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review 2018-02-12 05:44
Review: The Art of Sinning by Sabrina Jeffries
The Art of Sinning - Sabrina Jeffries

Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed


American artist Jeremy Keane is far more interested in completing his next masterpiece than running the family textile mills.  He’s also far more interested in rakish pursuits than settling down.  It would take someone out of the ordinary to capture his interest, and Lady Yvette Barlow is exactly that person.  Jeremy is captivated by her from the first and is desperate to paint her.  Now if only he can convince her…


Yvette can spot a scoundrel a mile away, and having been burned once by a rake she is in no hurry to repeat the experience.  But Jeremy catches her off-guard, tempts her and challenges her in ways she’s never known.  And the more time they spend together, the harder it is for either of them to resist the passion brewing between them.  But both Jeremy and Yvette have ghosts that haunt them.  Ghosts that might keep them from ever risking their hearts for a chance at love.


Sabrina Jeffries kicks off her Sinful Suitors series with the utterly charming The Art of Sinning.  Yvette and Jeremy are winning characters and their romance was lovely to watch unfold.  Yvette is outspoken, bright, and a truly fun heroine.  It’s easy to see why Jeremy is taken with her.  She’s no ordinary woman but a veritable Juno (to borrow Jeremy’s favorite description of her).  Not to mention her unusual interests – her work to build a slang dictionary had me grinning.  Yvette has a lot of love to give, but she was badly betrayed in the past and thus is wary of rakes.  And boy is Jeremy a rake in the beginning.  He’s a bold artist, one who wears the mask of rogue rather well.  But beneath the surface is a man with scars caused by the death of his wife and child – scars that have never truly healed.  I loved watching both Yvette and Jeremy come into their own as they worked to leave the past behind, though taking leaps of faith comes more easily to Yvette than Jeremy.


As individuals, Yvette and Jeremy are great characters. But as a couple, they shine.  Their banter made me grin more than once over the course of the story.  They’re so well-matched in every way that it’s easy to root for them.  Their love story develops organically; I liked that they fit as both friends and lovers.  It isn’t easy for them to get their happily ever after, but Ms. Jeffries makes every bump in the road worth it.  The result is a romance that’s emotional as well as sensual and I couldn’t have been more pleased.  I finished The Art of Sinning one well-satisfied reader and I cannot wait to see what Ms. Jeffries has in store for Yvette’s brother, Edwin.

Source: www.joyfullyreviewed.net/reviewparent/art-sinning-sabrina-jeffries
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review 2016-08-21 12:00
A Historical with Smoldering Passion and Witty Conversations
The Art of Sinning - Sabrina Jeffries

The Art of Sinning was an absolutely charming historical romance from Sabrina Jeffries. Our hero and heroine’s relationship began with a battle of wits (okay, that part never stopped!) and eventually became equal parts smoldering passion and tender romance.

“Ah, my pretty wanton, you inflame me,” he breathed against her lips. “I could taste and touch you for hours. You’re so damned lovely.”
…This was how seduction began. A woman fell in love with the feelings and forgot herself. It was dangerous, close to the edge…alarming. She must stop this.

What a great way to start off a new series. With ties to The Duke’s Men, another of Jeffries’ series, this introduces us to a whole new cast. The focus here was Jeremy Keane and Lady Yvette Barlow who may have seemed to be an unlikely pair but they were very well-suited. I loved that there was much more depth to both of these characters than you would assume.


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text 2016-01-20 16:46
Best New Historical Romance Series 2015
A Sword for His Lady (Courtly Love) - Mary Wine
50 Ways to Ruin a Rake (Not Quite Ladies) by Jade Lee (5-May-2015) Mass Market Paperback - Jade Lee
[(Diary of an Accidental Wallflower : The Seduction Diaries)] [By (author) Jennifer Mcquiston] published on (February, 2015) - Jennifer Mcquiston
Texas Mail Order Bride (Bachelors of Battle Creek) by Linda Broday (2015-04-01) - Linda Broday
The Soldier's Dark Secret - Marguerite Kaye
An Unexpected Wish - Eileen Richards
What To Do With A Duke (Spinster House Book 1) - Sally Mackenzie
The Art of Sinning (The Sinful Suitors Book 1) - Sabrina Jeffries
The Beautiful One - Emily Greenwood
Once Upon a Marquess (Worth Saga) (Volume 1) - Courtney Milan

Looking to sink into a new series, Historical Romance calling your name?


Check out these! My lists are never in any particular order. 


1.  Forever Your Earl (The Wicked Quills of London, #1) by Eva Leigh

2. A Sword for His Lady (Courtly Love, #1) by Mary Wine

3. Diary of an Accidental Wallflower (Seduction Diaries, #1) by Jennifer McQuiston

4. Texas Mail Order Bride (Bachelors of Battle Creek, #1) by Linda Broday

5. The Soldier's Dark Secret (Comrades in Arms, #1) by Marguerite Kaye

6. An Unexpected Wish (A Lady's Wish, #1) by Eileen Richards

7. What to Do with a Duke (Spinster House, #1) by Sally MacKenzie

8. The Art of Sinning (Sinful Suitors, #1)  by Sabrina Jeffries

9. The Beautiful One (The Scandalous Sisters, #1) by Emily Greenwood

10. Once Upon a Marquess by Courtney Milan


Vote for your favorite!


Best New Historical Romance Series 2015

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review 2015-12-13 02:24
The Art of Sinning - Sabrina Jeffries

The first book in a new series by Sabrina Jeffries takes place after her Duke's Men series ends and focuses on the American artist Jeremy Keane. He is on the hunt for his Juno, a woman to be his muse for a new painting, and he sees her at a wedding.  She is the friend to his cousin Lady Zoe and her name is Yvette. She is a headstrong woman who loves collecting "street cant" and slang and who speaks her mind.  He strikes up a conversation with a man who he later discovers his her older brother and they strike up a bargain; he will paint her portrait in hopes of drumming up a suitor for her and Edwin will look into finding suitors for Jeremy's sister, Amanda.  Of course, Yvette strikes her own bargain with Jeremy, she will sit for his scandalous new painting behind her brother's back if he helps get her into a bawdy house. Bargains made, he moves out to Stoke Tower to start the portrait, but as things usually go the attraction between the two heats up when she has to be scantily clad with him in a darkened room late at night to allow him to paint the real painting he is interested in creating.  They but heads, give in the passionate kisses only to regret it right after, and then she takes matters into her own hands.  Through their adventure sparks fly, passions heat, and her secrets for wanting to visit a bawdy house are revealed. Though he never wishes to marry, when the inevitable happens, he sets out to convince her to marry him.  The intense moments when she forces him to confront his past are heartbreaking, and her poignant moment with her brother afterwards is too sweet for words. The story ends happily and Sabrina Jeffries presents yet another entertaining story and strong characters that draw you in with their past struggles and the fight for a happier future.  I enjoyed the read and am looking forward to book 2 in 2016.

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review 2015-09-28 17:04
The Art of Sinning By Sabrina Jeffries
The Art of Sinning - Sabrina Jeffries

I received this book through Harlequin Junkie in return for an honest review. For the most part I enjoyed this book but I rated it a 4*. In most parts, it just doesn't hold true that the heroine let the hero do what he did to her after what happened to her before.Some of the places where they had sexual acts did not ring true either.Other than that, I liked the story line and the explaining of his obsessions. It did tie most things up at the end. Not suitable for under 18 group.

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