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review 2019-03-07 22:38
Christmas in Tahoe - Elisabeth Barrett

Ann Smith, an Actuarialist, has been having a hard time with life for the past two years since her fiance passed away right before their Christmas wedding, especially during the Christmas season. When her best friend Mandy has to delay coming on their trip to Lake Tahoe for skiing, Ann is bummed. Mandy says her friend Chase will drive her up there and she will come in a few days. Ann tends to over analyze things and isn't sure she wants to travel with some guy she doesn't know but she ends up going anyways. Along the way they run into all kinds of issues but Ann decides she is going to be brave and come at them head on.

Chase Deckert lives life by his own rules now after his previous business partner screwed him over. He tends to spend most of his time in Lake Tahoe snowboarding and even giving lessons. As Chase and Ann spend more time together, things start to heat up. When ghosts from their pasts start to creep into their lives, Ann and Chase needed to decide if they were going take that leap of faith to find something that may be the best thing they've had ever known.

I really enjoyed this fun, heartfelt story. Both Ann and Chase are sweet, really nice people who have had bad things happen to them in their past. It was great seeing them get past their demons to find their happy ever after

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review 2018-04-05 00:00
Tahoe Blues
Tahoe Blues - Aubree Lane Easy read and a fun little story. A bit slow in places but the descriptions are clear and interesting. I thought there were a few too many characters that were introduced and then ignored though
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review 2017-10-26 07:48
Right here
One Snowy Night - Jill Shalvis

This novella is book 2.5 from the acclaimed Heartbreaker Bay series.  This book can be read as a standalone novel.  For reader enjoyment and understanding of the series, I recommend reading these in order.


Rory has wanted Eve since he can remember.  He was kind of a tool in high school, but he feels like that was a missed opportunity.  Now, he thinks she hates him.


Eve wishes she could hate Rory, since he is the subject of many a nights dream.  He is a very strong, virile figure who is very capable.  Can they confront the past and move on?


I was surprised by this story arc, if I am honest.  I loved that the characters dug in and hashed everything out, even though they did not want to.  The honesty, the sparks that flew, and the crazy banter makes this a very attractive read.  I give this a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP! 

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review 2017-10-24 13:54
Tahoe Payback
Tahoe Payback (Owen Mckenna Mystery Thriller) - Todd Borg

What could possibly have motivated a murderer to leave his victims in such horrific positions?  Revenge?  Payback? Or just plain evil?

The murderer would hang the victims upside down with items in their mouths that would indicate something about what they had done.

TAHOE PAYBACK opens with a murderer walking the victim to her place of death.  The method of death was pretty grizzly, and this wasn't the end of the terror.

When McKenna is approached by a man who says his girlfriend is missing and needs McKenna’s help, he gets involved in this and other similar cases. This woman was the unlucky first victim hung upside down with roses in her mouth.

Victim Number Two was also hung upside down with a tennis ball  in his mouth along with a plastic tennis player wedged in the side of his mouth.

Victim Number Three was hung upside down from an Amtrak train and had military medals in his mouth.

We follow McKenna as he investigates in his unorthodox, but workable ways.  It always is a treat to see how he looks for clues and works alone as well as with his Great Dane, Spot.

As McKenna investigates, he finds corruption in a huge charity that Victim Number One was in charge of.  The victim ran a multi-million dollar collection scam and kept all the money herself.

TAHOE PAYBACK seemed a bit more gruesome than Mr. Todd's other books.  The murder scenes were chilling. Can you imagine being hung upside down?

Despite the extra grizzly scenes, the writing was marvelous as always, had a great story line, and hinted at the unscrupulous dealings of some charities.

We also get to re-visit with Street, McKenna’s girlfriend, and her dog Blondie.

If you have never read a Todd Borg novel, you need to...non-stop action, tension, lovable characters, and you always learn something new.  

TAHOE PAYBACK is another Todd Borg mystery you won't figure out.  

If this is your first book by Todd Borg or you are a loyal fan, you won't be disappointed.   

ENJOY!! 5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation in return for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

Source: silversolara.blogspot.com
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review 2016-09-18 00:02
Tahoe Dark
Tahoe Dark (Owen Mckenna Mystery Thriller) - Todd Borg

Familiar characters we love, more murders than you care to hear of, but as always Owen McKenna has everything covered.


Todd Borg's latest, marvelous thriller, TAHOE DARK, includes a kidnapping, a murder of the father of the kidnapped son, a robbery of an armored truck, and old grudges coming to the surface. TAHOE DARK is packed with action and twists. The surprises just keep on coming, and Owen keeps on resolving them.


TAHOE DARK continues the tradition of Todd Borg's excellence with his wonderful descriptions and plot lines. You think the characters have had enough, and then along comes a situation that is somehow connected to the previous one. The action doesn't stop, and it all smoothly flows and connects. ‚Äč


The ending comes crashing in with the final scene being another Todd Borg masterpiece.


Give yourself a treat and read a TAHOE book. ENJOY when you do. 5/5


This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the author in return for an honest review.

Source: silversolara.blogspot.com
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