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review 2018-12-04 19:01
Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
Where the Crawdads Sing - Delia Owens

This is such a beautifully told story and I feared it was going to break my heart because books like this usually do. It didn’t and I’m glad for that. It gets all five stars because it never let me down.


Kya is just a child when her mother, older sisters and eventually her abusive father abandon her in the marsh. She has no education and must use her wits to survive and despite all of the odds she does. She’s strong, smart and resourceful and even though the church going townsfolk cruelly call her “Swamp Trash” and other unsavory names, as they hold their beautifully clean children close, she doesn’t let it get her down and finds help and friendship in the most unexpected of places.


I adored this book so much and think everyone should read it. It’s uplifting and gorgeous and also very gritty and down to earth. Kya is my kind of kid who grows into a woman who doesn’t abide any crap from the people and the men who continually let her down. At one point she calls one a “Chickenshit Asshole” and I wanted to hug her as I laughed because she was so right and I was thinking the same thing for pages and pages on end.


It’s a lovely read about the strength of spirit, the mistakes of youth, of friendship and kindness, resilience, prejudice and forgiveness and also the strange alluring beauty of the swamp and all that surrounds it. I recommend it with all that’s left of my heart.

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text 2018-11-22 02:28
Reading progress update: I've read 1 out of 165 pages.
Sing Me a Murder - Helen Nielsen

gonna try this music-themed Mystery novel from 1961; plot sounds twisty and fun, and Marcia Muller’s Intro to my Black Lizard edition from 1988 suggests the characters, and the psychological suspense generated, will match the cool plot. shall know for myself soon...this is another short one.

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review 2018-11-12 20:13
This Was an Unexpected Pleasure
Where the Crawdads Sing - Delia Owens

What an adventure that was. The narration was so good I easily got lost in this audiobook's world. The story was so simple and yet so complex. The characters were amazing, by the end of the book I felt like. they were family. Seriously how many books leave you feeling that way ? 
We follow a young girl, a swamp girl who from a very young age is abandoned by her parents to live alone in the swamp. She suffers, but never quits, at 7 she figures out how to get the basics. The adults in town thing she's a dirty marsh thing and want nothing to do with her. She spends one horrible day at school before running back to the swamp where noting hates her. Years pass, she's alone except for one boy and an older couple outcasts in a different way. The boy teaches her to read and sets her life on fire. She takes that lesson and feeds it. Her life and her love of the swamp are such bitterly beautiful. I loved this story, and don't think I'll ever forget the Marsh girl. There was so much pain, love, suffering, happiness, and beauty.

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review 2018-11-11 02:24
Bark! The Herald Angels Sing (The Dogfather #7) by Roxanne St. Claire
Bark! The Herald Angels Sing - Roxanne St. Claire


Once a Kilcannon, always a Kilcannon. With the holidays, fast approaching and a wedding on the horizon this resilient family proves that love never gets old. Bark the Herald Angels sing is a celebration of a life well lived. Despite a few hiccups along the way, St.Claire and her adorable four legged friends remind what it means to love with a whole heart and unconditionally. It all started with a father's love, a mother's heart and a grandmother's strong will. I adore this family.

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review 2018-10-18 00:17
Lark! The Herald Angels Sing
Lark! The Herald Angels Sing - Donna Andrews

I only borrowed this as an audiobook (just became available) and my daughter and I listened to the whole book on a road trip to Elizabethtown and back again. We were giggling over different sections of the book and cheering at other parts and just thoroughly enjoyed the story. 


Meg is running the Christmas Program and when a baby is found in the manger, she has to prove that it isn't her brother's child and then find the real mom of the baby as she has been trusted to keep the baby because she and Michael are foster parents for her area. When the real mom is found, it is also found out that her husband is the man that is being hunted by Clay County police for the murder of another man. One that Caerphilly police do not believe he committed and they want to get him to a safe place so that he is not murdered in the jail. 


This was a really good book and the story just kept you wanting to know more. I was so frustrated at points because I really wanted to read the book (driving not an option), so that I could get through the book a little faster to find out what was going to happen next. 


This is the newest book by Donna Andrews in the series. 

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