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review 2017-02-14 00:37
The Sherlockian - Graham Moore

Moore’s debut novel tells two stories: one of Harold White, a modern day man who is a fervent fan of the great detective Sherlock Holmes, and another about Holmes’ creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The narrative switches back and forth between White in 2010 and Conan Doyle in 1900.


White is suddenly thrown into a hunt for a missing diary written by Conan Doyle that was supposed to cover the time period from October to December 1900. Not even the most dedicated Sherlock fan, Sherlockians as most of them call themselves, had been able to find the diary in the years since Conan Doyles’ passing and could only speculate as what was inside. Accompanied by the mysterious Sarah, White does his best to find the diary, not knowing who to trust and trying to stay alive. For his part, Conan Doyle has Bram Stoker for a companion. The events of his life covered in the missing diary turn out to be quite intriguing and suspenseful.


The book was an enjoyable read with how Moore brought Conan Doyle, Stoker, and 1900 London to life. White and the modern day chapters were actually the least interesting part of the book for me. The final reaction to the diary were quite confusing to me. But that was only a small wrinkle in a good book.


(originally posted on my wordpress)

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2016-09-02 09:30
The Sherlockian
The Sherlockian - Graham Moore

There are two stories going on here:


1) In contemporary times, a fanboy is initiated into an exclusive club for Sherlock fans (thus the term Sherlockian is used quite often afterwards) and they all gather for a special event: another celebrated BNF has found Arthur Conan Doyle's lost diary and is going to share it. Except he ends up dead. Murdered, naturally. And why call the police when you have a bunch of wanna-be Sherlocks hanging around the place?


Honestly, I would probably go see a movie adaptation of this book purely for that scene in particular.


The mystery escalates of course. There is a Woman involved. And it all ends at Reichenbach.


2) In the Victorian era, Arthur Conan Doyle has just killed off Sherlock Holmes and suffers the consequences from the fans of his time. He is a top-notch drama queen about the whole thing (given a modern reader's foreknowledge) but eventually gets over it. Until he becomes involved in serial murders, "anti-feminism", and escapades worthy of Sherlock Holmes himself.


Extra spoiler: his being miffed at being treated as the Watson at one point.


I loved the fact that Bram Stoker is basically his sidekick and the author writes about Conan Doyle's reflections on his relationships with J.M. Barrie and Oscar Wilde with such depth of emotion; I have no idea if the real life people knew each other, but I would be inclined to believe it based on the presentation of this historical fiction.


Ultimately a happy ending because, as we all know, Sherlock Holmes comes back to life.


Audiobook notes: no idea if the Scottish accent of the narrator is authentic, but I like it. <3

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review 2015-08-06 15:37
Great read for lifelong fans of the greatest Consulting Detective
The Final Solution - Michael Chabon,Jay Ryan

Michael Chabon’s The Final Solution.

“The longer this story settles into my mind, the better and better it is – both as a story, but also technically.  Chabon’s writing is of such a high caliber, he can outshine his own plotting, characters, etc.  Not showing off, mind you – just so very good that it can make the writing appear, instead of the story.  Perfect in length, and a great read for lifelong fans of the greatest Consulting Detective.  I’d recommend to Sherlock Holmes fans, bird people, World War II buffs, and Writers with a capital W.”

My review from 2011



Source: benjaminlclark.tumblr.com/post/125372822082/michael-chabons-the-final-solutionthe-longer
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review 2013-07-07 00:00
The Sherlockian
The Sherlockian - Graham Moore A dual-time line story.

Arthur Conan Doyle, having just killed off Sherlock Holmes, finds himself on the hunt for a murderer in turn of the Century Victorian London-with Bram Stoker as his Watson. Meanwhile in 2010, a new inductee into the premier Sherlockian club is determined to solve the murder of a fellow member—who died just as he was about to reveal the long lost diary of Arthur Conan Doyle.

Sorry to say the modern day storyline did not hold my interest. The bits about the Sherlockian Convention were great fun, but I was never able to connect with the characters and I didn’t care for the ending. However, I really enjoyed the turn of the Century storyline; and I especially loved the bond between Stoker and Doyle.
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review 2012-12-15 00:00
The Sherlockian
The Sherlockian - Graham Moore 12/15/2012: I enjoy Sherlock Holmes and 'good' Sherlock Holmes fan-fiction, e.g. the "The Seven Percent Solution" and "The Final Solution" are two that come to mind.I'll add this to the list as well. A good read with the parallel stories taking place in 1900 and 2010. If you enjoy Sherlock Holmes and two good mysteries for the price of one then you should grab this.
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