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review 2017-04-27 00:00
How to Write Great Blog Posts that Engage Readers
How to Write Great Blog Posts that Engage Readers - Steve Scott This is a small and simple book about writing good content for your blog. It offers a recipe for the creation of successful posts in an easy and very useful way. It's a great tool for novice bloggers.
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review 2017-02-28 03:09
Try to make sense of the world and make it more human
More Human: Designing a World Where People Come First - Steve,Bade, Jason,Bade, Scott Hilton

He is not wrong that he has opinions that readers would disagree with. Reading chapter two now and I already disagreed with him on some points. 


First chapter: Politics Second Chapter, Government. 


Interesting that how reading books would affect politic.  I read this one and I like it a lot. It is about social psychology and economic psychology in relation to public policy. David Cameron picked one up because 10 copies were bought and put on the table where he is having a meeting. It is a great book and it does affect on how someone might think of helping in making better public policy. 

Image result for Nudge book


What I disagreed with is his view on Thatcher and her privatisation of public utilities. That is rent seeking as said in Price of Inequality. 

Image result for The price of inequality


50 pages in the book. Will continue this review when I read more. 


Chapter on Education is fine in most parts. The factory mode of school is not really good for children with diverse talents. 


The boutique schools are mostly for the rich who had choice. As a supplement, that's fine. But the most important of all is to use the resources to make schools better for children.


On health care. This is probably his biggest failure so far. He is so anti-centralisation that he failed to see  free market is a bad idea for health care. People are not that smart when it comes to care, with load of money wasted on alternative medicine that is useless. Unless that factor is gone, decentralisation of health care is a bad idea. It is way better to make institutionalised hospitals to do better, to be more humans. After all, those who are committed to the health care professionals are mostly caring persons to start with. So make it more humans via reform is much better than decentralisation.


Skipping ahead.


The good bit about poverty and how UK combat poverty and try to make it more effectively helping, is pretty good. Some lessons to be learned here. 


I disagreed with some of the points but that's understandable. Overall, with 4 chapters left, it is a pretty good book that worth reading, and recommend to friends as a starting point in talking about big issues that matter. 


The final few chapters are pretty standard and good. 


Overall, it is a thought provoking books to make one think of the society one is living in and ways one could assist to improve it to make it more human while respecting nature more.


Highly recommended. Especially for those who are more aware of how policy has impact in real life. 

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review 2016-12-02 01:24
Shorts about Christmas
Batman (2016-) Annual #1 - Ivan Plascencia,Bilquis Evely,Steve Orlando,Scott Snyder,Declan Shalvey,Riley Rossmo,Ray Fawkes,Tom King,Brad Anderson,Scott Wilson,Paul Dini,David Finch,Neal Adams

Batman swings around Gotham, and these are the stories taking place right before that night - or leading up to it - or set during that night.   Alfred gets him a dog and he fails to realize that is his gift.   Harley Quinn proves she's out to do something nice for a change and he comes to a temporary understanding with her. 


There are even quiet moments of peace. 


Some of the stories are loud, some more subtle, but all were touching.   Even the one setting up the antagonist for later on in the series - or so I assume.   (It was a little vague: coming in 2017.   Why would they set the up if it wasn't going to happen in this series?   I don't know, but I've seen weirder things happen in comics.)



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review 2015-10-12 15:23
Splish Splash
Splish Splash - Joan Bransfield Graham,Steve Scott

10/9/15 ** A delightful series of poems about water in all it's many forms: sprinklers, ice, steam, the water cycle, popsicles, sprinklers, ponds, brooks, etc. 


The word play, rhymes, and rhythms are compelling in their own right. The book would also be an interesting addition to an elementary class's study of the water cycle or states of matter.


The third poem, "Ocean," would also serve well as a short text on inferences - figuring out where the narrator is and using the pictures and textual cues to support one's assertion.

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review 2014-06-23 00:00
The Balkan Escape (Cotton Malone, #5.5)
The Balkan Escape (Cotton Malone, #5.5) - Scott Brick,Steve Berry Enjoyable short story that acts as a lead up or side story for The Emporer's Tomb. I'd say that this short is essentially only for the fans of the Cotton Malone series, as this story needs the larger world of the series to make much sense. Fortunately I'm a fan and enjoyed this outing with Cassiopeia Vitt, and how Cotton's book shop wasn't destroyed.
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