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review 2018-05-04 01:14
Someday (Delicious #1) by Sierra Riley 4 Star Review!
Someday - Sierra Riley

When you’re around, you’re all I can see”

“Someday, my prince will come.”

Danny is an artist, and he has the best job in the world. He gets to create beautiful things at the bakery his best friend owns. The only thing that would make life better is finding his own personal Prince Charming, but despite a life-long addiction to happily-ever-after, he doesn’t really hold out much hope for that. He’d rather be alone than compromise who he is for men who are only interested if he tones down his flamboyant personality.

“Someday, I’ll find a better life."

Mace learned to protect himself while growing up in a harsh foster care system. Serving an unjust prison sentence taught him even more valuable life lessons. Don’t let your feelings show. Trusting people only gets you hurt. It’s okay to want things, but don’t expect to hold onto them. Now that he’s out, Mace keeps to himself, quietly enjoying the work he’s found caring for beautiful things while he saves for a better life. Even if he has no idea what that will actually look like.

“It’s you. My better life is you."

When Danny bursts into Mace’s life, the beautiful man has him questioning everything life has taught him, from his sexuality to the wisdom of trusting someone with his heart. Danny makes him want things he’s not sure he believes in, and when a series of local robberies lead to his arrest, his faith in what’s possible is put to the test.




I love this couple. Danny and Mace are very themselves in this opposites attract romance 

Both Danny and Mace are drawn with such layer and details. Great stuff on plants, Disney flowers, art. They are talented and wonderful.

They both have issues to work through but their relationship shines as they find out more and more about each other and fall in love.

They are steadfast and this romance will leave you warm and fuzzy.

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review 2018-05-03 00:56
Delicious (Delicious #2) by Sierra Riley Review
Delicious - Sierra Riley

“You’re exactly what I never knew I needed.”

“I don’t have time for love.”

Gavin Campbell has poured everything he has into starting up his bakery, Delicious. Its success has given him a sense of security that was sorely lacking in his childhood, and even if working round-the-clock hasn’t left him any time for a personal life, you can’t have it all, right?

“Maybe I just need something delicious in my life.”

Outgoing, successful, and with an ass to die for, Ben Edwards is everything a girl could want… and yet none of his exes have managed to tie him down. He knows the fault isn’t with them, though. No matter how great the girl, Ben just doesn’t seem wired to fall in love. 

“I want to be the one who takes care of you.”

When an accident leaves Gavin unable to work, Ben steps in to help, inviting Gavin into his home, his life and, eventually, into his heart. Despite homophobic relatives, a jealous ex-boyfriend, and more sweet temptation than either man was prepared for, they’ll each discover that just because they didn’t know something was missing, doesn’t mean it can’t still be found.




This is a sweet read. Ben is a natural care taker and when Gavin gets injured he takes care of him. And falls in love.

Gavin works too much and Ben didn't really understand he was attracted to men until Gavin.

They have a good deal of things to work out but there is great chemistry, care, and respect between these leads to it makes for a really good read.

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review 2018-05-02 00:47
Falling (Delicious #3) by Sierra Riley 3.5 Star Review
Falling - Sierra Riley

You’re the best fake boyfriend I ever had.”

“Love exists… in books, at least.”

There’s no way bookstore owner Jeremy Bennett is going to his ten-year class reunion after accidentally drunk-posting on the reunion’s Facebook page and making himself sound a) much more interesting than he actually is, by b) claiming to do the kind of things he actually only reads about, and c) worse, also claiming to have a super hot boyfriend, when in reality, d) his dating history is more like the bastard love child of a trainwreck and a what-not-to-do reality show.

“I’m no good at romance.”

When one of Nick Roberts’ personal training clients mistakes him for the boyfriend of a new gym member, Nick decides to play along on a whim. After all, he can’t let the guy die from embarrassment, and besides, even though Nick isn’t gay, he has a feeling that the story behind the mistaken identity might prove to be the most fun he’s had since moving to Tulsa.

“I went from faking it to feeling it. Don’t tell me this isn’t real.”

Falling for your fake boyfriend is a guaranteed dating fail. Unless the stars align…




This is a really lovely pretend relationship romance. Nick is super kind and Jeremy is quirky in the ways writers often are.

There is fun dating here and lots of little surprises that are revealed about each hero along the way which make this a very engaging romance.

The love story is at the center but we get a good deal of personal growth from both heroes and nice circle of friend

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review 2016-12-02 00:00
Savior - Sierra Riley Savior - Sierra Riley I really enjoyed the chemistry between Adam and Steven. The tension cut like a knife and reading about the baby steps they were taking with each other was sweet. Steven's struggle with his sexuality was a little frustrating to witness but I'm glad he came to terms with himself and ultimately his feelings with Adam. I loved that Adam managed to draw Steven out of his funky moods and gave him little nudges to accept help/get help.

Mitch was a major jerk. I did wish there was a bigger impact with his interaction with Adam and that things hadn't ended as tidily as it did between them. I did respect Adam more for has maturely he dealt with the guy though.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.
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review 2016-10-23 00:00
Wrecked - Sierra Riley Wrecked - Sierra Riley Liam and Beck (Roger to Liam) lost touch as teenagers when Liam's family became restless and decided to pick up on their travels tearing the two apart. As adults they meet again at a mutual friends were both are acting as groomsmen. The meeting is unexpected but one thing is for sure. Their chemistry and attraction hasn't died in the time they've been apart. Immediately the two pick up with each other but the worry about what their future would be like with Liam always on the go and Beck being steady and settled.

I really enjoyed the story. Liam and Beck's reunion was sweet and I actually enjoyed the easy way they picked up with each other. They had wonderful chemistry and the reading just flew by. The tidbits we got of them as teenagers was nice addition. I enjoyed reading the analogy between hardships of happiness to the fishing/catching of Soipolu.It was beautiful and quite fitting to explain the feeling Liam was experiencing. It was this passage in the story that pretty much clinched it for me.

An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.
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