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review 2017-07-16 19:54
Horrible Harry and the Christmas Surprise - Suzy Kline

This was a very easy read. There are only four chapters, each of which are pretty short.

This book was okay. It is the first Horrible Harry book I have read.

It was cute and the writing was simple. I did like the ending, but overall it wasn't a very interesting read for me.

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review 2017-07-12 00:00
The Sheikh's Surprise Triplets (Azhar Sheikhs Book 3)
The Sheikh's Surprise Triplets (Azhar Sheikhs Book 3) - Leslie North Ms. North knows her way around a love story. The Azhars Sheikhs series delivers sweet, heat and romance that will sweep a woman off her feet. The Sheikh's Surprise Triplets puts Basri in the hot seat. The adventurous brother meets his match in workaholic Juliette. He's a main of action. She knows hot to get the job done. The issues arise when these two strong personalities refuse to compromise. Can this dualing duo let go of ego and allow the heart to decide? No matter what the outcome is, readers are in for a bumpy ride.
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review 2017-06-25 16:37
More adventure for this couple
Sixth Surprise (Heaven Sent Book 6) - Ma... Sixth Surprise (Heaven Sent Book 6) - Mary Abshire

Emily and Andrew have had quite the adventure in the past few months. Andrew was hoping for more one on one time together, but now, there's a new player in the game to mess things up for them. Steven is arrogant and sure of himself. In fact, he's a character I would probably like, with his bit of a British accent and attitude, if it weren't for the reason that he's there. We don't get much in the way of details of what this demon has done, but with his career and the hints along the way, he's the creepiest one so far. Not only do we have a race to destroy this demon, but to get Steven out of their lives as well.

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text 2017-06-22 08:10
Book Tour - Her Surprise Engagement

Meet the Author:

Ashlee Mallory is a USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and thrillers. She currently resides in Utah with her husband and two kids. She aspires to one day include running, hiking and traveling to exotic destinations in her list of things she enjoys, but currently settles for enjoying a good book and a glass of wine from the comfort of her couch.
Connect: Site | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

About the Book:


Single mom Daisy Sorensen doesn’t believe in fairytale endings—at least not for her. All she wants is to enjoy a much-needed, stress-free family vacation at a friend’s Lake Tahoe home. So of course everything that can go wrong does. Including a gorgeous man and his daughter showing up in the middle of the night.
Soon-to-be Governor Jack Harrison has had a crazy week, but he’s sure nothing can top arriving to find a bathrobe-clad, beautiful stranger in the home he’s staying in for the week. He’s wrong. When things spiral out of control the next morning, Jack makes Daisy an offer she can’t refuse. She’ll pretend to be his fiancée and he’ll help her open the bakery she’s been dreaming about.
But in between late-night campfires and days on the lake, Jack finds himself falling for the strong, stubborn woman for real.

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Stan, this is Daisy, the soon-to-be governor’s future First Lady,” his wife said, and Stan took Daisy’s hand in an exuberant shake before nodding toward Jack in greeting.


Although there was no reason to still have his arm around Daisy, he found that he was enjoying their closeness, and he squeezed the side of her waist slightly. What he didn’t expect was her to jump and squeal ever so slightly.


Ticklish? He glanced down to see her biting her bottom lip, trying to recover. If the others noticed, they were good at disguise as Julia Daniels caught her husband up with the discussion, who seemed to agree with whatever she said.


I hope you don’t find me too presumptuous,” Julia said, “but I would love it if maybe we could get a picture with you two?”


Not at all,” Jack said and waited as the older couple sidled up next to them, turning wide cheesy grins to the camera.


Perfect. In fact, I think it would be a shame, what with you two looking so darn handsome, if we didn’t take a couple of just the two of you.”


Sure,” he said, after catching Daisy shrug slightly. The sooner he complied, the sooner these people would move on and leave Daisy and him alone again. Plus, he didn’t mind having reason to hold on to Daisy a little longer.


Two more shots flashed.


How about just a little kiss?” Julia said slyly. “After all, you’re newly engaged and in love and everyone is dying to see you two together.”


The impromptu photo shot was finally getting interesting.


He cleared his throat as he glanced down at Daisy, her cheeks noticeably flushed. “I suppose a quick kiss would be okay…”


She smiled easily and tilted her head up, as close to permission as he could see. Her lips were warm and soft in the flash of a second they were on his before the kiss was over. They turned expectantly toward their audience.


Come now. That’s the best you two can do?” Julia cajoled.


It wasn’t as if they hadn’t already discussed this possibility. Having to show some display in public.


He grinned, not trying to hide his own enjoyment at the prospect of satisfying his long desire to actually kiss Daisy. But if he was going to give her any sort of a decent kiss he needed to make a few adjustments.


His hand still around her waist, he pulled her closer, giving her a moment to adjust to their close proximity. He kept his eyes on hers as he leaned down, pressing his lips to hers in a more leisurely way than before.


Her eyes widened at their touch, something he could relate to as a current of electricity rushed through him. Instead of pulling away, however, he grew bolder. After all, the full soft lips he’d been thinking about kissing since he saw her were finally his, even if only under this forced public moment. Letting instinct take over, he applied more pressure until her mouth opened. She tasted sweet and fruity, like the champagne they’d been sipping, only better.


Daisy, who’d been tense before, melted against him, and those dark shining eyes fluttered. Whatever he’d been expecting from having this woman in his arms was nothing to the feelings that overwhelmed him in those few seconds.


He felt complete. Happy—no, joyous. He wanted to be able to kiss this woman every day.


Someone chuckled and it was enough to break the spell as Daisy’s eyes opened and, realizing they’d lost themselves over to the kiss, they broke apart.








Check out the other books in the Sorensen Family series:


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review 2017-06-08 20:05
A Surprise for the Doctor, Indiana Wake
Mail Order Bride: A Surprise for the Doc... Mail Order Bride: A Surprise for the Doctor: Clean, and Inspirational Western Historical Romance (Mail Order Bride Murder Mystery Book 9) - Indiana Wake,Belle Fiffer

This was a little different Clean Historical Western Romance with a touch of the murder mystery in it. A forward thinking doctor looks again for the key. I really enjoyed this and I voluntarily chose to review it. I've given this book a 5* rating. This bride has a lot younger brother and sister to care for but "forgot" to tell the doctor who is the groom. A big pat on the back for the groom who forgave her. Lots of strange goings on in that Doctor's office. Now on to the next in this series.

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