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text 2018-01-19 05:10
Get 12 month loan on bad credit with no guarantor


Good luck is not a slave to time or situations. When it comes, it can happen to anyone irrespective of financial status or any other criteria. If you think that being a bad credit customer you cannot get a loan, then you are wrong. Yes, if you are thinking about your traditional lender, then it can be difficult because their obligations cannot afford to be flexible for you. The 12 month loan on bad credit with no guarantor by direct lender will be the most hopeful option for you. Getting so many benefits in one product is quite a fascinating thing. But it is a reality of the online lending.


Not only this, the online loan market does not underestimate bad credit borrowers by offering just one option. There are other financial products too, that are offered to people with low credit ratings. In fact, the unemployed customers too can get their chance to gain back their financial security. The loans without guarantor for unemployedare there to fund your joblessness.


Choose any one of these two products, and enjoy faster approvals and disbursals that the online loan market commits to offer.



Source: www.metroloans.uk/loans/12-month-loans.html
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review 2018-01-18 23:32
Making Money (Discworld #36, Industrial #5)
Making Money (Discworld, #36) - Terry Pratchett

The financial sector of Ankh-Morpork is dire trouble and Lord Vetinari looks to his Postmaster General to solve the problem, however he doesn’t want the opportunity but somethings are out of his hands.  Making Money is Terry Pratchett’s 36th Discworld novel and the second to follow the conman-turned-civil servant Moist von Lipwig who is beginning to pine for thrills and suddenly finds himself in the midst of them.


With the Post Office running as smoothly as possible and facing plain paperwork every day, Moist von Lipwig is looking for thrills and excitement in a variety of ways including scaling the outside of the Post Office and breaking into his own office.  Lord Vetinari attempts to sell Moist on taking over the Royal Bank of Ankh-Morpork and the Royal Mint, but Moist is satisfied with his life.  However Bank chairwoman Topsy Lavish changes her will to make Moist guardian of her dog, Mr. Fusspot, to whom she leaves her controlling interest in the Bank to.  Suddenly Moist is taking care of a dog and running the Bank and Mint much to his annoyance and that of the Lavish family and Mr. Bent, the head cashier.  Moist begins thinking about changes to the banking system but then is inundated with numerous challenges first from Mr. Bent, the Lavishes including one that wants to become Lord Vetinari (not Patrician just Vetinari), a former partner blackmailing him about his conman past, missing gold from the bank vault, and finally his fiancée arranging for an army of golems to arrive in Ankh-Morpork.  Soon Moist past is exposed, though no one cares, after saving the city from the golems as well as using them to base his new paper currency and is still alive at the end of the book which is the least he wants out of each day.


Moist is one of the most original characters that Pratchett has come up with and like Going Postal, I enjoyed following his story.  However, like the previous mentioned book this one is not up to the quality that Pratchett is known for.  While Moist, Vetinari, and Adora Belle Dearheart were well written, the overall plot and the numerous subplots just seemed to meander.  Pratchett attempted to avoid Moist doing exactly what he did in Going Postal by having him deal with other challenges, but they were a mishmash of ideas that didn’t seem to come together and pages were wasted with the Cosmo Lavish subplot that took up pages without really accomplishing anything.


Honestly, it was hard to rate Making Money because while I enjoyed reading Moist’s point-of-view, the overall plot of the book was just serviceable as it twist and turned based on the questionable subplots intertwined with it.  If you are a first time Discworld reader, don’t read this book until you’ve sampled some of Pratchett’s other better quality writing.  If you are a veteran Discworld reader then focusing on enjoying the point-of-view of Moist even though the book’s quality is just okay.

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text 2018-01-18 16:28
You Need a Budget - Review

Did you ever stop to think what your money can do for you? Jesse Mecham has come out with his book "You Need A Budget" and helps to lay out a working system for budgeting your money. This book is an eye opener for anyone who feels as though they are living paycheck to paycheck.

Whether you are just starting out or are established already in your job - putting a budget together is not a bad idea. The economy goes up and down, jobs end abruptly, and life takes turns that we are not always prepared for. Living paycheck to paycheck can be exhausting and stressful. It can cause fights, and bitter feelings - especially when you want to do something special, but the money is not there. Now, you can budget for everything! Jesse takes you through step by step on building a better budget, but this is not your run of the mill plan. YOU make the decisions on where the money goes. You are in control of everything. What is important to you? Where do you want your money to go?
Asking yourself these questions, and putting the effort into building a life that you want, while getting out of the rat race of the paycheck to paycheck system, you can start seeing results and building the nest egg, or planning for those special events or vacations that you are wanting to take.
The biggest theme through this book is YOU.

Budgeting is such a hard thing to do, but necessary in this day and age. There are many who get hit with government shut down, lay-offs, health issues and more. Budgeting now can help to ease the burden when it comes to having to cut back, or wait. This has never been my strong point. In fact, my husband and I have been discussing the need to budget out more, especially as we are attempting to tame the dragon known as student loans. I have quite a few, and we have slowly been chipping away at them, but having a better plan in place, would allow us to not only chunk down a little more on them, but plan for the things that we are wanting in the future. We have to start thinking college funds for two kids, eventual moves, car issues and more. While we can put a little away here and there, it seems that something always pops up to demolish what we have set aside. By using this system, I feel more confident in moving forward and building a stronger future.


Purchase Links

HarperCollins | Amazon | Barnes & Noble


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url 2018-01-08 07:30
Loans for Unemployed People on Benefits

A One Loans has announced special offers on loans for unemployed people on benefits to give financial freedom to those who are in urgent needs of funds. To know more on features, visit: https://goo.gl/3q9Zrt

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review 2018-01-06 07:10
New Covers - Malone Brothers Series




Universal Amazon Link— www.amzn.to/2DEKcLm

KC Malone is on a two-week leave from the Navy when he arrives at his uncle’s beach house to find a beautiful woman pointing a gun at his chest. What the hell has he just walked in on?

Moriah Jensen is on the run from dirty cops and ruthless drug dealers. Fleeing Chicago after her family was murdered, she spends the next four months trying to stay alive. Using an alias, she bounces from town to town, state to state, struggling to stay steps ahead of the people chasing her.

As the two become reluctant, temporary housemates, KC offers to train Moriah to defend herself against an alleged abusive ex-boyfriend. But when her past catches up with her, Moriah has to decide between her love for KC and running for safety. To stay would risk both their lives. To run would mean leaving her heart behind.



The Devil's Spare Change
by Samantha A. Cole
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the 2nd book in the Malone Brothers series. This book can be read as a standalone novel. For reader enjoyment and understanding, I recommend reading this series in order.

Grace & Sean have known one another most of their lives. Growing up together still never prepares you for that one meeting. The one where you come back after time apart and get blown away by a sexy hot bod.

Sean's move and vacation plans are blown when he is asked to help with a local case of murder. He is more than attracted to Grace, and being on this case takes time away from him getting to know her all over again.

One word for this series - explosive! This book has you on the edge from chapter 1. So much heat, so much excitement, so much murder, wait... what? Oh yeah, did I tell you? There is an actual case being solved here too.

***This ARC copy is given in exchange for an honest review.

View all my reviews






Universal Amazon Link—www.smarturl.it/TDSC_Amz

FBI agent Sean Malone’s homecoming is interrupted by two things—a pleasant surprise from his youth and a deranged serial killer.

The little tomboy who’d followed him and his brothers around is now grown up and drop-dead gorgeous, and he finds himself thinking about her in ways he’d never done before.

Whisper, North Carolina, where she’d spent her childhood summers, is the perfect place for Grace Whitman to open her new business—especially when she finds her adolescent crush has returned as well.

As the two get to know each other all over again, local law enforcement asks Sean to help find the man who has tortured and killed three women. Will the killer follow his pattern and move on, or has Dare County become his permanent hunting ground?



Take the Money and Run
by Samantha A. Cole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

KC Malone meets Moriah Jensen AKA Maura when she holds him at gunpoint in his uncle's cabin. He surprised her at 3am, and she had no idea why he is there. To his credit, he explains everything to her.

Maura cannot trust anyone right now. She can't afford to. Can she be safe with KC? He agrees to help her, sort of. He just has no idea how much "help" she really needs. The sparks are burning bright between them. Maybe there is more here than meets the eye.

Such a sexy and sweet story filled with heart pumping suspense! The heat can be felt as it jumps off the page between these two characters. I could not put this book down!

***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

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