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text 2017-08-06 17:00
Sunday, We Salad! And Dessert!

The weather has been so beautiful where I'm at, it's a little hot but knowing what is just around the corner I'll take as much sun as I can. I think I'm going to make this the last Sunday Salad and go back to Soup in September :)  


Strawberry Avocado Spinach Salad with Chicken




The recipe called for golden balsamic vinegar, Target didn't have it, so I just used the dark I had in the pantry. It probably made the taste stronger, but we loved it so, You're not the boss of me, recipe!



I let these babies soak for 2hrs because I had time and I like things with a stronger taste. Plus, I hate when my bath time gets cut short, so here's to you, chicken!



Well, here's to you until I fry you to death. Mwwwhahahahhahaha!




STRAWBERRIES! I love me some strawberries and avocado. The new peanut butter and jelly, I say!




I like silvered almonds better than sliced, so again, "I do what I want!". Feta cheese, I could sing odes to feta cheese on salads. A must!



Look at those beautiful bowls :)  This salad was so simple but I'm telling you, the taste combos, especially the seasoning on chicken, blended together so awesome. I loved this one and so did the bf. Yummy simplicity. 


Lemon Poppy Seed Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting



If there any thing more fun than flouring a pan?! Probably.




Drink every time the wrapped sweet potato photo bombs!




Or my huge foot.




I haven't made a from scratch cake for a while, I forgot how long they take. They take a long time.



Bf went to the grocery store this time, he didn't get the light sour cream. On the outside, I frown. On the inside, I'm all a tingle. 



You will definitely need three lemons for this, 3 tablespoons of zest is no joke. 

Does anyone else feel kind of weird when you don't need the juice from a lemon, just zest, and leave a massacred, looks like a serial killer went at it, lemon on your counter top? I always do a quick, "Thank you for your noble sacrifice" and toss in trash.



Look at that lemon poppy seed popping cake!



Sometimes, I wish I didn't visually see what goes in my dessert. You get a stick of butter, you get a stick of butter, EVERYONE GETS A STICK OF BUTTER! 

Seriously though, don't add up the butter in this cake.




The frosting calls for a teaspoon of lemon juice. Get out of here with that nonsense I say! I added the whole lemon because lemon desserts are kind of my thing and I want NEED to taste that sweet sweet sour taste. Didn't make the icing too runny either. Bonus. 




The cake was nice and fluffy but the recipe suggests you put leftovers in the fridge. When I had a piece after refrigeration, it made it more sort of hard/dry than I like. If you can eat most of it before refrigerating, I suggest you do. Otherwise, my lemony icing was awesome and the cake part had a nice taste but it wasn't as strong or awe inspiring as I would have liked. A box mix would come kind of close to this and would save you a butt load of time. 


Show me your salads and desserts!









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text 2017-07-02 15:00
Sunday, We Salad! And Dessert!

Alright, got a bit of a spin on the salad theme :)


Quinoa Salad with Strawberries, Almonds and Mint  








Who said salad always had to include lettuce? I'm fully on the quinoa bandwagon lately and love how it can add a little more heft to a lighter meal.



Look at that beautiful array of fruit, nuts, and ok, here's your leaves :)

I think I added a bit too much mint, but hey, I was excited to have fresh mint in my meal, lol.




Even though it doesn't seem like much, the dressing for this adds so much, definitely don't skip it. I added the full lemon and it really made the whole salad pop.



This might not photograph well, but I loved it. This taste combo really hit my sweet spot. The bf took one bite and gave a polite, yet firm, NO; I think it was the mint that off put him. Whatev. Hope you're all on team Whiskey and not team bf if anyone makes this!


Shockingly, while the bf did not like the salad, he was a BIG fan of the dessert.


Cookies and Cream Brownies 



This called for the often forgotten 8X8 pan. I can't tell you the trouble I had finding this size. (I only checked Target in store a couple times before ordering it online. The struggle was too real)






If you missed the sweetened condensed milk ingredient, let me warn you, it makes these fairly sweet. The innocent Oreos have no part in that! 

(By the way, if you shop at Target and don't have cartwheel, you're missing out. I got this bag at 50% off from a deal on there!) ((I don't work for Target but they should pay me the way I talk about them))



This batter was pretty goofy, very thick. The recipe also called for only two oreos to be crumbled on top, I did three. REBEL AF.



Surprisingly, this isn't the same picture. The recipe called for it too only be cooked until the top was lightly brown, even if the toothpick came out gooey. I think I would leave it in a bit longer, more like medium brown because the middle still had too much of a dough feel for me.



Voila! Like I said, pretty good but pretty sweet. I probably won't make them again but they were pretty cool for a hit it and quit it ;)


What are you all munching on this Sunday?










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text 2017-06-04 18:00
Sunday, We Salad! And Dessert!

Things were a little hectic this Sunday, so there are a couple missing ingredients for this :/ 


Mango Mandarin Sesame Shrimp Salad





Ingredients for the dressing/marinade. I can say, the way boxed mac and cheese used to give me trouble, I never thought I'd used Sesame Seed Oil as much as I do now. I love garlic, so I always add a bit more than recipes call for. 



Soak it up my pretties!



I forgot the edamame and oddly didn't have any cilantro on hand but Sesame Seeds I do have :)



You could grill the shrimp but for time purposes I chose saute. There is actual lettuce underneath, I just love my toppings overload. I liked this one but, again, I would eliminate the red pepper, it just doesn't go together with the fruits for my taste palate. I love mandarin oranges but for some reason I also wasn't a big fan of the taste combo here. The avocado, shrimp, mango and marinade I did love. I don't know, this might be my first sort of Sunday meal fail. 


Now, because life is all about balance, our Sunday Dessert....


Homemade Ding Dong Cupcakes




First off, prepare yourselves, these take some time and effort. Again, it was a hectic day so I kept forgetting to take pictures but I'm certain all you smarties will get the gist :)



Sour cream is not pictured but I did use it. 

I just noticed, look at that cheeky Marshmallow puff peeking around!




I also could never have pictured myself using flavorless gelatine. What a world.




I took the suggestion and added corn syrup, it made it super sweet. I probably wouldn't add it again.




So, the recipe calls for you to cut cone like deep into your cupcakes to add the marshmallow filling (too thick to be piped in), I sort of pulled this off. My suggestion is to go deeper cutting than you would think. 




You're also supposed to save some of the marshmallow filling to make the little decoration on top, I of course forgot. Luckily(?) I had some white icing on hand. I do not suggest this. The *&%^*%*@ icing would not stick to the chocolate ganache. Therefore, I ended up with something like this and this was the BEST one. Y'all. I was fried by the end of this. I should have taken a picture of the ones I simply iced a straight line across, lol. 



Worth all the work? Not sure, I thought they were a little dry. The bf liked them and said they almost tasted better the third day because the filling had settled more. They were good but I'm moving on, lol. They are cute and people seemed impressed, so maybe if you're feeling ambitious one day.


Did your Sunday meals turn out better?

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