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review 2018-12-10 02:21
A Good Time (The O'Learys, #2) by Shannyn Schroeder
A Good Time (O'Learys) - Shannyn Schroeder


"Don't judge a book by it's cover." I've heard that adage so much, it's almost cliche, but the best cliches have a hint of truth to them. Schroeder puts her own spin on a saying we hear, yet chose to ignore. A Good Time is a look at the impact image has on everyday life. Griffin and Indy think with their hearts and many a time that has not proved wise. When the time comes for them to chose between what they want and what others say, will each have the courage to make the right choice? Shannyn Schroeder found a deliciously, tempting way to warm hearts and deliver an entertaining story with a powerful message.

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review 2018-12-05 21:26
Munmun - Jesse Andrews

[I received a copy of this book through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.]

I admit I skim-read the last 25%; I tried to read more carefully, but at this point, either I skimmed or I DNFed, and I don’t like DNFing.

It is not without good ideas and potential, and it delivers good criticism of a society based on money: in this case, money literally defines your weight in the world, since the poorest people are tiny and get squished by just about anything and anyone, while the richest ones are so big that they tower over everyone and take a lot of space. The plight of the characters, too—the way they have to fight, the desperate schemes they come up with, are (unfortunately, realistically) close to reality, in that when you don’t have much, no matter how you try, your attempts are conditioned by the little means you have. (I do agree that “you have to make efforts to achieve your dreams”, but let’s be honest, it’s very easy to give lessons about how you managed to buy the house of your dreams when you got a nifty inheritance from your grandparents. Prayer’s plan to find herself a husband, as harebrained as it is, does reflect a desperate attempt at doing something with nothing.)

However, I couldn’t really connect with the characters, nor get into the writing style, which tends to combine words together. I get it, I get why it’s done, but for me, it’s jarring (took me a bit of time to realise that the “munmun” of the title is money, although that was because I wasn’t pronouncing it, only reading it at first). It’s like all those cutesy words like ‘preloved’ and ‘choccy’ and all that stuff which, for some reason, is considered as witty, but just falls flat as far as I’m concerned. After a while, I lose interest.

More like 1.5 stars for me, however, I do acknowledge that there are good ideas in here.

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text 2018-12-05 17:37
Czytniki marki PocketBook oficjalnie na RYNKU AMERYKAŃSKIM

Stany Zjednoczone to najbogatszy i najlepiej rozwinięty rynek książek elektronicznych. Jest równocześnie zdominowany przez księgarnię Amazon i jej czytniki – Kindle. Nie jest to rynek łatwy, o czym przekonuje się na własnej skórze choćby największa tamtejsza sieć księgarska – Barnes and Noble. Jej dział związany z czytnikami i e-bookami zmaga się w ostatnich latach z ciągłymi kłopotami i widmem zamknięcia – oddania pola Amazonowi. Również operujący z Kanady Rakuten Kobo, w walce o amerykańskich klientów, nie stanął w szranki sam. Chcąc zwiększyć szanse zaistnienia w Stanach, zawiązał sojusz handlowy z największą siecią sklepów – Walmart. Krótko rzecz ujmując - nie ma letko.


PocketBook Aqua 2 w ofercie sklepu Good e-Reader (źródło: goodereader.com/blog/shop)


Do gry dołączy kolejna marka. Dziś pojawiła się w sieci informacja, że kanadyjski serwis e-bookowy Good e-Reader, zajmie się od teraz dystrybucją czytników marki PocketBook. Czytniki mają trafiać głównie do klientów ze Stanów Zjednoczonych i Kanady. Serwis jest autoryzowanym sprzedawcą na terenie dwóch krajów. W oficjalnej informacji podano, że można PocketBooki zamawiać także z innych regionów.


Obecnie oferowane są oficjalnie prawie wszystkie modele z bieżącej oferty producenta: PocketBook Aqua 2, PocketBook Touch HD 2, PocketBook Touch Lux 4, PocketBook Basic Lux 2 oraz PocketBook InkPad 3. Michael Kozlowski (współtwórca serwisu Good e-Reader) napisał, że PocketBooki to solidne urządzenia i podkreślił, że mają fizyczne przyciski zmiany stron. Od strony oprogramowania pochwalił stabilność oprogramowania wewnętrznego tych czytników. Bez szerokiego marketingu i powiązania czytników z anglojęzyczną księgarnią, trudno spodziewać się wielkiego sukcesu. Ale to i tak ciekawa opcja, bo do tej pory Good e-Reader zajmował się sprzedażą raczej dość egzotycznych androidowych urządzeń, na przykład chińskich czytników pod własną marką czy urządzeń marki Onyx Boox.


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review 2018-11-28 23:19
When the rubric fails you
The Ghost in the Mirror (Lewis Barnavelt) - John Bellairs;Brad Strickland

The Ghost in the Mirror is another story in the Lewis Barnavelt series by John Bellairs (subsequently completed by Brad Strickland). This is also another story featuring Rose Rita and Mrs. Zimmerman which again begs the question why this was called the Lewis Barnavelt series... At any rate, the reader follows Rose Rita & Mrs. Zimmerman as they travel back in time in the hopes of righting a 'great wrong' and thereby restoring the magical powers that Mrs. Z lost in the previous book (The Figure in the Shadows if you're not caught up). This was a much darker narrative with threatened human sacrifice and something akin to voodoo magic. However, the narrative was just another cookie cutter format with absolutely no surprises. It honestly felt like he had a little rubric that he was following for his stories and he just plugged in details like 'Rose Rita & Mrs. Z main characters' + '19th century era' + 'dark magic' and hoping for a good result. I was disappointed especially as this book didn't even have the benefit of illustrations sprinkled throughout like the other installments in the series. (Yes, this is the last in this series that I'm going to read.) This was lukewarm at best and honestly I'm happy to have finished my time with these characters (especially Rose Rita). 1/10


Source: Amazon


What's Up Next: So Close to Being the Sh*t, Y'all Don't Even Know by Retta


What I'm Currently Reading: Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond

Source: readingfortheheckofit.blogspot.com
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review 2018-11-24 03:33
...and other useful and cute advice on feline care for the younger set.
Kitties are Not Good to Eat - Cassandra Gelvin

This is just adorable. That's really all I have to say.


This is a board book -- I'd honestly forgotten those existed -- so dial those expectation in to the correct channel. This is a collection of cute cat pictures (you know, the things the Internet was full of before we entered the era of heightened political discourse we're now in) that are sure to delight little kids. Accompanying these pictures are handy rhyming tips like, "Kitties were not made to fly / And they do not want to try."


Maybe not advice you need, but for a 2 year-old this could be life changing stuff -- life extending, even.


The photos are fun, the text is, too. I can't imagine that the target audience of a board book (or their electronic equivalent) wouldn't love to hear this read to them a few times a day. Potentially more importantly, this won't become really annoying to the reader all that quickly (it will eventually, but what doesn't?)


A cute book that will entertain and/or not annoy -- that's pretty much all you can hope for with a board book. Give this a shot.


Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest take.

Source: irresponsiblereader.com/2018/11/23/kitties-are-not-good-to-eat-by-cassandra-gelvin-and-other-useful-and-cute-advice-on-feline-care-for-the-younger-set
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