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review 2019-07-14 14:28
Stay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered!!!
Stay Sexy & Don't Get Murdered - Karen Kilgariff

english review


Summary: Sharing never-before-heard stories ranging from their struggles with depression, eating disorders, and addiction, Karen and Georgia irreverently recount their biggest mistakes and deepest fears, reflecting on the formative life events that shaped them into two of the most followed voices in the nation.


In Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered, Karen and Georgia focus on the importance of self-advocating and valuing personal safety over being ‘nice’ or ‘helpful.’ They delve into their own pasts, true crime stories, and beyond to discuss meaningful cultural and societal issues with fierce empathy and unapologetic frankness.




That's kinda it. That's all I want to scream in the book review void and just kinda leave again.


First off all, THIS was the perfect book after my week long vacation away from books. This was the perfect book to get back into reading and really enjoying every little thing about it. THIS WAS PERFECT.


I love these wonderful ladies. I loved learning more about them and hearing all the things they have been through. I especially love how open they are about mental health and therapy. It makes me feel like I TOO, can get a handle on things, if I just take my time and work on it.


I love the writing. I love that while reading it, I could hear them telling me these stories. I felt just as connected to them as I feel when I'm listening to a podcast episode.
Also, PICTURES (and artwork)!!!!


The thing with this book that excited me the most was the fact that I wasn't even half way through with it and I already talked about how I can't wait to reread this over and over again.




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review 2019-06-19 20:10
Stay Sexy & Don't Get Murdered
Stay Sexy & Don't Get Murdered - Karen Kilgariff,Georgia Hardstark

I HIGHLY recommend you listen to the audiobook version of this book because it is narrated by the writers and you'll miss a lot of the emotion in the words if you don't hear them tell it. I also suggest that you only pick it up only if you are a fan of the My Favorite Murder podcast - otherwise you might not get what it is all about and you'll probably be very disappointed and will be left scratching your head at the title. It's not a guidebook instructing you how to "Stay Sexy & Don't Murdered" (that's the tagline of the true-crime comedy show), it's a book about the podcasters very personal, very intimate struggles with family, mental health and their careers. As a fan of the show, I found it both interesting, painful and funny - just like the weekly podcast.



Recommended to fans of the podcast only, especially if you're super nosy like myself

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review 2019-06-07 01:44
Stay (The Shores, #2) by Allie York
Stay (The Shores, #2) - Allie York



Stay touched a special place in my heart. Jaxon is a man of few words, but with an abundance of heart. His life has been littered with so much pain, yet his ability to love remains intact. Family is the one thing he's always wanted, but never had. So he creates one of his own. Animals become his passion and help heal his broken heart. He doesn't have time to wish for something he's never had, until she walks into his world and runs away with his heart. York keeps it simple and the journey is all the more sweet because of it.


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review 2019-05-14 09:53
Stay with Me - Adebayo Ayobami

This was a great read with a few unexpected twists which kept me turning the pages late at night. My only gripe was that the drip feeding of the political climate seemed forced and didn't add anything to the story. In fact, there was a particular scene which I'm convinced was introduced for shock value and yet it failed to hit the mark. I grew up in Nigeria in the 80s and 90s so recognised pretty much everything decribed and yet it all felt like an add on. Other than that, I loved the way the real story of Yejide and Akin unfolded and the raw honesty of the characters' emotions. Highly recommended.

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review 2019-05-02 16:25
Keep Going
Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad - Austin Kleon

Sometimes, it is really inspiring for someone to give you a nudge, urging you to, "Keep Going". Austin Kleon is a terrific motivator — his Friday newsletter is something I look forward to each week, easily the best email of my day. Follow him on twitter or wherever you go to play social media hooky. This book could be read in one sitting, but don't. It's like a pep talk that can last as long as you want it to, and I recommend savoring it in small bites, at least until you just can't wait to make some art of your own.

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