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text 2018-06-30 08:10
Blog Tour - Once Upon An Adventure






Recently, I got together with some authors to ask them a few questions.  Read on as we talk with these 4 authors just a bit.  Thank you for joining us today.





Kitty's Book Spot! Interview with Nicki Chapelway:


1. Do you write to music? 
Yes, yes I do. In fact, I find that I can't write unless there is music playing in the background.
2. Do you make playlists of music for your books? 
In a way I do, I mean I don't do it on Spotify or anything fancy like that, but I write to movie soundtracks that have themes that make me think of my books. For instance for my novella Winter Cursed I wrote to the soundtrack Snow White and the Huntsman for the Snow White elements, Thor Dark World for the Celtic and Nordic elements, and The Legend of Tarzan for Cedric's and Lizzie's themes.
3. What book was your favorite as a child/teen? 
I'm going to say Ella Enchanted which I loved to pieces as a preteen.
4. What genre do you hope to write someday that you have not had a chance yet? 
Hmm, oh wow, that's a tough question. I don't think Sci-Fi counts since I've already started that even though I haven't finished any books in that genre yet, so I'll say Time Travel- that counts as a genre right? If not then either Steam Punk or Paranormal.
5. What do you hope readers take away from your story(ies)? 
Mostly, I hope that my readers learn not to make the same mistakes as my characters.
6. Can you tell the readers one thing about you nobody knows? 
Okay... another tough question. Give me a moment to think about this one. Something that nobody knows... hmm... okay, when I was younger in order to get through the boredom of school, I would pretend to be other people. Like I would be a secretary for some billionaire or a ranger documenting herbs or a Hobbit living in the Shire preparing for second breakfast. When I was twelve I pretended to be the Doctor's companion- and since I like variety, I made up a different companion for each Doctor so I got to choose if I was a time traveling vet or a noble lady. That's something I'm pretty sure I've never told anyone.
7. How do we find you online?  What is your favorite social media site? 
Which also kind of answers the second question, cause that's my favorite social media site.
You can also find me on Pinterest, building boards about my current WIPs, here: https://www.pinterest.com/nickichapelway/
Kitty's Book Spot! Interview with Jes Drew:
Do you write to music?
1. I write to music as often as I can- especially during the more intense scenes.
Do you make playlists of music for your books?
2. I have unofficial playlists of music for my books, but I have yet to rise above manually finding all the different songs I want, to actually putting something together with them.
What book was your favorite as a child/teen?
3. That is a hard question since I went through so many phases with so many genres and so many favorites. But the closest to being a supreme favorite would probably be The Sherwood Ring by Elizabeth Marie Pope. 
What genre do you hope to write someday that you have not had a chance yet?
4. Ooh, that's a hard one, because I feel drawn to both the romantic comedy and the psychological suspense. I have aspects of both in most of my books, but I've never really just focused on them- it seems so much easier to write about spies and superheroes!
What do you hope readers take away from your story(ies)?
5. I want readers to know that they are not alone in this world and in what they are dealing with. They have God and me- though sometimes we work through our characters to show it.
Can you tell the readers one thing about you nobody knows?
6. Genuphobia is the fear of knees, your own or someone else', and the act of kneeling. 
How do find you online?  What is your favorite social media site?
7. Well, some of the cavemen next door were grunting about this thing called wifi, so I thought I'd try it out. So far, I've only gotten as far as Goodreads. Have to keep time for my cave painting. 
Kitty's Book Spot! Interview with C. B. Cook:
1. Do you write to music?
I don't usually write to music, as it makes it harder for me to focus. But if there's a lot of commotion or conversation around me, I may play some instrumental music (especially movie soundtracks) while I write to block out the other noise.
2. Do you make playlists of music for your books?
Not usually. I think that's something I might try in the future, though!
3. What book was your favorite as a child/teen?
When I was younger, I loved going back and rereading The Chronicles of Narnia at least once a year. It's still one of my favorite series, but I've gotten out of the habit of doing that. I grew up reading that series, and it's one that I love.
4. What genre do you hope to write someday that you have not had a chance yet?
I'd love to write some kind of fantasy book or a mystery that doesn't involve superheroes. I love to read both of those genres, and I'd really like to try my hand at writing them, too!
5. What do you hope readers take away from your story(ies)?
I hope that readers are able to learn something about truth from my books, and I also hope that they can learn that you don't need a story to be dark to be enjoyable. Mostly, I want my books to provide some lightheartedness and cleanness that a lot of stories today, especially in the YA category, seem to be lacking. 
6. Can you tell the readers one thing about you nobody knows?
I can't think of anything that no one knows, but very few people know that I'm actually a blue belt in Tae Kwon Do!
7. How do find you online?  What is your favorite social media site?
I have a blog (The World of the Writer) and accounts on Goodreads and Pinterest! Pinterest is probably one of my favorite social media sites because I love the pictures and writing ideas I get on there. 
Kitty's Book Spot! Interview with Loretta Marchize:
1. Do you write to music?
Nope! I know a lot of authors who do, and quite honestly I'd love to, but I write in my family living room with my siblings and mom around, so it would be hard to do.
2. Do you make playlists of music for your books?
No, although occasionally I will hear a song and think 'oh hey- this goes with so and so book!'
3. What book was your favorite as a child/teen?
Well, I still am a teen, but as a child I loved Ella Enchanted, and the classics- especially Cinderella.
4. What genre do you hope to write someday that you have not had a chance yet?
Science fiction or historical fiction!
5. What do you hope readers take away from your story(ies)?
I mostly want readers to go away from the book happy, glad that they read it. It's an easy read, mostly just a 'fun' read.
6. Can you tell the readers one thing about you nobody knows?
I actually like Star Wars. I've never really told anyone, but I actually really love it! I know a lot of random facts about it. I make a pretense of not really knowing much about it though. Otherwise my brother would bombard me with Star Wars all day, and I don't care for it that much.
7. How do find you online?  What is your favorite social media site?
Well, I have a blog: lorettamz.com but I'm also frequently on Goodreads! I don't do much (any) other social media (although I do have a Wattpad account).
Thank you so much to Jes Drew, Loretta Marchize, C.B. Cook, & Nicki Chapelway for joining us on the Spot!  Thank you readers for being here with us to get to know them.
Please check out their latest novels and enjoy!
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review 2015-01-25 04:08
Trails & Targets


Title:  Trails & Targets (Dangerous Darlyns #1)

Author:  Kelly Eileen Hake

Pages:  328

Year:  2014

Publisher:  Shiloh Run Press

Greyson Wilder is a bone picker.  He and his partner travel the west to gather up the bones of buffaloes, take them to market where the bones are sold for money.  He has quit his job as a Chicago police officer after the death of his wife and unborn child.  He has carried a grudge against God since that time and withdrawn from people.  He agrees to his partners request to barter with the wagon full of women in the town of Tallgrass, but then they will leave town.  One thing leads to another and before Greyson knows it he has agreed to stay and help plant spring crops while his partner takes the bones to Chicago.

Bea Darlyn has been in the role of mother since the age of nine.  She is now twenty and longs for a family of her own, but only if she is married to the right man.  She learned her lesson when her former fiancé wanted her to move to Oregon after their engagement was announced.  She could never leave her family with her father being so ill.  That engagement ended a couple of years ago.  With Bea’s expertise in firearms and Irish heritage, she and her sisters are at odds with the mostly German town folk as their weapons skills are deemed unladylike.  Now Greyson Wilder has entered Bea’s life and she is attracted to his good looks, but even more to his good character.  He has told her he will be moving on to Canada and has no intention of staying in Tallgrass.

I have enjoyed this author’s previous works better than this one so I’m not ruling out reading the next book in the series, but this one is just so-so.  I probably will read book two to see if it is an improvement over the first one.  This book isn’t terrible, but it isn’t great either.  The characters felt flat to me and I didn’t make a connection with either of the two main characters in this first story.  The second book, Slings and Arrows, will focus on the character of Ariel.  If I had to choose a favorite character, then she is the one I liked the best so I hope her story is more interesting.

My rating is 3 stars.

Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.  Other reviews can be read at http://seekingwithallyurheart.blogspot.com/.  Also follow me on Twitter @lcjohnson1988, FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/lisa.johnson.75457

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review 2014-04-09 12:12
Soft Targets by Stephen Poliakoff
Runners & Soft Targets - Stephen Poliako... Runners & Soft Targets - Stephen Poliakoff

bookshelves: film-only, play-dramatisation, published-1984, under-10-ratings, spring-2014, suicide, slavic, spies, cold-war

Read from April 07 to 08, 2014

Description from cream tv: Entertaining and sumptuously bizarre look at upper-middle-class English life from Stephen Poliakoff, seen through the eyes of minor Soviet official Alexei Varyov (Ian Holm). Living quietly by himself in a west London compound with other Russian journalists and civil servants, Alexei’s rather humdrum life of typing up Time Out-style articles for the Soviet press, with a side-line in posting videotapes of British TV to Russian broadcasters made from the twin VCRs in his flat, is livened up with a hefty dose of Cold War paranoia.

While sending some tapes of Top of the Pops abroad on an Aeroflot charter flight, he’s accosted at Heathrow by upper crust, impetuous foreign office agent Harman (Nigel Havers) who, after a rather showy demonstration of the reasons he was, entirely coincidentally, at the airport, drags Alexei off in his car to the early Sunday morning remains of a party at a Hampstead flat, where two young women Frances (Celia Gregory) and Celia (Helen Mirren), as well as assorted hangers-on including Rupert Everett, regard the nervous Russian with a mixture of suspicion and condescension.

Helen Mirren
Ian Holm
Nigel Havers

A disappointing number from Poliakoff's oeuvre: a something-of-a-nothing, star-studded and polished production for BBC's 'Play for Today' series. In later interviews Mirren was rather embarassed at her overt exhibition of how far her elocution lessons had progressed, and it was jarringly noticeable in this play.

Watch Here

3* Shooting the Past
2* Soft Targets
4* She's Been Away
4* Playing with Trains
3* A Real Summer
WL Joe's Palace
WL Capturing Mary

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url 2014-02-08 02:20
Dyman Miami real estate team targets Paris | Medium

A team of South Florida real estate professionals will head to the city of light at the end of the month to showcase some of the region’s new projects to potential Parisian clientele.


For the trip, MC2 Realty partnered with the recently formed Fédération des Professionnels de L’Immobilier de Miami (FPIM) and those behind some of South Florida’s new residential real estate projects, said Marie-Charlotte Piro, vice president of MC2 Realty and founder and president of the federation.


Real estate Dyman and FPIM partners – including attorneys and bankers – will make the journey to Paris, she said.


Two thousand potential clients have been invited to the two-day, invite-only event, Mrs. Piro said. The group is hoping to have 100 attendees, which she said would be more than enough.


Projects on show will include 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach, with partners The LeFrak Organization and Starwood Capital Group.


Mrs. Piro said the group has been working on the trip since November, and the next presentation could be in Geneva or Canada.


FPIM was incorporated last June, she said. The non-profit organization pairs French-speaking realtors in South Florida with French-speaking buyers from around the world who are interested in purchasing real estate in the region.


It was an idea she had been “massaging” for a couple of years.


The real estate business works a little differently in France and she wanted to make the process easier for agents and clear for clients.


She explained that in France, clients work with several agents to see all the properties, whereas in Miami they work with only one.


Many times, Mrs. Piro said, she would find out one of her clients was working with another realtor and would have to place a friendly phone call to them to make appropriate arrangements.


And roughly midway through last year, France was the origin of the most Miami property searches on the Miami Association of Realtors website.


“To find a realtor they go to the realtors association, which is a good thing, but the realtors association site is in English and most French people don’t speak English, or very few,” Mrs. Piro said.


“All these French people get lost in big national sites where it is very difficult for them to get the information that they really need… It’s time to incorporate as French realtors to be able to help them.”


When potential clients reach out to the group, they are directed to a list of agents.


The agents have criteria that are a little more personal than what language they speak and what area they work in, she said, adding that listed is the town they are from and university they attended.


Members of the group speak fluent French, are accredited by Florida’s Realtor Associations and have a strict code of ethical conduct.


There are two types of members – realtors and the partners. Partners include attorneys, business consultants, architects and builders.


And it’s not only buyers from France that are the sole focus of the group, she said, but also those from Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Morocco, Algeria, Haiti and the French Caribbean.


FPIM also assists a lot of French-speaking buyers in commercial transactions, in particular multifamily buildings and businesses’ purchases, Mrs. Piro said.


Several of the group’s brokers, she added, are certified with the Business Brokers of Florida.

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