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review 2019-03-15 02:27
Nicholas Sansbury Smith: Ords II Stranded
Orbs II: Stranded: A Science Fiction Thriller - Nicholas Sansbury Smith

You will want to read the first book in the series Orbs in order to understand the Aliens and world that this series is based upon.

Nicholas Sansbury Smith is back with the second book in his Orb series, where water is becoming more and more scarce:

The Alien invasion has wiped out most of the life on Earth by sucking the water not just out of the ground but also out of every living thing they can find. The Oceans are slowly being drained and the survivors within the biosphere make a horrific discovery human farms where the Aliens appear to be slowly draining the life of humans that have been captured. When one of their own is captured by the Aliens, they enter into an all out mission to find him and bring him home, but nothing prepares them what has been happening outside of the biosphere.

I liked this better than the first not sure why but I was really drawn into the story and characters in this book when compared to the first. Maybe it is due to the fact that these are the people who survived the first wave and we get to know a few of the survivors better. Sansbury Smith pull no punches on descriptions of deaths (they are pretty gruesome as the Aliens want the water from any lifeforms' body) and who is alive at the end of the book, lets just say they all do not make it out in the end. Sansbury Smith knows how to keep this series both frightening, disturbing and entertaining all at the same time.

Really like the development of Alexia the AI in the biosphere as a character in this book. She changes and almost develops feelings which I find very interesting due to the fact that she is AI as well as her attachment to the humans who she watches over. Another character that was better fleshed out in this book was Sergeant Overton. He really shows a different side of himself I found in this book, as he is very much lets take the fight to them as so what if we die trying while in the first book it was more about trying to survive. But the one thing that you respect the most about Sergeant Overton is that his is completely loyal to his men and is not willing to ask them to do anything that he is not willing to do himself.

As us one of my favourite authors out there right now Sansbury Smith is one of my go to authors. I know I will be continuing on with this series to see where he takes it.


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photo 2019-03-14 11:00
Nicholas Rowley

Nick’s son, Tristan, recently joined the Navy and was training at Great Lakes Naval Air Station just north of Chicago, Illinois.


      Website: http://nicholasrowley.com

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review 2019-02-27 17:26
"A Question Of Proof - Nigel Strangeways #1" by Nicholas Blake
A Question of Proof - Nicholas Blake,Kris Dyer

An amusing, unconventional Golden Age detective story that's stronger on descriptive language and acute observation than on plot.

I picked up "A Question Of Proof after reading a discussion on Themis' blog where it emerged that Nicholas Blake and C Day Lewis were the same man.


I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to read a detective story by a Poet Laureate, so I listened to the audiobook sample.I was captured by the delicious language, slightly archaic to the modern ear but razor-sharp, and the use of the narrator in a raconteur / Greek chorus mode. The text sparkled. I was hooked.


Written in 1935, the story is set in a boy's Prep School, where a master, engaged in a dalliance with the Headmaster's wife, finds himself the prime suspect for the murder of an unpopular student. In a reflexive act of self-preservation, the master invites his bright-but-odd friend, Nigel Strangeways, to come and look into the case and clear the master's name.


Strangeways is a wonderful creation and the main reason for reading the book. He is a gentle, witty, effortlessly erudite man who is unable either to abstain from detection or to feel fully confident that it's the sort of thing a gentleman should do.


When Strangeways arrives to investigate the crime, he seems to set about doing so by deconstructing the workings of a Public School with a sharpness that borders on vivisection while being completely free from malice.


Strangeways is fully aware of the nuances of class and the barriers to communication that they create. He understands the minds of prep-school boys, sent away from parents and their homes from as young as five-years-old and raised in a pack with a strict hierarchy and taught to repress the expression of all emotions save only disdain for others and enthusiasm for the accomplishments of one's own team.


He uses both of these things to acquire information that is not available to the Inspector investigating the case and to find patterns in the data that would only be apparent to those fully initiated into the strange rituals and magical thinking of staff and boys at an English Prep School.


The plot is not a thing of beauty. It is clever but not entirely plausible. The mode of exposition is clunky and the final reveal lacked both realism and storytelling flair.


But the language, the dialogue, the deep understanding of the oddity that was an English Prep School after World War I and the creation of the inimitable Nigel Strangeways, made "A Question Of Proof" worth reading.

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text 2019-02-26 13:00
Nick Rowley


Nick Rowley giving his keynote presentation to the Vermont State Trial Lawyers Association.

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text 2019-02-13 14:01
Reading progress update: I've read 46%.
A Question of Proof - Nicholas Blake,Kris Dyer

The very aptly named Strangeways has arrived to investigate the crime, which he seems to be doing by deconstructing the workings of a Public School with a sharpness that borders on vivisection while being completely free from malice.



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