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review 2017-08-08 03:56
Fun Sexy Fun
Beneath This Ink (Volume 2) - Meghan March

Fun sexy, tattooed guy with a harley meets upper crust society woman. he judges her wrong she judges him wrong, sparks fly, tempers flare, and there are plenty of disapproving glares. He is a two hander with extra bits and knows how to swing it. He has what is called a magic penis

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review 2016-03-02 00:08
My Hero: The Olympian by Max Vos
My Hero: The Olympian - Max Vos My Hero: The Olympian - Max Vos

This sequel directly picks up where "My Hero" left off, with Johnny, the now out college football player, and Rich, the professional diver still working towards the World Diving Championships and the Olympic Games, standing together as a stronger and more solid couple.


But even with friends and family supporting them all the way, bigotry and hate make their everyday life seem like walking the gauntlet with two big, fat targets painted on their backs. Between tender, sweet and incredibly sexy moments, things turn ugly and violent fast. And while Rich will always be Johnny's hero and vice versa, some things are no longer in their power. Which is why a change of scenery does them a world of good.


While I enjoyed the first book very much (except for some niggles and issues), this one was... all over the place. It felt more like several short stories packed into one novel. A lot of episodes, all differing in tone and topic, came together here, but they didn't always feel connected. The writing was great, and Max Vos is still my king of the smexy stuff. But overall, it felt like this novel was somehow missing one, general arc of suspense. Instead there were so many things going on, so many settings and sub-plots and side-characters with their own stories, that it felt like every "chapter" of their story had it's own little arc of suspense and it's very own HFN. I just could have done with a clearer, more defined golden thread, I guess.


Overall, I was happy to revisit this couple. It was good to see Johnny and Rich grow, evolve and get even closer to each other. On the other hand, I love Max Vos' hot and raunchy side, and the sweetness and cuteness here was killing me at times. It was just that little bit too much sugar and cheese and fluff. I might be too cynical for that.


Or maybe just a cranky bat with a little bit of romance-phobia thrown in now and again.

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text 2015-11-23 15:09
CHBB New Releases
For Her, Always - Felicia Fox
Zack's Awakening - Jaclyn Osborn
Phantasy House (Smexy Phantasies Book 3) - Izzy Szyn
Confessions Of A Small Town Librarian - A. McEwan
The Assistant's Christmas Wish - Lexi Ostrow
Complicated Steps: A Stepbrother Romance - Olivia Harper
Night of the Demon Anthology - Lexi Ostrow,Jaclyn Osborn,G.E. Stills,Charlotte Ondac,Scarlett J. Rose,Elaine White,Dawn Dietrich
Night of the Demon Anthology Book Two - Lexi Ostrow,Laurell Emily Grey,Ruby McCoy,Nicole Kellalea,Beth W. Patterson,Emily Cyr
The Devil's Kiss (The Devil's Gate Trilogy Book 3) - Rue Volley
Faire Eve - Catherine Stovall

‪#‎NewRelease‬ ‪#‎Fantasy‬ ‪#‎Romance‬ ‪#‎Bookstagram‬ ‪#‎KU‬
Prisoner of Prophecy
Can Solara love the one boy prophesied to betray her?
‪#‎NewRealease‬ ‪#‎Thriller‬ #Bookstagram #KU
The Last Road Home
When realities collide--what happens to the parts that don't fit?
#Fantasy ‪#‎Fairies‬ #Bookstagram #KU
Faire Eve
All's Faire in Love, War, and Black Dragons.
#Fantasy ‪#‎Fairytales‬ ‪#‎Ebook‬ #Bookstagram #KU
Fractured Fairy Tales
Where the fairy tales end ... We begin.
#NewRelease ‪#‎Erotic‬ #Fantasy #Bookstagram #KU
Grab the THIRD and FINAL book in The Devil's Gate Trilogy now.
Book three - http://smarturl.it/TheDevilsKiss
Book one - smarturl.it/TheDevilsGatebookone
audiobook- http://smarturl.it/TDGaudio
($1.99 w/ebook purchase)
Book two - http://smarturl.it/TheDevilsFire
audiobook - http://smarturl.it/TheDevilsFireaudio
#NewRelease #Erotic #Fantasy #Bookstagram #KU
Hot Ink Press Presents
Night of the Demon 2
18+ Play with your demons.
Volume1 - http://smarturl.it/NOTD1
#NewRelease ‪#‎Erotica‬ #StepBrother #FREE on #KU
18+ When the line between love and family blurs, things can get…complicated.
Complicated Steps (A Step~Brother Romance) by Olivia Harper
#FREE #Erotic #Christmas #Romance #Bookstagram #KU
Free for this weekend only!
Start Christmas early with a great romance!
The Assistant’s Christmas Wish
Book 2 coming December 1st!
#Erotic #Mystery #Bookstagram #KU
Confessions of a Small Town Librarian
18+ Where every small town has its dirty, little secrets...http://smarturl.it/confessions.amazon
#NewRelease #BestSellingSeries #Horror #Paranormal #Fantasy #Bookstagram #KU
RAVEN -(The Storm Chronicles Book 5)
Some Sacrifices are Just Plain Murder.
#Horror #Romance #YA #Bookstagram #Ebook #KU
There's plenty of reason to be afraid of the dark.
#Horror #Dark #Bookstagram #Ebook #KU
Stake Out
Not your typical criminals.
#Steampunk #Mystery #Bookstagram #KU
Heartless: A Guild Story
A Killer Stalks the Streets.
#Erotic #Steampunk #PostApocalyptic #fantasy #Bookstagram #KU
Paper Dolls
18+ When your only HOPE of survival is taking to the skies.
#NewRelease #LGBT #Erotic #Bookstagram #KU
Phantasy House (Smexy Phantasies Book 3)
18+ Where Reality meets Phantasy.
Book 1 - http://authl.it/B00ZY6RCZG?d
Book 2 - http://authl.it/B013R8ZDG2?d
#NewRelease #MMRomance #Erotic #Bookstagram #KU
Zack's Awakening (Awakening Book 2)
18+ Secrets never stay hidden forever.
Book 1: Michael's Awakening
#LGBT #Books #BookNerd #Author #Poet #ReadingIsSexy #KU
For Her, Always
18+ My love, my heart.

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text 2015-08-13 10:25
CHBB New Releases
Cogs in Time - Sj Davis,Catherine Stovall,Cindy J Smith
Stormrise - Skye Knizley
Stake-Out - Lily Luchesi
The Queen of Swords - Nina Mason
Death Eater: The Complete Collection - Catherine Stovall
Smexy Phantasies - Izzy Szyn
The Devil's Gate (The Devil's Gate Trilogy, #1) - Rue Volley
Protected Heart (Queens of Kings Book 3) - LaQuette
Forging Bonds (Bonds of Truth) (Volume 1) - Ruby MacIntyre
A Perfect Passion - Piper Kay

‪#‎Steampunk‬ ‪#‎KindleUnlimited‬ ‪#‎99Cents‬
Cogs in Time 1 and 2
Gear Up for an Adventure because Time Stops for No One...
Raven Storm: Half Vampire, Half Human. All Cop.
Start the Bestselling Urban Fantasy Series now $1.99 for a limited time! Or read free on #KindleUnlimited
Stormrise: Book 1: http://smarturl.it/Stormrise
‪#‎KU‬ #99Cents for a limited time
Stake-Out (Paranormal Detectives Book One)
In a world overrun with the Undead, one ex-cop is given a chance to get revenge.
‪#‎FREE‬ on #kindleunlimited
The Queen of Swords
How can he have a soul mate if he doesn't have a soul?
The Ballerina and the Revolutionary by Milla V
Can anyone survive the shadows that lurk behind this family's fairy tales?
‪#‎NewAdult‬ ‪#‎LGBTQ‬
#KU ‪#‎PNR‬
Death Eater: The Complete Collection
Now get all three books in one!!
Mystical Bites, short stories filled with magic. Don't miss this anthology release event. Join here:https://www.facebook.com/events/521363817995321/
‪#‎NewRelease‬ #FREE on #KU
Bridget's Phantasies
(Smexy Phantasies Book 2)
18+ Business and pleasure has it's benefits.
Book 1 - Smexy Phantasies
Release date August 14th
The Devil's Fire
(The Devil's Gate Trilogy, #2)
by, Rue Volley
Get caught up with Book one!
The Devil's Gate Book 1
#FREE on #KU
Protected Heart: Queens of Kings: Book 3
18+ When trust is a matter of life or death...
Book 1: http://smarturl.it/heartofthematter
Book 2: Smarturl.it/DividedHeart
#FREE on #KU
For the Love
18+ When you love this much, there's nothing worth letting go.
#FREE on #KU
Heroes and Villains
18+"Geek is the new sexy..."
Release date August 15
Renewing Bonds, (Bonds of Truth Book 2)
by, Ruby MacIntyre
Catch up with: Forging Bonds (Bonds of Truth Book 1)
#FREE on #KU
18+ "Girl time couldn't get any better…"
#FREE on #KU
Melting the Ice Queen
18+ A spark of desire can melt the coldest heart.
#FREE on #KU
A Perfect Passion
18+ One must be willing to take the risk.
BK 2: Payce's Passion

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review 2015-05-21 01:26
Fierce Salon Season One Box Set: A New Adult Smexy Serial - Aspen Drake

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review**
Amy is having a bad day. When she went to work, she found out the hair salon she worked for was closed down. When she went home from that, she found her boyfriend cyber-cheating on her. When she leave him, she also becomes homeless. Luckily her friend lets her crash on her couch. She sees a job opening at Fierce Salon, a high-end hair salon. The owner, Nate Edwards, is a hawt ex-model whose a player but a stickler for the rules when it comes to his salon and employees. When he sees Amy though, there's something about her that has him regretting some of his rules.  
First, I'm not really sure what made me decide to read and review this book. It's not one I'd normally try. However, once I started it, I couldn't stop until I was finished. While it was made up of 5 novellas, it read rather quickly. There's just something about it I really liked.
Amy is my favorite character. Even when life is basically kicking her in the face, she moves on and tries to keep a good attitude. Overall she's strong and no pushover who believes in her work. I'm not so sure about Nate, while he treats women like a piece of meat until Amy, I couldn't help feel sorry for him and the way his parents treat him much in the same manner. I like seeing his feelings for Amy start to break his patterns and rules.
Overall I just really liked this story and look forward to reading the next segment. There was no real conflicts, but the plot kept moving so there didn't really need to be as we got to learn the characters. I would highly recommend it.

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