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text 2019-06-11 06:27
How Is Career In Sustainability Management Studies Useful?

A sustainability study is a kind of interdisciplinary course which focuses on the sustainability concept. The subject or the so called course involves the subject matters like ecology, sociology, natural resources, landscape architecture, environmental policies, etc. Not only these, the subject also focuses on poverty issues, climate change, etc. Now the question comes whether a degree in this disciple really useful as a career choice. Many of the top business schools in Switzerland provide this course.


If one is really interested in the environment and want to bring in necessary changes, choosing this subject as a career option is a great idea. It would help you to know how to preserve the environment in a smart way. A person who has a major in this subject will always be a part of the activities which are done for the preservation of the environment. They can either work under the government or with some NGOs.


What are the things that should be considered while choosing the subject?


There are certain things which need to be asked to oneself if he or she feels like talking up the subject. Some of them are mentioned below:


  • Is the person really thoughtful and concerned about the environment and is he ready to take up difficult tasks to save the environment.

  • The person needs to be immensely open minded and needs to look at things with varied perspectives.

  • He or she should have the ability to invent or create new things which can be beneficial. He or she should try out new techniques at times.

  • The student should have the ability should solve complex problems in a smart and easy way.

  • One of the most important things which should be inherited by each and every student is that he or she should be inquisitive in nature. The student should have the urge to know more and more.


What are the future options after the completion of the degree?


There are many career choices after a major in sustainability studies. They can enter into any field like law, journalism, politics, business, marine sciences, architectural designs, etc. The space and the atmospheric engineers can make around $90,000 on an average while the civil and the safety engineers can make up to $75,000. The more one progresses, the more his or her salary increases.


Hence, it can be said that a career choice in sustainability studies or online masters programs Switzerland can be quite useful. It will help you to work for the nature and will also help you to be successful in financial aspect.


About Sustainability Management School:-


Sustainability Management School (SUMAS) is the first ever business school to launch high-level academic education in Sustainability and Management. Visit- https://sumas.ch/ and find out more information about online DBA programs in Switzerland.

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text 2019-06-01 16:32
Retinol lift Switzerland

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Source: www.smarthealthadv.com/2019/05/retinol-lift.html
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text 2019-05-16 05:32
Is Sustainability Studies And Environmental Technology Same?

There is not much difference between environmental science and sustainability studies. But still both the courses should not be confused with one another. Environmental science generally refers to the subject matter which involves the study of chemistry, ecology, environmental engineering and hydrology. It also teaches you about issues of pollution, water cycle, mitigation, etc. One thing which is should be considered is that; never confuse environmental engineering and environmental science.



On the other hand, sustainability studies refer to the bottom line of society, economy and ecology. It is a mixture of subject matter related to environment as well as physical sciences and policy and social sciences. The people who do a PhD in sustainability studies or an online PhD in sustainability studies go through all these relative subject matters. Sustainability studies are broader disciple. It may also include materials of environmental science.


It entirely depends on the educational institution what it wants for their students to study in the respective courses. Some of the best business schools in Switzerland offer these courses as a major to the interested students. The syllabus and the study material are decided by the universities and thus it differs from one institution to another.

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text 2018-04-26 17:38
Zürich in the summer ... or, wait, actually it's still April!

I spent the past 2 days in Zürich -- attending a conference, but I went there early enough on Tuesday so as to be able to have some off time first, and with the current summertime temperatures, that decision (made weeks ago!) turned out to be golden.  I mean, can you possibly beat this?!


(My hotel was just outside the centre, in spitting distance of Lake Zurich ... the perfect starting point for a walk along the lakeshore into the city centre.)


The centerpiece of this door isn't a window -- it's a mirror!

Großmünster -- Swiss reformator Huldrych (Ulrich) Zwingli's church

Views from our conference hotel on Zürichberg (not far from FIFA's headquarters)

... while this, alas, is how we spent the better part of those 2 days!

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review 2017-06-02 19:03
The Gilded Chalet
The Gilded Chalet: Off-piste in Literary Switzerland - Padraig Rooney

Well, this was a fun and informative look at Switzerland through the ages and through the lense of a reader - we get to hear stories of way too many writers to list, that have traveled to Switzerland or are Swiss and have traveled elsewhere. The only common denominator was, you guessed it, Switzerland.


I'll keep the book as a reference because some of the backstories were interesting but I know I will have forgotten them by next weekend.


If there was one thing I missed, it would be more examples of how Switzerland or the Swiss theme had merged into the writers' work. There were some like the scene on the ice in Frankenstein or Conan Doyle's seemingly odd choice for Holmes adventures at the Reichenbach Falls, but I would have liked more of that sort of thing- and less about people's love lives. I mean, surely after reading about Lord Byron's escapades, nothing will have the same entertainment value...

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