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review 2018-02-15 06:17
Slade House -- a haunted house story by David Mitchell
Slade House: A Novel - David Mitchell

One need not read The Bone Clocks to understand, follow and enjoy Slade House, though the world in which it's set will be familiar to those who who have read the other novel.


Through five chapters set in five decades starting in the 1970s, we are sucked into a house that seems haunted and pretty scary. At first I was sure only "bad people" were invited, but that doesn't seem so clear by the end. Each story follows a similar path, yet they all advance the novel further and the stories are not just linked but the final few are completely interdependent.


The basic gist is that a pair of twins seem to live in a house that can only be accessed every nine years, when a door appears to those invited, and all those invited will become the twins' victims.


Why? Well in the most obvious sense, the twins need to feed on these people's souls. And since David Mitchell is the author, it's every nine years. I can accept that. But there are bigger questions for me -- why these people? Luckily one of the characters asks, and the answer is less than satisfactory:


"What does 'deserve' have to do with anything?" Norah Grayer lifts her sharp eyebrows. "Did the pig whose smoked flesh you ate at breakfast 'deserve' her fate? The question's irrelevant. You desired bacon and she couldn’t escape the abattoir. We desire your soul to power our operandi, and you can’t escape our lacuna. That’s it."


So I don't get any metaphysical, moral or theological answers from Slade House, but it is great fun.

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text 2018-01-02 18:45
December 2017 Round-Up
The Ghost Club: Newly Found Tales of Victorian Terror - William Meikle
Everybody's Fool: A novel - Richard Russo
Slade House: A Novel - David Mitchell
The Only Girl in the World: A Memoir - Maude Julien,Adriana Hunter
Bubba and the Cosmic Blood-Suckers - Joe R. Lansdale
Wrestle Maniacs - Duncan P. Bradshaw,Jeff Strand,Werner Leins,Eryk Pruitt,Jason Parent,Gabino Iglesias,Adam Howe,David James Keaton,James R. Newman,Katherine Kurtz
Chasing Ghosts - Glenn Rolfe
The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit - Michael Finkel
March (Book One) - Andrew Aydin,Nate Powell,John Robert Lewis
Artemis: A Novel - Andy Weir

I read 18 books during the month of December!


Audio Books:


Talulla Rising by Glen Duncan

Everybody's Fool by Richard Russo

The Devil's Own Work by Alan Judd (actually read in August, but forgot to add!)

Slade House by David Mitchell

The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit by Michael Finkel


Total: 5





Alive in Shape and Color: 17 Paintings by Great Artists and the Stories They Inspired

The Ghost Club by William Meikle

Artemis by Andy Weir

The Only Girl in the World by Maude Julien

Bubba and the Cosmic Blood-Suckers

Green by Sam Graham-Felsen

Cemetery Dance Select: Michael Marshall Smith


Total: 7


Reads for Review


Chasing Ghosts by Glenn Rolfe

Wrestle Maniacs (anthology)


Random Reads


The Walking Dead (Book 13) by Robert Kirkman

March Book One: by John Lewis

The Wicked + The Divine Book One: The Faust Act

Scrooge and Marley by Kurt Hollenbach



Horror Aficionados Mount TBR Challenge: 

(Horror Aficionados Group on Goodreads)

Goal: Read 40 books I already own in 2017 


January Count: 1

February Count: 2 

March and April Count: 0

May: 2 (Boo! and The Well)

June & July: 0

August: 1 The Talented Mr. Ripley

September: 1  Carter & Lovecraft

October: 0 (But had LOTS of fun with Halloween Bingo!)

November: 0

December: 0

Running Count: 7


As you can see this was a massive fail! I've challenged myself to the same number of books I already own in 2018. Hopefully I'll be more successful this time around!


Graphic Novel Challenge:

(Paced Reading Group on GR)

Goal: Read 25 Graphic novels in 2017 


January count: 5

February count: 2

March count: 5

April count: 5

May count: 3

June count: 4

July count: 4

August count: 5

September: 1

October: 1

November: 0

December: 3


Final Count: 38!

Challenge Met!


I plan to read a TON of graphic novels in 2018 but I'm not formalizing it with a challenge. 


Thanks to Booklikes for creating this place which it makes it so easy to make friends with fellow readers! Happy Reading in 2018 everyone!


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review 2017-12-21 22:33
Slade House by David Mitchell
Slade House: A Novel - David Mitchell


When I saw this was available on audio from the library I jumped right on it, and I'm glad I did!


This was an entertaining and imaginative story. It's not really horror, but it's not really fantasy or sci-fi either. I guess I'd call it an amalgamation of all of those genres. Whatever you want to label it, go ahead! I'm just going to say it was a hell of a story and I enjoyed it a lot.


Highly recommended!

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review 2017-01-10 10:01
Slade House
Slade House - David Mitchell

I still dislike present tense narratives, and I dislike them even more when the tense periodically shifts back and forth from present to past, and I almost didn’t make it through the asshole cop’s POV in the second chapter. But I’m glad I stuck it out. I still like Mitchell’s storytelling, and all the other POV characters were far more likable than the asshole cop. The story here is interesting and entertaining, if a bit light on the horror. If that’s what you came for, adjust your expectancies accordingly.

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review 2016-12-16 16:58
Review: Slade House by David Mitchell
Slade House - David Mitchell

The entrance to Slade House appears every nine years, but only a select few have the ability to see it. What lies ahead for those who enter is a large mysterious house that holds their fate in its hands.


Slade House is a collection of connected short stories each set nine years apart and centres around the house and its inhabitants. Spanning from 1979 to 2015 each story takes you on a fantastical mind bending journey as you watch and learn the fate of it's latest victim. As each story progresses you learn a little more about the house and its inhabitants until the ultimate conclusion in 2015 reveals all.


The writing is extremely vivid and paints a strikingly haunting picture of both the house and it's surroundings, and of the characters. The author made it extremely easy for me to picture what I was reading, but at the same time left room for my imagination to fill in the rest. Even though each story had a nine year gap and introduced new characters, there was still a consistency there that held them all together. The atmosphere rolled over me like a fog, becoming darker, thicker, and more menacing as the book progressed. As I read on I started to notice small inconsequential details that appeared in each story. Details which in the larger scheme of things meant nothing, but were cleverly thrown in there to show just how much each character was manipulated beforehand.


Definitely one I would recommend, it was a lot of fun to read and exceeded my expectations.




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