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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-10-23 15:03
Glowing Fish & Bucketfuls of Spider Silk in Goat Milk, Frankenstein’s Cat by Emily Anthes Showcases Some of the Wonders of the Biotechnological World While also Raising Some Important Questions!
Frankenstein's Cat: Cuddling Up to Biotech's Brave New Beasts - Emily Anthes




The penultimate installment in Project Frankenstein was a joy to read. It was relatively short and full of stuff that I find interesting. I am dividing this review into three parts:


1. Here is a Snippet from the book:



2. Then there were these Sciency Bits that I enjoyed ruminating upon:

Cloning other adult mammals reinforced the discovery that nuclear transfer can reset genes contained in specialized cells back to their embryonic state.

It meant that the genetic clock could supposedly be turned back if things didn’t go so well the first time!

It is my content that the northern grasslands would have remained viable…had the great herds of Pleistocene animals remained in place to maintain the landscape.

This occurred to me for the first time. Yes, the Ice Ages may have changed the landscape physically but it also caused the extinction of the grazers and caused changes in a roundabout way.

…(tuna) are warm-blooded, which makes them oddities in the fish world but keeps them toasty…

They are what?! Why are you doing this to me world? I was so happy, thinking all fish are cold-blooded but no! I hate nature!

International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT)

While The Sixth Extinction left me without hope, this book helped me see that we aren’t all bad eggs. Yes, humans have brought the onset of Anthropocene and change environment wherever they go…

We have harvested so many of these large deer, elk, and sheep over the centuries that many species have evolved smaller body and horn sizes. Similarly, fish have adapted to human harvesting by developing thinner bodies capable of sneaking out of nets.

Yet, organizations like ICCAT are keeping track of the number of bluefin tuna that are being pulled out of water annually. The Integrated Ocean Observing System is tagging elephant seals and other swimmers to gather information about the marine environment. Then there is Ocean Tracking Network that has been busy installing underwater listening stations that will pick up on tagged animals. The list of scientists and researchers trying to collect information goes on and on. There is even an attempt to engage the public and increase awareness via animal Facebook profiles. The point is, it took us decades if not more to wreck things. We will need some time to put them back together and it is a pity if nature doesn’t grant us that respite.


3. And a Franken-Bit that I shook an admonitory finger at:

The manufacturers of AquAdvantage salmon think that by producing only sterile female fish, they can keep them from reproducing or passing along their genes.



Even though the book raises pertinent questions about whether animals can incur psychological damage from being tagged, it doesn’t answer them. To be fair, most of us won’t be able to say no to a drug, if it would save a loved one, even if one or two clauses of animal rights weren’t observed!


Could you?




Originally published at midureads.wordpress.com on October 23, 2017.

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text 2015-03-12 15:34
Bobcat and Lynx Shifters in Romance (and a Pallas Cat)
Timeless Moon - C.T. Adams,Cathy Clamp
Predator's Refuge (Gemini Island Shifters, Book 3) - Rosanna Leo
Awakening the Beast - Lisa Renee Jones,Olivia Gates,Linda O. Johnston,Barbara J. Hancock,Caridad Piñeiro
Purr For The Alpha (A Paranormal Romance) (Timber Valley Pack Book 2) - Georgette St. Clair
A Kitty in the Lion's Den - Jenika Snow
Bobcat: Tales of the Were (Redstone Clan) - Bianca D'Arc
Sentinels: Lynx Destiny - Doranna Durgin
Tagging Her Lynx - Abby Wood
Bearly Breathing - Lynn Red
Lynx Loving - S. K. Yule

Powerful things come in small packages. I think the small cat shifters are very very cool. I want more! More! I Say! 


Here are some great love stories with the smaller of the wild cat shifters that have made this so!


My list are never in any particular order.


1. Timeless Moon C. T. Adams Bobcat. This series is amazin. 


Josette Monier is a legend among the Sazi. 


One of the most powerful, beautiful, and oldest Sazi in existence, she lives in self-imposed exile.  Her gift of sight is so strong that to be around other living creatures is to be in pain. 


What Josette has experienced lies beyond the scope of the Sazi, for her mate is in love with someone else.  But when her gift of sight reveals trouble for her community, she knows that she has no choice.  She must set aside her personal pain and save her people.  And perhaps save herself and find love again. 


2. Predator's Refuge by Rosanna Leo,  Lynx


A tiger shifter searching for a safe place to hide. A lynx shifter trying to prove herself. Neither expecting the desire that flares between them … nor the danger stalking them. Suspense and passion fill the pages of Predator’s Refuge, Book 3 of Rosanna Leo’s thrilling romance series, Gemini Island Shifters.

Lynx shifter Marci Lennox has worked at the shifter-friendly Ursa Fishing Lodge and Resort all her adult life. It’s more a home to her than a job. When her boss goes on vacation, putting her in charge, Marci is thrilled. Finally a chance to prove she has the mettle to run a resort.

Her confidence is shaken when new employee Anton Gaspar appears. One look at the mysterious tiger shifter spells trouble for Marci and for her sex-crazed lynx. Anton is judgmental, condescending, and a little misogynistic. Unfortunately, Marci’s lynx thinks his tiger is more delicious than an oversized bag of Maltesers.

It becomes difficult for Marci to remain neutral near Anton, especially when she learns of his troubling past and unusual family circumstances. However, when dangerous incidents occur on the resort, the lynx woman and tiger man join forces to combat the threat to the lodge and its guests.

Harder still is the quest to combat their explosive feelings for one another. As they explore their mutual passion, they realize the danger at the resort is more insidious than they ever envisioned. Their dreams, their love, and their very lives are at stake.


3. Awakening the Beast by Lisa Renee Jones, Lynx


Enter the darkly seductive world that exists within Nocturne Bites' with tales woven by some of the most spellbinding authors: Lisa Renee Jones, Olivia Gates, Linda O. Johnston, Barbara J. Hancock, Caridad Piñeiro and Lydia Parks. Let them take you on a thrilling ride where you'll catch a glimpse of sensuous, sexy men who share their wildest desires in ways you thought only existed in dreams….

Werewolves, vampires and shape shifters…oh my! Don't be afraid to wake them. They've been waiting for you….


4. Purr For The Alpha by Georgette St. Clair


Cats and dogs don’t traditionally get along, but there’s one pussycat that Alpha shifter Ty Battle wants to set a-purrin’: sexy lynx shifter Karen Padfoot. Unfortunately, he’s got a terrible reputation as a player, and she’s scorned all of his advances after one interrupted encounter a year earlier.

When she comes to the Battle compound to plead for the release of her troublemaking father, who stole from the Battle’s warehouse, he’s finally got his chance; she’ll have to work for him as a waitress at his nightclub to pay off her father’s debt. Karen may be hissing and spitting mad, but if Ty has his way, he’ll collar this sexy kitty for good. Unfortunately, someone else wants to cage the feisty feline, and Ty’s the only one who can keep her safe. Will Karen let her barriers down and trust the sexy bachelor with the bad boy reputation before it’s too late?


5. A Kitty in the Lion's Den by Jenika Snow, Pallas Cat 



Maverick Storm is a lion shifter, but he is also a monster. For the better part of nineteen years he was a hitman for some of the most ruthless shifters in the world. He is a cold-blooded killer without remorse. But that isn't him anymore. He is trying to live a normal life, but it seems fate has other plans, especially when his mate is the daughter of his enemy.

Kettah Milokov is a Palla's Cat shifter, and the daughter of the biggest Russian mafia boss in America. Her life is not her own, so she leaves, but can't escape when she runs into her mate, Maverick. He is a heartless killer, and the male nightmares are made of—or so she first believes. Maverick must protect her when she is found, and that means he will have to unleash his lion to keep her safe, and kill his enemy.


6. Bobcat by Bianca D'Arc, Bobcat 


Can Bob Redstone help a shifter woman face the demons that shadowed her youth, or will they both fall while trying to prevent disaster?

On a mission far from home, he finds a sweet vulnerable lady…

Bob is a cougar shifter, one of the elite Redstone Alphas. On a mission for his Clan, he meets a fragile young woman and finds himself drawn to her as he’s never been drawn to a woman before.

A woman with a brutal past…

Serena is a bobcat shifter. Orphaned as a child, she was raised among humans until she was discovered by a Clan of unscrupulous bobcat shifters. Adopted by a shifter couple, she was beaten on a regular basis because she refused to be a mule for their drug trade across the US-Canadian border. She doesn’t have a lot of experience with men, but when she meets Bob Redstone, she finds him nearly irresistible.

A savage attack…

When their haven comes under siege, they take to the road. Bob has been tasked with keeping her safe, but they’re also on a mission to find a mysterious warrior-shaman who’s gone off the grid. Finding him means returning to Serena’s former territory and possibly confronting those who abused her trust, but they have no other choice.

Can she overcome her past to embrace a future with Bob, or will the evil in her former Clan overpower their fragile, fledgling relationship?


7. Sentinels: Lynx Destiny by Doranna Durgin, Lynx


A lone shifter and a stranger must embrace their deepest fears to defeat a deadly enemy in Doranna Durgin's newest Sentinels romance 


Forced to return to her family cabin deep in the Sacramento Mountains, Regan Adler is determined to keep her visit brief. Voices that drove her mother crazy are now threatening to do the same to her and she can't ignore them. Then she meets Kai…. 


Kai Faulkes is a lone shape-shifter who takes the form of a lynx. He's aware of the danger approaching and must protect his home at all costs. When Regan's soft and sultry voice reaches him, he is thrown into a whole new world of passion and desire. Suddenly the stakes are higher, and Kai and Regan must fight for everything they hold dear.


8. Tagging Her Lynx by Abby Wood, Lynx 


Living in the bush of Alaska, Chloe Barrant wanted to take care of the animals at her wildlife refuge and ignore the times she shifted into a lynx. Even she knew that wasn’t normal. Little did she know that the day she’d turn away the poachers she’d find a male lynx coming to her rescue. What surprised her even more was when the lynx turned into a man claiming her as his life mate.

Granger, alpha of the Lynx clan, would do anything to protect the Lynx. They’d lost too many members to the hunters who preyed on them. Finding his alpha life mate gave him back dreams for the future that he’d given up on long ago.

Chloe didn’t understand how the other Lynx expected her to fill the alpha role within the clan, when around Granger she only wanted to slip into beta role and submit to him. Could she figure it all out in time to save the Lynx?


9. Bearly Breathing by Lynn Red, Lynx


Clea Kellen is the owner of Jamesburg's most popular daycare. And on top of that, she’s a lithe, witty, pointy-eared lynx shifter whose biological clock is tick-tick-ticking away.

She's part-time mama to a gaggle of bouncing shifter babies... but a mate? For Clea? Who has the time! A family? Just a dream. That is, until she catches a glimpse of a golden bear with pale brown eyes, watching her in the distance, and all at once, her stomach gets tied up in the best kind of knot.

Bear-shifting, rogue biker Orion Samuelsson is on the run and nursing more than a little bottled up rage. For years, he’s been haunted by the cruel, brutal leader of his old club, the Dirty Devils. Love? Happiness? All distant fantasies. That is, until he lays eyes on a gold and black lynx-shifter dashing through a river.

On a daycare camping trip, Clea’s whole world – in the form of a giant fir tree – comes crashing down. She dives to cover one of her cubs, sure she’s done for. When she finally opens her eyes, she can’t believe the massive, golden bear standing in only feet away with fire in his eyes and a tree on his back.

As he stares into Clea’s soul, straining under the fallen fir, Orion’s buried desire for a mate, and a family to call his own, burns deep in his heart. Right then, he knows he’s found her. He knows he won’t rest until she’s his, until he possesses her, takes her for his mate... forever.

But, with Orion on the run from his former gang, and Clea’s brain telling her to put on the brakes while her heart is screaming for her to hit the gas, will these two fated mates give in to love... and to each other? 


10. Lynx Loving by S. K. Yule, Lynx


Landon is blown away when he realizes his soon to be sister-in-law, Krista, is the woman of his dreams.

Krista is smitten with Landon from the moment they meet, but is confused by his cold/hot signals and brooding nature.

When the chemistry between them burns out of control during an out-of-town trip, Krista finally realizes the guilt from Landon's past may be an obstacle they cannot breach.

Is Krista the woman who can finally help Landon let go of past haunts? Or will his guilt be the demise of their relationship?


I would love some more! Vote for the best of the best on my Goodreads list: Bobcat and Lynx Shifters in Romance.

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text 2014-06-17 14:01
The GoodReads Tag
I was tagged by Url Phantomhive. :) Thank you! I left GR a long time ago, but oh, well, I'm bored at the moment, so here we go.
1. What was the last book you marked as 'Read'?
No. 6 Volume 2, by Atsuko Asano. It was awesome. :D


2. What are you 'Currently Reading'?
Ehh, lots, it looks like. Wow. I really should finish some of it.
1) Reimei no Arcana Volume 3, by Toma Rei
2) Barajou no Kiss Volume 1, by Shouoto Aya
3) The Hero of Ages, by Brandon Sanderson


3. What was the last book you marked as 'To-Read'?
The Garden of Stones, by Mark T. Barnes. (I didn't remember that, I had to look it up.)


4. What book do you plan to read next?


1) Book 2 of No. 6 (the novel, not the manga), or

2) Death Bringer, by Derek Landy. (I miss Skulduggery so badly.)


5. Do you use the star rating system?
Um, I make full use of BookLikes' stars-and-half-stars setup. There are exceptions, like with books I disliked but had to admit were still good books, but in general my 5-star system goes something like this:
-1 Star: It was horrible, I hated it with a passion
-2 Stars: It was pretty bad, but had one or two redeeming features (or just wasn't bad enough to merit 1 star)
-3 Stars: It was okay, I might've liked it or just really not cared enough to give it fewer stars
-4 Stars: It was really good, I seriously enjoyed it
-5 Stars: It was completely awesome and I loved it to pieces, possibly it had almost no problems at all or it had lots of problems and I loved it so much I didn't even care.
Half stars are, of course, everything in between those. :)


6. Are you doing a 2014 reading challenge?
Yep. I'm not very ambitious though, especially since it's taking me so long to plow through Hero of Ages. I'm only doing a measly 25-book challenge this year.
7. Do you have a wishlist?
Nope. Everything in my to-reads basically counts as my wishlist.
8. What book do you want to buy next?
Pandora Hearts, Volume 21. Hopefully it'll be on the shelves next time I go to BNN. Yen Press has been pretty good about that stuff lately. :)


9. Do you have any favorite quotes? Would you like to share a few?

Honestly, in real life half my daily dialogue is quotes. I quote Lord of the Rings (books and movies), Hellboy, the Queen's Thief books, and Harry Potter (books only) more than anything else, I think. At the moment, my favorite quote is: "I love stupid plans". Eugenides said it in the first Queen's Thief book. :D

10. Who are your favorite authors?

Hah. I have too many. I'll just name a few, in no particular order.

Mochizuki Jun (Whoops, I was wrong. She's actually my #1 favorite, but the others can go in any order.)

Carol Berg

Megan Whalen Turner

James Herriot

Touya Mikanagi

Derek Landy

Arakawa Hiromu

Maud Hart Lovelace

Louisa May Alcott

Arthur Conan Doyle

J.R.R. Tolkien


11. Have you joined any groups?

Not on BookLikes, no. :) I was in a ton of them on GoodReads, but I just haven't gotten around to it on BL yet.


12. Are there any questions you'd like to add to this tag?
Nope, not really. It seems like a pretty good interrogation already. :D


The people I tag are:

I don't who's already been tagged, and feel free to add yourself!

Eccentricities, Frequent Absurdities, and All-Around Silliness

Hunger for Knowledge

Bookstooge's Reviews on the Road

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review 2014-05-12 10:27
Review - Pushing the Limits
Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry

A copy of this book is currently available for a FREE on itunes! I saved myself some good mulla reading this baby on the tiny screen of my ipod touch... although my eyes have been doing some crazy things lately.

Pushing the Limits is an alright read. I tend to steer clear of this genre but I have managed to find a couple of really good reads in the form of Easy by Tamarra Webber and Hopeless by Colleen Hoover in the past. Sadly, Pushing the Limits just doesn't have that same spark. I wanted warm and fuzzy and all I really got was a meh. So Noah's a badass hottie with a soft side? Meh. So Echo is popular and has family issues? Meh.
Ok. So I might be downplaying these issues quite a bit, they are as much a part of the story as the love but sadly (and this is just my personal opinion) it didn't resonate with me. There are just so many BIG issues to be dealt with - bipolar disorder, drug use, bullying, body image and insecurities, foster homes and custody battles, sexual relationships - it was like the author grabbed a big jug full of emotions and poured it all over me with the hope something might seep in. I can't even say it was a light-hearted read now without seeming like a heartless bitch.
If your in between books and short on a dollar like me go read it. If not, maybe read Easy or Hopeless. I think I might even go re-read them now myself.
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text 2013-09-22 09:31
The Autumn Book Tag

Because my blog contains more or less only reviews, I thought it was time to change things up a little and do something fun: a tag!


I wasn't tagged by anyone, this was literally just the first thing on my dashboard, but who cares about that, right?

This tag originated on youtube and was originally created by Dany on Books.


1. What is your favorite thing about autumn?


Nothing, really. It rains and it rains and it rains, and it's grey and cold and wet. It's not for me. The one good thing about this season is the autumn break. I can't wait for that.


2. What book on your shelves reminds you of school?


"Matilda" by Roald Dahl. She was my hero and I always tried to be like her in school. Actually, I still try to be like her in school. I'm not as smart or as nice (or as powerful), but I can try, right?


cover of matilda


3. Find a book on your shelf which has something Autumn related on the cover.


Anna Dressed in Blood. I haven't read it yet, but it has flying leaves and bare trees. You can't get more autumn-y than that, am I right?


anna dressed in blood cover


4. What is your favourite horror/Halloween story?

I hate horror and I have never read any horror, so N/A. (Maybe if I read Anna Dressed in Blood that will be my favorite)


5. What is your favourite horror film?


Same as above.


6. Which book release are you most looking forward to this Autumn?


There are three very interesting and very exciting books coming out! I honestly don't remember the last time there was a book fall as good as this one.


"House of Hades" by Rick Riordan, "Never Fade" by Alexandra Bracken and "Allegiant" by Veronica Roth. These are all sequels to amazing books, and I can't wait to see where the story takes us this time.


house of hades covernever fade coverallegiant cover


Don't they all look beautiful? *dreamy sigh*


7. Which film release are you most looking forward to this Autumn?


I'm not really sure what's coming out in the next couple of months, but I'm just gonna go through the list of "coming" movies on the website of my local movie theatre, and mention all the movies that looks interesting, and put a link to the trailer.


Gåten Ragnarok - this is a norwegian movie, but despite of that it looks really badass. The effects looks good, the story sounds interesting and the script sounds good. I think this will be a great family movie.


Diana - I'm slightly obsessed with royalty at the moment, and although I'm not extremely interested in Princess Diana's story, this is still a must-watch for a royal watcher like me.


Ender's Game - I wasn't a huge fan of the book, but I think it will translate very well to the big screen and I'm excited about that.


Catching Fire - obviously, who doesn't look forward to this? No more needs to be said.


8. Show three books that you are hoping to read this season.


"The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak. 


"Hurt" by Tabitha Suzuma. This was one of my most anticipated books of this fall, but it's already been released so I couldn't mention it in question #6.


"Unwind" by Neal Shusterman. I haven't been in the mood for dystopian for so long, and I'm still not in the mood, but I've had this on my shelf for a long time and I really want to read it.


the book thief coverhurt coverunwind cover


That is the end of this tag, I hope you enjoyed reading it.


I TAG EVERYONE! Do it. All of you. Have fun! (and you should comment here if you do it so we can be friends)

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