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text 2018-08-24 04:12
We Will Take Care of All Your Sticker Needs

Companies need a lot of stickers in their daily use. People don’t realize the number of stickers a company will use for their various purposes. There are many uses for them. They are used as name stickers on the products. These stickers contain the name and other details of the product.



There are also price stickers on some products. Bar code stickers are another kind of sticker that companies need. Apart from these, they will be using printed sticker tapes on their cartons which will carry the company name. With so many uses, they will need a supplier who can supply them quality stickers at affordable rates. That is not enough. The supplier should also have the capacity to supply the huge numbers that are required by the company.


A main requirement of stickers is the quality of sticking. When companies use them on their product they expect the sticker to stay there till the consumer has used the products. If the stickers are of poor quality and come off before it reaches the consumer, it is the image of the company that is damaged. No company would want that. So, they must look for such a supplier who can supply good quality stickers. Another important requirement is the quality of printing. As the company uses these stickers on their products they need to look attractive. It is part of the brand image of the company. People judge products by their packing and if the printing is bad, the product image is lost. When there are so many requirements the companies cannot afford to take a risk in choosing the sticker printers.


Fusion Label is a company that produces a huge variety of stickers including blank label stickers which are used a lot by people everywhere. We produce every kind of sticker that you can think of. We have the experience and expertise to supply the best quality stickers.


We can provide all kinds of label solutions to companies in the best quality. We can also deliver the required quantity on time so that their production is not affected. We have special teams to cater to corporate customers with large volume requirements. We are also the best in custom sticker printing Singapore has.

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url 2017-08-03 04:58
Sticker Printing Can Help Boost Business Success

If you are looking for ways to improve the success of your business, have you ever considered how sticker printing could help? Experience has shown us that stickers and decals can do amazing things for your business, providing that you have used them correctly. In the list below, we’ve covered 8 of the best ways that they can be used to promote your business:

Help to build your brand
Stickers are an ideal way to build brand image and/or identity. They are great for creating brand recognition, as well as for garnering support for the various services and promotions that you offer. These sorts of decals are also quite cost effective, which makes them great as customer freebies, special offerings and limited time promotions.

Free advertising
When used correctly, sticker printing can become free advertising. No need to purchase expensive billboard space or take out an ad in the local newspaper, because you can do all of this for free! Give your most eye-catching decals away and encourage recipients to put them somewhere visible so that everyone will be able to see them.


Serve a dual purpose
Why not have your employees carry them around and hand them out instead of business cards? This is a unique way to get your business noticed and to stand out from the crowd. Just ensure that the stickers include relevant contact information, either for that specific employee or for the business as a whole, for this to be successful.

Create credibility
One thing that we have learned over the years is that people like and trust logos. Sticking printing gives nearly instant credibility to your business, as it has a way of making everything look more professional, attractive or a combination of the two. So why not slap these decals on all of your products and hand them out to everyone?


Combined with useful tech
These days, it is possible to add bar codes, QR codes and other tech to stickers, which can be useful for some businesses. Perhaps scanning the code could take you to more information about a particular product or service. Or it could take you to a special offer that only recipients of the decals who also scan them are privy to.

These are perfect examples of how decal and sticker printing can assist your business in moulding a brand image, as well as giving you the opportunity to put your own personal touch on things. Stickers could even include your contact information so that the people who receive them are able to get in touch with you easily. Remember that you’re only limited by your imagination!

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review 2016-11-22 00:00
Glasses for D.W. With Two Full Pages of Sticker Fun
Glasses for D.W. With Two Full Pages of ... Glasses for D.W. With Two Full Pages of Sticker Fun - Marc Brown Cute story. Granddaughter liked it.
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photo 2016-08-05 04:55
Have you ever?
Eat hemp.

More pix from the city streets

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quote 2014-05-10 21:49
"This song, it's as infectious as strep throat in a preschool"
Eurovision Song Contest - Dress-up Sticker Book -

Not even remotely book related, but tonight is the eurovision song contest, which, for you non europeans,  is basically sanctioned europe wide war, with spangly dresses, synchronised dancing, and singing of various quality. 


The swedish voiceover commentators are fairly infamous for a level of snark that approaches a typical YA gif review. But that comment is so far definitely the winner for me tonight :)


Also, Finland managed it's second decent entry in forty odd years, if they aren't careful they'll make a habit of it, and the singer from Austria had a glorious evening dress, and an even more glorious beard. 


Ahh eurovision, we love you.

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