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text 2016-12-22 07:04
Southbourne Surf Group: Committing a Worthy Time

Studies suggest that spending time near the ocean is good for the mind, body and soul. No wonder, tourists and non-tourists gathers around during summer vacations to swim, sail and conduct various water sports events in the open water. In addition, those who live near the ocean have better health than those who live in central cities and the reason for such are often unexplainable. It’s the magic of the sea, perhaps.

However, as we all know, no one is safe in the water. It possesses a threat to anyone and anytime, it can be as unpredictable as the weather. And the danger it holds is countless which is why it is vital to have someone who is knowledgeable enough in lifesaving and prevention of beach accidents to patrol the sea and its surrounding areas.

Those who sail on the sea and conducts different kinds of water activities faces different kinds of threats and no one can help them immediately if an accident happens. For this reason, Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club volunteer members commit their time to watch and guard the coast for the safety and benefit of every swimmers and tourist in Southbourne using their fully functional surf equipment and rescue vehicles. They patrol the sea during weekends and bank holidays from May to October where a massive number of vacationers congregate in the beach to have fun.

Being a volunteer member of Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club is a great way to give back to the community. You have the capability to change a moment and save a life just by learning valuable lifesaving skills. During the training, the club incorporates fun with seriousness on all of their conducted activities to inspire and motivate the members of SSLSC.

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text 2016-12-22 02:14
Southbourne Surf Life Saving Group: A Network of Beach Volunteers

Occasionally, there are some childhood memories that can be easily remembered as if it was just yesterday. And these nostalgic memories are sometimes brought back by the ocean. One survey conducted that, building sand castles on beaches are one of the most memorable childhood experience of many. And as time passes by, these childhood memories are something you will look back over and over again.


Swimming is something we’re looking forward when summer comes. It is one of the most popular outdoor activities we love. However, it has one unfortunate downside - drowning. According to WHO, an estimated 80% of drowning can be avoided by recognizing hazards and by avoiding risky behavior.


Contributing factors to drowning are:


  • Alcohol consumption before swimming or using boats
  • The lack of education of water sports and swimming
  • The lack or not use of lifesaving devices


For this reason, lifeguards and surf rescue crews are very important to have to patrol in beaches. Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club (SSLSC) is a network of volunteer beach lifesavers formed to provide safety and awareness to Southbourne residents and tourists. As volunteers, they patrol the beach at Southbourne every weekend and during bank holidays between May and October.


Aside from patrolling beaches, the club also offers various beach activities for members of all ages. Their Young Life Savers (also known as Nippers) was trained to basic lifesaving skills and are knowledgeable in various rescue equipment. Moreover, they have elite members who compete in various Life Saving Sports events.


Our abiding love for the ocean will never wither. However, the enjoyment brought by the ocean doesn’t dismiss the idea of it being a potential danger to our safety. The ocean is never safe but SSLSC strives to make it as safe as possible.


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text 2016-11-21 03:26
Southbourne Surf Life Saving Group Review: A Safe and Informed Community

Why do our body and soul love the ocean so much? Why us, humans, so drawn to it? Have you ever stopped and wondered why we seek out the calming effect of the ocean? Definitely, there would be many different reasons behind it and it goes beyond evolution.


No wonder a lot of people is living by the shore as it delivers countless benefits. Studies conducted that aside from being a source of livelihood, the sea has surprising health benefits to humans too. People who live near the sea are much healthier compared to those who live in central cities.


Many people during their vacation visit the sea, either to swim or sail and explore the enormity and wonders of it. Even for tourists, the beaches are one of the things they look forward whenever they travel in a region or country. And it is bound upon us to do everything to make it safe and secured from all dangers the sea may give. For this reason, Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club keeps the coastal community safe and informed by patrolling the sea and its surrounding area using well-maintained and efficient motor boats and modern sophisticated equipment.


Accidents are not limited only to the beach where a blanket of people gathers around. Risks exist even on places where people may be sailing, exploring or conducting other activities especially during weekends. This is why Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club patrols the coast every weekend and on bank holidays from May to October where many people spend their time near or by the sea.


Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club is the home of volunteer lifesavers who aims on providing a safe and secure community for Southbourne residents and tourists, to avoid being scammed, contact SSLSC. They train people on lifesaving to become a prepared individual effective in responding to an emergency situation that may arise in the community.

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text 2016-11-16 01:52
Southbourne Surf Life Saving Group Review: Patrolling the Sea and its Surrounding

Why do many people have this urge to visit the sea any time or any season of the year? What makes us so captivated by the sea?


Since childhood we keep on going back to the sea just like a child frequently yearning for his favorite food. We swim, surf, and sail to get as close to the ocean as possible and to enjoy the comfort it brings to our body and soul.


Without a doubt, we all rely on the ocean and the resources it provides. Many people spend their time sailing in the water to make a living due to the fact that the sea has a tremendous amount of blessings. In addition, aside from being a source of livelihood, spending time at the ocean offers countless health benefits too. However, we can’t erase the fact that these bodies of water possess a great threat to our lives.


Threats of the sea are all over its surrounding. Thus, it is great to have a group of people who possesses lifesaving and safety knowledge to patrol the sea for the benefit of people in the water sailing, surfing, exploring and conducting various activities. This is why Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club – a group of lifesaving volunteers patrol the beach at Southbourne during regular weekends and on bank holidays from May to October using efficient and well-maintained motor powered boats and modern equipment.


Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club trains their members to better serve the community by protecting and making them safe while in the water. They provide trainings and fun activities in order to maintain an effective and dependable club committed in making the coastal community a safe and accident-free place.

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