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text 2018-03-03 21:14

Today was the first farmer's market day of the year. I was very excited. Unfortunately there were only four vendors, and only three that I could reasonably shop at (the fourth sold plants, which I almost always kill).


That was a bit of a bummer, so I did some used book shopping. Here's what I ended up with.


Gabriel's Ghost - Megan Sybil Baker,Linnea Sinclair  An Accidental Goddess - Megan Sybil Baker,Linnea Sinclair  The Color of Distance - Amy Thomson  


Gabriel's Ghost - Megan Sybil Baker,Linnea Sinclair and An Accidental Goddess - Megan Sybil Baker,Linnea Sinclair  - Getting An Accidental Goddess may have been a mistake, because I now see that it's the second book in a series (duology?).


The Color of Distance - Amy Thomson - First-contact SF. I included it in a read-alikes list a while back and remembered being intrigued by it.


The Girl With All the Gifts - M.R. Carey  Trial by Desire - Courtney Milan  Proof by Seduction - Courtney Milan  


The Girl With All the Gifts - M.R. Carey - I've been wanting read this for a while. Not that owning it means I'll get to it any sooner.


Trial by Desire - Courtney Milan and Proof by Seduction - Courtney Milan  - I really need to work on my Courtney Milan backlog. I own a lot of her works but haven't actually read very many of them.


Animist - Eve Forward 


Animist - Eve Forward - This one had me at "He embarks on a quest to acquire his Anim; the animal with which he will bond for life; an animal with which he'll share an empathic link that will allow him to detect and resist the use of magic."

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text 2018-01-24 14:48
OT: A Wild Goose Chase

Today, my family and I went into the town center to visit one of the open preschools there. Just like the first time - last week (another open preschool, run by the church), we found that the activities hadn't started yet. You'd think the people behind this open preschool might like to let potential participants or rather their parents, know when they intend to start again after the Christmas break. I'm beginning to see a pattern here.


A while back I mentioned that I had tried to find a new hairdresser and had trouble finding one here. There are supposedly at least three, apart from at least one barber, but the only one listed on the Yellow Pages had shut down. The one I approached to enquire about prices etc, later turned out to be closed despite it being during the 'official' working hours. I have really had it with this town. This is just one more reason for me to want to leave. :(


Before returning home we did some grocery shopping. While waiting for the bus back, my sister took a photo of my new handbag. You might think that I'm a real shopping freak and you might not be entirely wrong about that - but the main reason I got this, apart from it being really cute and cheap, is that my other newish handbag doesn't have a zipper on the main compartment. With our weather, it wouldn't be practical to use that one during the winter. I'd get my phone wet all the time, and anything else as well. Also, I'm a little tired of carrying a handbag in my hand, rather than using a shoulder strap.


Anyway, here is the new one:


New handbag


In the background you can catch a glimpse of the ugliest railway station in Sweden. Or the most artistic one, if you ask the local authorities who contracted an artis to transform it. Ouch, my eyes are hurting. And I really love other shades of blue, not just this one.

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text 2017-11-24 07:28
Brightens up Festive Look with Princess Style Jewelry

There is some sort of fixation when we discuss adornments. Each lady wants to have something extraordinary be it for ethnic events or simply easygoing wear. Nothing could be denied that gems include an unmistakable component. With regards to bubbly look, here are some closet staples in adornments, some of them are as per the following:-


pearl pendants


Pearl Pendants: - In business sectors assortment of pendants are accessible, pearl pendants are one of the arranged thing if you wish to go for finish chic and ethnic look. Key thing of pearl adornments is you can match them with lehengas or sarees.




Colorful jhumkis: - When you wish to get the ideal glitz advance, bright earrings and rings will arranged alternatives. Jhumkis do include a total joy of conventional touch. All through the circumstances jhumkis have been watched out to be lovable and beautiful alternative. A considerable lot of us are tremendous aficionados of conventional style adornments, Jhumkis can be one of the arranged thing.




Neckband: - Special love and emotions are appended when we discuss accessory and different designs. Indeed, even you wish to have some sort of changes from the essential ones; the contemporary styles of pieces of jewelry will give you that alluring feel. Metallic tufts in adornments is new develop pattern of the season.




Multi-hued Pendants:- The fundamental funda of Multi hued pendants is that if you are more towards coordinating things then multi-shaded pendants can look extraordinary on everything. Be it long outfit, lehengas or ethnic dresses multi hued pendants could just continue everything.


stylish earrings


Articulation style earrings: - In the realm of combination, explanation style earrings are basically delightful mate to group on. When you wish to have finish multifaceted subtle elements then simple style earrings will be a best alternative.


long gems


Long gems: - Festival is tied in with meeting and welcome each other, if you are wanting to meet somebody extraordinary at that point long style neckband is ideal one to collaborate for your ideal date.


tuft earrings


Tuft earrings: - If you adore the energy of hues, at that point decoration earrings ought to be your pick. In any case to each age aggregate they simply look awesome. Be it for social fest or other ethnic events, the tuft earrings are best of the runway patterns.


gold adornements


Antique gold complete adornments:- why burn through a great many bucks, when you can get a similar craftsmanship in impersonation gems, the antique gold gems is ideal alternative to include a particular touch in each event.


complete set


Complete set:- If you are paying special mind to some sort of perky adornments, the online stores could fill your need right. The slanting designs and beautiful cut gems can be seen just on presumed virtual stores.




Anklets: - ideal from the charming little hangings to exemplary plain ones, there are heap assortments in anklets. You could likewise search for vivid beaded stone stick on anklets. Ideal from complex to crazy ones, in basic snaps shopping needs will be spoiled.


stud jewelry


Studded style Jewelry:- When you wish to have that additional bling in your outfit, this type of gems fittingly cooks well to your necessities. Appropriate from basic strings to different strings, you could without much of a stretch have your pick from rumored online store. The studded style of Jewelry can without much of a stretch include an ex-factor to your general look.


Adornments sold at online shopping store is made of sturdy quality material. Regardless of the possibility that you are confounded over decisions you can take help and prevalent client bolster benefit. Best part is that the adornments is being conveyed comfortable entryway steps. You could put in your requests whenever of day or night.

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