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review 2017-05-02 00:00
TAINT - S.L. Jennings This book is aggressively misogynistic from the first sentence. (May be an exaggeration but not much). It seems to be told from the Hero's point of view, but in all honesty, I couldn't read past 5% so I don't know. I like alpha males, but not a-holes. From the intro, it seemed I was in for the latter. I barely met the heroine, but it didn't matter. Because the first pages were filled with "how are we going to save your marriages because your husbands are cheating or about to because you are terrible at sex," it lost all appeal. Look, I know the blurb probably made this a book that wasn't likely to achieve its aim. However, as a reader, I feel like there's a way it could've worked-been empowering and so on. I put this down with barely any hesitation

The author seemed worth trying again, but the male POV and storyline were pretty terrible for me for this one.
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review 2016-08-01 00:00
A Taint In The Blood (Kate Shugak, #14)
A Taint In The Blood (Kate Shugak, #14) - Dana Stabenow This is my umpteenth re-reading of this series and I still come away amazed at how this author can write a mystery. I love how the author can take Kate (us really!) out of the park and plop Kate in the city and have it be a smooth transaction this time. For those of us that have already read to the last book published, we have seen how Kate has grown, has become a bit of a player and has learned to use her strengths and not always her brute strength and Mutts snapping teeth! Although in this book Mutt does get to take a chunk out of someone and that is always fun for the fans.

Kates relationship, (for lack of a better word), with Jim seems to be turning a corner in this book and I like it. Jim doesn't but I do!

The mystery in this book was complex and really had me guessing...my jaw still drops in astonishment every time I read this book.

If I had one complaint it is that this book had so many side characters that I almost needed a score card. This book lacked a lot of the history we are used to but then again, it lacked a lot of the 'preaching' that the author is famous for and I for one was a little happy about that.
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review 2016-03-18 00:00
TAINT (The SNAP Trilogy #2)
TAINT (The SNAP Trilogy #2) - Tara Dawn TAINT (The SNAP Trilogy #2) - Tara Dawn I received this book for an honest review.
I'm emotionally exhausted from reading this it, I'm going to read a light romance next to feel clean again.
This story continues on from Snap. Phil is one sick obsessed freak and Hazel is his obsession.
SNAP is the drug this twisted tale is centered around, the dark evil work of making and selling...and the greed behind it all.
It's a roller coaster and I'm not sure who I hate and who I love anymore.
The plot is well thought out and the characters gritty and real. All in all an entertaining, if somewhat disturbing read.
It ends with a BANG literally, bring on the next one.
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review 2015-07-31 00:00
REVELRY (Taint Book 1)
REVELRY (Taint Book 1) - Carmen Jenner,Lauren McKellar,Arijana Karcic Cover It! Designs I have a soft spot for these kind of books! Rocker boys make me swoon. I won't lie about that and this book was no exception. I wasn't even too fond of Cooper in the Sugartown books but I had a change of heart with this one. I am loving that whole band!!!

Ali not sure what to say about her. She was in a tough spot and made some tough decisions. She's one tough cookie. She does what is best for her in the end.
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review 2015-06-09 00:08
Revelry by Carmen Jenner
REVELRY (Taint Book 1) - Carmen Jenner,Lauren McKellar,Arijana Karcic Cover It! Designs

Quote: “I knew she loved him more than she had ever loved me. I knew, and still did everything I could to keep her. Everything but make her happy."



Took me awhile to post this review up. Just because I had to take a few minutes to figure how I really felt about this book. Not because I hated it, but because I was feeling so much dislike for one of the main characters. The book itself was AMAZING!!! but somewere at the 50% point I totally hit a hateful wall towards Ali. Ok so before I go on my rant lets introduce the many wonderful characters in this book. The book introduces us to a band called Taint, which includes a couple of band members. All wonderfully written in with their charassmatic funny personalities. Although this book is really written about Cooper and Levi the other band members constantly appear through out the book. Then we also have Ali. Miss wonderfully bipolar Ali Jones...sigh!. If my reading Junkies have not figured out yet, this book does include a pain on my ass love triangle. (Will try my hardest not to give anything away, promise). So as any book the introduction to all these characters grabs you from the get go. That's the wonderful thing about Carmen's writing she is always able to do that with every book I have picked up that's hers. Ali starts off as such a likable character. Kind, strong and just lovable but, I think when the book really gets into the twists and the turns your left asking WTH!?!?...Ali the lovable girl that you have felt so sorry for turns into the witch from hell..lol. (Ok im exaggerating..lol) But something to that. She becomes selfish and you start feeling soo bad for cooper. He becomes that alley puppy you want to pick up and take home to fix. Yea I did feel that way about Coop. Then we have Levi, ahh yes that poor fool. I mean in general I think he was more collateral damage that in the end you are kind of taken back by how his ending ends. Just because through out the book he is written in as to kind of be immune to all the feeling crap that the other 2 are feeling, which by the way makes him the entertaining one to read about. From the beginning I was hoping for the ending to be a little different than how it ended, was not very satisfied on the ending at all. Ok so now after my little rant I do have to clarify that this book really is worth reading. It may not be the story or ending you want, or at least that I wanted, but I did love the story. It was entertaining, funny and it definitely takes you through a bumpy ride. But I will definitely continue this series and read "Hurt" book 2. And hope that I wont be cussing my kindle out on the next book..lol

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