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review 2017-05-27 19:56
Status Update by Annabeth Albert
Status Update - Annabeth Albert


I surprised myself by liking this one rather a lot.  Contemporaries aren't my favorite and I am really tired of the whole "in the closet" trope, and so I probably would not have read this if it weren't a group read.  But I found both of the characters relatable - Noah was stuck in a rut, but he was working on himself and trying really hard to be a good person and contribute. And I totally get why Adrian pushes him to change. It isn't just for his own happiness or the relationship - it is to keep Noah from smothering himself out of misplaced sense of duty.

I also liked that they both had jobs they cared about and were good at. I pretty much saw how the job situation would work out

with Noah becoming a staff archeologist for the gaming company

(spoiler show)

 from nearly the beginning of the book, but I appreciated that

Noah left on his own terms rather than being outed - I was kind of braced for a huge drama and relieved it was Noah's decision and not a deus ex machina.

(spoiler show)

The author did a good job with the families and coworkers too. They seemed like real people.

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review 2017-03-11 00:00
Status Update
Status Update - Annabeth Albert Audi was wonderful. Definite distinction between the characters (major and minor), good emotion and it was just a great listen. I have no complaints.

Noah was such a good Samaritan and I love that he was willing to help someone who needed it even though he was pretty antisocial. I liked that Adrian drew Noah out of his shell.
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review 2016-09-16 00:00
Status Update
Status Update - Annabeth Albert Made of 100% fluff, and very enjoyable for it. Manic Pixel Dream Boy rescues archaeology professor from the closet. It was cute and often funny. The ending dragged on far too long, and could have used fewer dogs.
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review 2016-07-07 18:40
Review: Status Update
Status Update - Annabeth Albert

 Audio edition, narrator Sean Crisden

6 hours 55 minutes


Overall: 4

Performance: 5

Story: 4


Update: July 2016:

I'm so happy I went with the audio this time! I read this book in January this year and I really liked it. It was very cute and sweet story about the tightly wound and closeted geo-archaeologist, Noah, who at the age of 35 is still very much unexperienced with anything sex and relationship wise, and the more open and charismatic Adrian, a 25 year old game developer.

I loved the slow build and their interest and careful (sometimes not with Adrian, lol) flirting and approach to coming together. I loved the game nerd references. I loved Noah's professor-y speak and Adrian's ability to provoke it with his flirty comments, making the ten year older professor blush like a virgin. Wait, he is one. ;) I loved the age difference too, and that Adrian was more the "leading man". They were so sweet together!

There is some brief angst. I get that Noah had his issues to deal with, but he gets his head on straight. I feel bad for Noah having been so tightly wound, I don't know, at least 15 years, struggling with being gay and feeling guilty and keeping away from his family for those reasons. I'm happy everything turned out great!

An uber-cute ending!


Sean Crisden nailed the narration with different voices and everything. He really made the book for me!



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review 2016-07-04 00:00
Status Update
Status Update - Annabeth Albert 4.5 stars...absolutely loved this. Review to come.

Status Updates:

So far so good.

“It would be all romantic except she’s marrying my ex-boyfriend. And having his baby.”

“Not everything needs a label."

His ribs ached with the effort of holding the feelings in. It wouldn’t last, it couldn’t last, but for that moment, it was, as Adrian said, everything. Everything he couldn’t have, wouldn’t have, shouldn’t have. But for a few perfect hours, he could pretend.

So enjoying this sweet book. ❤️❤️❤️

He didn’t want to tell anyone. What he wanted to do was curl into a ball, pray for good roads tomorrow, and forget that success tasted an awful lot like loss.

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