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text 2017-12-20 20:31
Reading progress update: I've read 6%.
The Girl Before: A Novel - J.P. Delaney

So apparently this spectacular home has a list of don'ts. One is no books. Get the hell out of here. I would have said bye so damn quick the estate agent would have had to grab a lasso to keep me there one minute longer.


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review 2014-07-28 22:57
vague mystery, intense romance and well developed characters make a good package
Deeper Than Need - Shiloh Walker

***This mini-review has also been posted on The Social Potato

This was one of my most anticipated novels of the year once I found out about it, and I am happy to say I wasn’t let down. I’ve read quite a few romantic suspense novels by Shiloh and she has yet to disappoint me. I just keep on coming back for more and more.

I think what makes this one so different from some of her other romantic suspense novels is the vagueness of the mystery. We know what’s going on. It isn’t hard to guess and the author doesn’t keep us in the dark, but it’s never really outright said. That CAN be frustrating for some readers, but it made so much sense in this case considering that neither of our main characters actually have the power to investigate. One is a contractor and the other is new to town. The only connection they have is Noah’s closeness to some of these kids and their stories will break your heart.

The main characters, even though they suffer from the "pretty-people-syndrome" were immensely likeable. You can see how much their pasts have affected their present but they still have the will to carry on and do it to the best of their ability. I think what makes them so endearing is just how likeable and loveable they are.Especially when it comes to Noah. That boy is SAWOON worthy. He is not a bad boy. He never was. He never will be. He had a rough past that led him to making some questionable choices, but he recovered and is probably the nicest person ever.  Trinity comes with her own set of baggage and the most adorable son ever, but she is such a great female lead. She’s not perfect, but she is strong and while relatable isn’t the term that would fit in this case, you will undoubtedly feel some sort of connection to her.

The chemistry between these two though. Oh boy. *fans self* It may read a little as insta-love but Walker has magic.Their relationship never bothered me once and I found myself rooting for them. It helps that they do have other things on mind. They may think about the other person often but there will be bigger issues at hand

I think the biggest qualm some readers might have is the lack of answers to certain things and while I would have loved having those answers I think I like how everything wasn’t wrapped up in a bow. Life is not perfect and things aren’t always going to be perfectly solved.

My final verdict is if you're a fan of the genre, DEFINITELY give this a shot.

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review 2013-12-03 14:06
The Wicked Girls by Alex Marwood
The Wicked Girls - Alex Marwood

his was a good mystery but I didn't enjoy a few things:

1. At the beginning of a chapter, I was always confused with who was talking. Not a biggie, but kind of threw me off.

2. The ending. I do not like happy endings, but I do think that just and fair endings are necessary. The ending in this book was neither. Was the rich girl being punished for being born into class?

Do poor kids deserve better than rich ones? That is kind of a question implicated in the book. The way the jury went, it was like they hated the rich girl for being rich and well spoken.

3. The ending again. I really, really disliked the ending. I hope Marwood comes up with kind of a sequel because otherwise... well, I'm just ONE reader so.

4. I didn't like any of the characters at all. There was a point when I almost liked Amber, but besides that, Amber was a very dislikeable character while Kristy was all a very goody-goody lame one. They both lacked back bone.

5. The mob. WTF people? Didn't that murder happen like 20 years ago? AND in a different town? Where did all this righteous people come from? A little explanation, please?

6. I liked Vic and thought of him as a kind of Brad Pitt (don't know why), but he left me hanging. WTH was all that about? Okay, I know the story wasn't about him, but still, psycho Martin had more participation AND the story wasn't about him either.

7. Martin was an interesting character if just to complicate things. 

8. Maybe an actual court case would have led me to understand why the girls were convicted because otherwise that made little sense. Were they representing themselves? Because otherwise, they got a very inept lawyer.

In short, I found the writing a little confusing and the back and forth a bit so too, but I did like the story even if the ending was mediocre.

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review 2013-10-05 14:18
Help for the Haunted by John Searles

 I absolutely loved Help for the Haunted. I enjoyed every  single moment of Sylvie’s character, Searles’s writing, and  the Mason family.

 The story is told going back and forth between the present  and the past, but it was not annoying reading so. It was  done in such a way that I really enjoyed the jumps in time.

 What I loved more was that, although Sylvie’s was bullied  (and this is NOT a story about bullying), she was not a  victim. It wasn’t like she was going to fight back, but she  knew why she was being picked on and knew that it really  didn’t have anything to do with her but her family.

 Sylvie's family, the Masons, have a reputation of …. “doing  certain things” that some people found it to be creepy, yet  others sought their help. What is it that they do? You’ll need to read the book. 

The revelation comes in little pieces and, although I though I knew, I wasn’t sure of it because the book is catalogued under ‘paranormal.’ I was right and wrong at the same time!

There’s also Rose, Sylvie’s older sister, who is kind of a brat: foul mouth and behavior. Why is Rose so unmanageable when Sylvie is such a perfect daughter? Well, Rose knows things about their parents that Sylvie doesn’t... so.

Some bloggers say that the pace of the story is too slow, but I didn’t find it to be so. I really DNF books that drag too much, but I didn’t feel like that with this one at all. Well, it could be Searles’s marvelous 

writing :-)

I absolutely LOVED how things turned out to be and how they were revealed. I give Help for the Haunted one of my precious 5-Stars!

Source: onlectus.blogspot.com/2013/10/help-for-haunted-by-john-searles.html
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