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review 2016-08-31 04:28
Six Of Crows - My bookish thoughts
Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo

I didn't get around to writing a review for Six of Crows it seems, I do recall this book being amazing. Leigh has done an incredible job with the characters, making each voice unique and their own, impressive when there are like POVs. The world building was also imaginative, fascinating and easy to keep track of. I'm highly looking forward to book 2!


Couldn't recall how many stars I wanted to rate this book, so I'm going with 4.5 just to be safe.

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review 2016-07-26 17:59
Not Afraid To Love You by Jude Ouvard
Not Afraid to Love You (Ink Series - Spin Off Book 1) - Jude Ouvrard

This was a pretty good romance. Parts were extremely well written, with tragic realism, other parts were a little less so. I did like that some issues were addressed and brought in full view, two tough issues that need this. Nice job. I've given this a 4* rating. Not suitable for the under 18 group.

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review 2016-07-13 19:57
If you've read the Dark Angels series...
Lock and Key - Z. Allora

Than you're probably dying to read this one. If you're like me and you haven't read Z. Allora's Dark Angels series you can still read this one without any problem. However, I will admit that for the sake of the background info on the secondary characters I do wish I had read 'Dark Angels'. But done is done so let's carry on with this review...


Zack is young too young for Andrew but he knows what he wants and that's to be Andrew's submissive and to serve him and only him. Unfortunately, Andrew says 'no' he not only feels that Zack is too young for him but their brothers are in a relationship and there's no way that Andrew would do anything to spoil that. He wants nothing more than for his brother to be happy, even if it means sacrificing his own happiness for it to happen.


Devastated by Andrew's rejection Zack decides if he can't serve Andrew, he will serve no one and he puts all his energy into becoming the best damned Dom there is. Which ok, I have to admit confused me a little that he could go from one extreme to the other so easily...ok, maybe not quite so easily after all I did attend BDSM 101 with him and I have to say I never would have pegged that for being a boring class but it was, 5 minutes into class and I was looking around for a way out of the room. I'm just grateful that I didn't get dragged back for the second half of the class the following week because if that happened I was totally going to skip class or skim as the case may be.


While I liked the overall storyline and for the most part the characters worked for me. There were times when things became too bogged down with details that for me just weren't necessary or didn't seem to enhance the story in a constructive manner, the BDSM 101 scene is a perfect example of this for me.


I liked Andrew and Zack as a couple, but, I have to admit that Zack was also a bit of a conundrum for me as well because I found it hard to visualize someone who seems to so clearly recognize his submissive needs,  being able to not only suppress them but essentially go against them by becoming a Dom and apparently a really good one.


However, as someone who does not exist in the BDSM lifestyle and really knows very little about it, I'm also not in a position to determine whether or not this scenario would realistically happen so for the sake of argument I chose to suspend any disbelief that I had and assume that this is as likely possible as it is improbable.


I was intrigued initially by the authors method or sharing or reinforcing Zacks thoughts/feelings by randomly adding italicized, 3 word phrases such as...


"Kneel. Serve. His." or "Kneel, Serve, Not His."


or some varied combination of words always italicized and usually in groups of three words. at first I found it to be an interesting way of reinforcing the characters thoughts and mindset. Unfortunately when used excessively this became a little irritating and started to feel more neanderthal-ish than anything else.


My favorite part of the story was when Zack and Andrew's relationship first started as friends and they would share lunches and were just getting to know each other...as friends. There were other parts of the story that I liked and little glimmers here and there but I just didn't get enough from this to make me 'over the moon' in love with the story or really with any of the characters. I'm still not sure what to make of Jordon at times I liked him and in the next breath I wanted to shake him and tell him to grow the F@*k-up because he was irritating me so much. Ironically I was also intrigued enough that if Jordon has a story coming I'd definitely give it serious consideration.


Overall neither a win nor a loss on this one because while I didn't find it bad enough to be truly bad neither was it good enough to be truly good either. Maybe I'll re-read it once I've read the Dark Angels series and see if that makes a difference for me.



An ARC of Lock and Key was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2015-09-09 02:09
Rocked my world
Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo

***This review has also been posted on The Social Potato

There is hype surrounding this book. The hype is not a lie. Six of Crows is truly an amazing read that won’t fail to grasp your attention and leave you begging for more. I started by reading this book slowly (since it was a buddy read with the awesome Jasprit) but on the third day, I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t concentrate on any book that wasn’t Six of Crows. I had no desire to concentrate on such a book. I just wanted to know what happened next. I wanted my ships to sail. I WANTED EVERYTHING. And surprisingly enough, I got it. This book delivered on all my expectations if not more.

But that isn’t surprising (even though I just said it was). This book features, thieves and is set in a fantastical world. Obviously this book and I were meant to be. In fact, screw social conventions, I SHIP MYSELF WITH THE BOOK.

I am going to start by stating the only thing I didn’t like about this book.  I didn’t like that we didn’t get Waylan’s point of view. That’s it. As a reader who doesn’t always enjoy multiple POVs, I actually wanted ANOTHER POV aside from the five we were already getting. Basically, Bardugo pulled all of those point of views off. It never felt unnatural or messy. The shifts flowed well and each character had a unique voice (even though the book was told in third person.) What I am saying here is that Bardugo is a genius.

I’ve only read Shadow and Bone from the Grisha series but that never affected my reading of Six of Crows. It may be set in the same universe but it’s set in a different location so there were several differences between the books and I enjoyed that. I love being in this universe because it’s so artistically developed but I also liked that this series has almost nothing to do with the Grisha series.

This book follows the story of six criminals. A convict, a sharpshooter,  A runaway, A spy, A heartrender and a thief AKA Matthias, Jesper, Waylan, Inej, Nina and Kaz. Kaz is their leader but he is also the leader of my heart (okay now I am just being cheesy. I CANNOT HELP IT.)

Kaz is the most precious thing ever. He is a great leader and what he seeks most is vengeance for his brother. He may seem cruel on the outside but he has a hidden depth that will enamour you and make you want to kiss it all better (although he wouldn’t let you get that close to him.) I love that he is so badass but he also cares about his crew. He is clever and even when it seems he isn’t making the right call, he probably is. 

Matthias is surprisingly easy to like. He may do some things that make you want to shake him but deep down he is a person who will keep his word and isn’t so far gone that he cannot tell right from wrong. I loved his POVs and I also loved his relationship with Nina.

Nina is a  character who is also very easy to like. We see that at first she has a very carefree attitude but underneath all of that she is a Grisha solider. She can hold her own and also happens to be badass. She met Matthias a year before the events of the book and their acquaintainship ended when Nina got him sent to jail. However the sparks are still very much there and it was so much fun to watch them dance around each other.

Jesper and Waylan also happen to be fantastic characters. As I mentioned earlier, I was a little sad that Waylan didn’t get his POV because I wanted to see how he was handling everything. He has a privileged past but he ran away from home after a falling out with his father. He had a lot of trouble taking in some of the actions of his colleagues (can a bunch of thieves be considered colleagues?) but he has hidden depths and we get to see him shine during some key parts and see him become more than just a privileged child.

I really liked Jesper because he is charming and very easy-going but we learn that there is much more to them. We get to see his self-doubt and the guilt he struggles with. I am really looking forward to being reunited with Jesper in the sequel so I can see his character develop even more!

Inej, the last member of this team, is full of win. She is a badass spy and like many of her fellow teammates, she has a complicated past. One that holds her down in some ways but also makes Inej, Inej. All villains/superheroes need backstories that have made me them the way they are today. Without her past, Inej wouldn’t be the badass spy she is today, one who is very complex and very fun to read about.

The characters in this book are SO SO well developed and I just want to give all of them a massive bear hug since I love them all so much. They are a diverse group (YAAS) and they will win your heart over.

As some of you might now, I may or may not really really like books that involve crime, which was why I was looking forward to how the heist in this book would unfold. It was seemingly impossible heist but we also have a cast of clever criminals who won't stop until they have their moolah.

This is a cleverly written book that will make you flail, gasp, ship (oh the shipping in this book is so so great) but most of all, it will make your heart soar with joy because of all the awesomeness. This is easily one of my favorites of the year (like Shadow and Bone was many years ago) and I NEED it to be 2016 so I can have the sequel in my hands and devour that monster too.

Note that I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

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quote 2015-05-02 01:00
"Inhale your future, Exhale your past."
Stay For Me: A Love Series Spin-Off - Megan Smith,Elaine York,Sommer Stein

~~ Stay For Me, by Megan Smith

(A Love Series Spin Off)

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