing at the introduction.  12 chapters of introduction later, I finally read The Blue Carbuncle yesterday.


Baring-Gould didn't so much as introduce the annotated volumes and write a short but thorough biography of not only Conan Doyle, but Sherlock, Watson (to a lesser extent) and several chapters of pure out-and-out speculation of exactly where 221B Baker Street was, the layout of the rooms (was Watson on the third floor, or the second?; did Sherlock have 2 doors out of his bedroom?), and what kinds of furniture might or might not have been there.  His cited sources include all the great 'scholars' of Sherlock Holmes: Morely, Starr, etc. and I have to say, these men needed more fresh air.


I'm sort of kidding, but sort of not - reading the annotations is fascinating.  These men treat Holmes as though he were not only a real life historical figure, but a static one.  The dichotomy is surreal.  For example, Baring-Gould discusses the furniture in the flat, and the it seems that if Holmes had been a real person, these men (and yes, they're all almost without exception, men) expected him to have never, ever changed or moved any of the furniture.


Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Blue Carbuncle, as I always do, though the annotations included quite a few snide comments by one Magistrate S. Tupper Bigelow, who impressed me as a complete prat, who needed to be reminded it's a story and even Conan Doyle was allowed to take creative liberties.  There was also a whole discussion on whether or not Doyle intended to use the word commute and whether or not it implied Holmes had royal blood.  That made me roll my eyes and cry 'oh, horse sh*t' loud enough to make MT laugh.  Overall though, the rest of the annotations were thoroughly interesting, if not always informative, and they gave me a deeper context for enjoying a story that's already a firm favorite of mine.

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review 2018-12-21 21:36
Sherlock Holmes: The Definitive Collection
Sherlock Holmes: The Definitive Collection - Arthur Conan Doyle,Stephen Fry

After one year and almost four months, our buddy read, or rather "buddy listen", of the complete Sherlock Holmes canon narrated by Stephen Fry came to an end tonight. 


I'm still in shock, and I'm sure grief will set in at some point, too. 


I've immensely enjoyed reading the stories every week and having discussions with my buddy over at KnightofAngels, and the whole reading experience was only made even better by Fry's narration of the stories.


It was simply the best!

(Except if you are listening to the US version of the Audible audiobook which, at the time of writing, is missing the final book in the Holmes canon...because of copyright reasons, apparently.)


Evidently, I'm not going to review the Holmes stories here... There is not much to say about the Holmes stories except that sometimes popular books deserve to be popular and none more so than the Holmes canon. Even tho the quality of the stories vary, as they do in any collection, they have created this world of 221B Baker Street that impressed me when I first set foot in it and has kept me fascinated on various re-reads over the decades. 


These stories are very much part of my personal canon of books that have defined and refined me as a reader. 


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text 2018-12-09 22:55
Reading progress update: I've read 109 out of 363 pages.
Arrowood: Sherlock Holmes Has Met His Match - Mick Finlay

very enjoyable - and I’m glad the author is not trying to copy Arthur Conan Doyle’s style, while providing an interesting alternative to the Holmes adventures.

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text 2018-12-09 18:02
Reading progress update: I've read 37 out of 363 pages.
Arrowood: Sherlock Holmes Has Met His Match - Mick Finlay

“————“ is to Sherlock Holmes, as xXx is to James Bond. answer: Arrowood! well...that probably puts you off this book, so forget that. the point is, Arrowood gets the clients who can’t afford Holmes, Arrowood works with his assistant, Barnett (narrator), out of a ‘dark corner of Southwark’ and doesn’t get the recognition Holmes, Arrowood in fact starts the book fuming about Holmes, and then his newest case intrudes, and we’re off at a fast pace. this seems like it’s going to be a fun alternative to Sherlock, and I’m left wondering if the Great Detective might actually make a cameo appearance! even if he doesn’t, I have s good feeling about this one based on the first exciting chapters.

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