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text 2016-04-14 18:50
Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: Superstitious Feelings (Soul Scavengers #3) LJ Winters


StarAngelsReviews #BlogTour  Review & #Giveaway #urbanfantasy #ghosts #psychics Lisagh will be awarding $50 in Paypal Cash to one lucky winner via Rafflecopter during the tour. After rushing to Olivia’s side, Sullivan finds that they will have to fight to stay alive and the threat doesn’t come from the dead this time as an old enemy plots against them in thrilling #romanticsuspense by LJ Winters @Lisagh See my 4 star review of Soul Scavengers #3 Superstitious Feelings at: http://literaryaddicts.ning.com/profiles/blogs/blog-tour-review-giveaway-superstitious-feelings-soul-scavengers


Amazon: http://amzn.to/1XEyRyz

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review 2016-04-10 17:05
Superstitious Feelings (Soul Scavenges #3) LJ Winters
Soul Scavengers: Superstitious Feelings - L.J. Winters

After rushing to Olivia’s side, Sullivan finds that they will have to fight to stay alive and the threat doesn’t come from the dead this time as an old enemy plots against them in thrilling romantic suspense.


Olivia is on the other side of the country facing down her greatest personal demon in the flesh without the Ghost Man and the readers can’t help but get caught in the tangled web of emotions, vendettas and unexpected surprises that fill this story from one end to the other. Olivia and Sullivan may have taken a small break from each other in the romance department due to all their personal issues, but that doesn’t mean that Sullivan can’t rush to her side and be there for her when she needs it and of course there is still plenty of chemistry burning hot between them but Olivia has a few surprises in store for her Ghost Man which has lots of emotional turmoil flowing from the pages. This well written, smooth flowing and steady to fast paced plot is full of romance, excitement, suspense, and characters that grab the reader’s attentions with spine tingling excitement building throughout the story as murderous plots, lost gold and a doomsday cult shake the things up for this ghost hunting team.


I was eager to pick up where the second book left off and I wasn’t disappointed, the author threw quite a few twists into the story, not only plot wise but character wise (no, I’m not giving anything away) that kept me on my toes and unsure of the outcome until the very end. Note: This series is best read in sequence.

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review 2016-04-10 17:00
Soul Scavengers: Wounded Rose - L. J. Winters

Sullivan and Olivia are now joined at the hip for better or for worse and the Soul Scavengers team are called to a mysterious mansion in rural Illinois where they get a little more than they bargained for as they attempt to shed some light on the mansion’s dark history in this riveting urban fantasy.


Sullivan’s deeply ingrained inability to make a commitment is causing quite a bit of friction and emotional turmoil between him and Olivia and the readers can’t help but get caught up in their rocky relationship as Olivia is driven almost to her breaking point, especially once their fellow investigators Kelly and Hudson start torturing their cranky colleague but none of that brings the sizzling and undeniable attraction between them to a halt, it just makes for some interesting events some of which adds some chuckles. The strong captivating duo is now joined by more engaging characters that grab the reader’s attention and the fast paced and smooth flowing plot draws readers in with suspense, turmoil, excitement and romance.


Most of the spine chilling excitement comes from some spooky interactions with the spirits of the mansion that the team is investigating because this is one investigation that takes quite the deadly turn with some unexpected surprises keeping the team on their toes, but that’s not all the excitement this story has to offer as some personal and family surprises adds spice to the story as well.


Sullivan and Olivia’s romance is balanced on a cliff’s edge and I’m not sure just where it’s going to land as Sullivan and Olivia both kind of keeping getting in their own way not to mention the team and the ghosts manage to cause quite a bit of trouble for the couple as well. As for the series I have to say that it is more like a serial, at least regarding the romance part of the story and this one ended on a quite a cliffhanger so I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

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review 2016-04-10 16:55
Review: Wilde and the Witch (Soul Scavengers #1) LJ Winters
Wilde and the Witch - LJ Winters

Psychic medium Olivia Emerson and paranormal investigator, Sullivan Wilde may not be happy about working together but when they are left alone on the dock, everything changes because they will have to rely on each other if they want to make it through the night in this thrilling urban fantasy.


Olivia needs to prove that she has what it takes to hang with the big boys and Sullivan Wilde believes that anyone claiming they can speak to the dead is a fraud and the reader can’t help but get caught up in the all the fireworks and chills as they investigate some very unhappy spirits. There is no doubt that these strong charismatic characters have lots of powerful chemistry between them, the only questions is whether they will survive their doubts and emotional issues in order to push their relationship forward so you can expect lots of sizzling encounters as well as heated clashes that will cause a few chuckles in this fast paced, smooth flowing plot full of suspense, excitement and romance.


 You can also expect lots of shivers and spine tingling chills as they investigate the paranormal activity, because not only is there some unhappy spirits but there is one nasty spirit that is out to make sure that Olivia and Sullivan don’t survive the night which has some ghostly excitement and deadly encounters happening. The scenes are full of great details that capture the imagination and make it easy for the reader to become engrossed in the story while the intriguing events keep them glued to the pages.


The author has created one of those series that gets the adrenaline pumping while causes chills to race up and down your spine and in this story, We get to know Olivia and Sullivan as they are beginning their complicated relationship (professionally and personally) which adds spice and depth to the story with some unexpected twists keeping things interesting as if the fireworks weren’t enough and I can’t wait to see what happens next in Sullivan and Olivia’s world.

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review 2014-06-28 00:00
Soul Scavengers - His Wounded Rose
Soul Scavengers - His Wounded Rose - Lisagh J. Winters Review to come
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