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review 2013-10-05 17:36
Don't Speak - fatale Don't Speak - fatale

Who knew that I would end up loving a story this much, when one of the tags on it was ”No sex”..


Really.. Who knew?


I do love me some Sterek loving, in and out of a bed, so that I ended up being really hooked while reading this is quite surprising to me.


Also when you take into consideration that I absolutely love Stiles, and this is almost 70.000 words of non-speaking Stiles! Yes. Stiles can’t talk, and there’s no sex, and really, not that much Sterek feeling, but I still ended up loving it! What gives?


Great writing for one. And also a great storyline. It’s all happening in Stiles head though, so be prepared for a lot of internal dialogue, but hey, it’s Stiles’ head, so of course it’s great dialogue. ;)


This story revolves around a mysterious alpha, trying to 'play a game’ of sorts with the werewolves in Beacon Hills, and they have all been hurt somewhat before he takes Stiles. But what he does to Stiles is the worst so far, and leaves Stiles with no communication skills at all, and when you know Stiles and how his mouth never closes for one second, yeah, then you know this is a hard thing for Stiles and the people who love him.


This story is about Stiles having to find other ways of communicating and figuring out who he wants to ‘communicate’ with so-to-speak. [so-to-speak? Ha! I’m so funny]


Of course there are “Sterek feelings” but they are not heavy or over the top. They are just like, a natural part of the storyline, and because it’s all about Stiles, they are just there and the feelings are just, well, there, and it’s just really, really good.


 5 stars.



photo tumblr_maons1pXaH1qgz9vio1_500_zpsb8f9edd7.jpg

Source: archiveofourown.org/works/530078/chapters/939519
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review 2013-09-30 21:08
(Sacred) In the Ordinary - Idyll (Sacred) In the Ordinary - Idyll

A Teen Wolf, Stiles/Derek fanfic..

It's more a Teen Wolf story than a Sterek fanfic I would say. Sterek happens very late in the story, its hot as hell yes, but still it happens at the end very late..

Its a loooong fanfic too, so if you like to read about mystery killings in the Teen Wolf world you'll probably like this one.

I'm mostly all about Sterek though, so I can't give it more than 3 stars, but the writing is awesome..

There are puppy-piles going on though. I don't do puppy piles, and don't really like the whole Stiles as the "pack-mom" kind of  character either.. But oh well. Stiles got his Derek, in the end, and that's all that matters, no?

Source: archiveofourown.org/works/406369/chapters/670624
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review 2013-09-30 19:53
Trust Fall - Stoney Trust Fall - Stoney

 I don’t even know what to say. It’s like.. Umm.. No matter what I say here, no matter what I tell you or write, it will never really explain how much I LOVED this story!

I never once teared up while reading this story, not until the end that is, but then it was tears over the fact that the fanfic was over and I wanted more! OMG, I so want more!! My heart is legit hurting right now, because the story is over! How is that even real life?!

How is this story even real life? Ok, it’s not, but semantics

This is a Teen Wolf, Stiles & Derek fanfic and its fucking amazing is what it is..

It’s one of the longest I’ve ever read, I think, and right now I just wish it could have gone on forever and ever.

It’s a body!swap fic, and its TW canon up until season 2, and did I mention it was amazing?


photo 123456_zps9062e607.gif




Body!swap fics can be done really bad or really well, and sometimes there is a really fine line between the two. This is easily the best body!swap I’ve read, and not only that, this story is also one of the best fics I‘ve ever read! And we all know how many of those I’ve read, do we not? Yes, we do.

Thanks to Uncle Pete, Stiles and Derek find themselves in each other’s bodies, and this is how this story begins..

I knew I was going to love it, when one of the first lines I read was:

“Freaking asshole attractive poltergeist werewolf douchebag jerkface with perfect aim.”

Because if that is not one of the best and most accurate descriptions of Derek I have ever read, I don’t know what it. That line set the bar very high for me and amazingly the bar just kept rising.

It’s a looong fic, and its slooow build, and there are feelings, and hugs, and feelings and so much scenting I can’t even.. [insert me shivering]

It’s just… So good!



photo yes_zpse1056590.gif

Source: archiveofourown.org/works/754957?view_full_work=true
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review 2013-09-30 19:37
between the click of the light and the s... between the click of the light and the start of the dream - thepsychicclam

What do one do when the internet AND TV  is out for a whole day? (And really how horrible is that, btw? Pretty horrible. Its like living in the start 90's all over again)

One reads 105.000 words of Sterek on a smartphone. Yes. That’s what one do.. I mean.. reading 105.000 words on a smartphone screen…?

Jesus fucking Christ, what is my life, I don’t even know..

Anyway.. So yeah, that’s what I did yesterday, and I don’t even regret it because this fic was fucking amazing!

I cannot believe I ended up loving it as much as I did. I’ve given up many fics, because the Derek’s in them have been written all wrong. I need my Derek with sass and subtle sarcasm, and if not a lot then just a little brooding.. Is that really too much to ask for?

The Derek in this fic was a tad on the sweet side, but in the end I still ended up with tears down my cheeks, so I can’t really complain, can I?

This is a canon compliant fic, (my faves, yay!) in which Stiles gets ‘possessed’ by an old hag.. Yes.. An old hag.. It messes with his head, and pretty much ruins a lot of his senior year.

I wouldn’t really say it’s a slow build Sterek fic, because I felt like they got together pretty fast, but there’s still a lot of drama and tension, and also tension releases (hint hint) so all is definitely not 100% love from the get-go. I really liked the plot and the Sterek storyline too.. SO MUCH SCENTING!! And we all know that makes Milla happy, do we not? Yes, we do.

There’s also mention of the annoying Scott/Allison/Isaac threesome, but thankfully, that was easy to ignore.. No, I still don’t do threesomes. Thanks Dan and Vadim!!

All in all this was a fantastic story, and the fact that I legit read it all on a smartphone pretty much says how hooked I was..

5 stars!



photo ste_zps200c1cf5.gif

Source: archiveofourown.org/works/787753/chapters/1486457
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review 2013-09-14 00:00
The Boy and the Beast - Dira Sudis The Boy and the Beast - Dira Sudis

This is a Teen Wolf, Stiles and Derek fanfic.

First of all I don’t know why this is tagged as ‘slow build’ because they are pretty much in love from the first meeting, which happens, like, at the beginning of this 116k word fic, so… Slow build? No.

Ok, so Derek might be an actual wolf when they meet, and Stiles an actual, umm, human, but that doesn’t really change anything.. And no, don’t worry, I’m not saying there’s some kind of bestiality going on, but still.. Even with Derek in Wolf form, they are pretty much in love at first sight ok?

Anyway.. So yeah, this is about Stiles meeting Derek as a Wolf and then all the drama begins, but he pretty much figures it all out in like 10 seconds hence the not so slow build, and then its 115.000 words of Stiles running, but not from the bad guys, no he just runs for fun with Wolfy Derek through the woods, and lots of wolfy huffs and puffs.. Drama? What’s that?

I’m making this sound negative, I know, and I’m sorry for that, because I didn’t actually hate it or anything, I just lost interest in the story 60% through, because.. It was literally Stiles running and then when Scott entered it went too out of character and then my mind completely shut down.. I know its AU so I can’t really complain about OOC, but still.. Derek nuzzling Scott a lot and sleeping between Stiles and Scott was still a bit too much, when your favorite Derek is canon Derek who, well let’s face it, wouldn’t exactly nuzzle Scott.. I like my Derek non-Scott-nuzzling, tbh..

Anyway, so yeah, I lost interest in the story, but if you’re into Derek in wolf form and don’t mind OOC characters, I guess you could like this?

photo 1_zps47ebf2f5.gif

Source: archiveofourown.org/works/751583?view_full_work=true
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