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text 2015-08-09 01:08
I Am Proud :D

I guess that as readers we've all got that one thing we both look forward to and dread: TBR's. I have one, you have one, we all have one.


Of course, we all sit down and go like, "Oh yes, I'm going to read this next and then try to get through my TBR as fast as I possibly can!"


Like, does it even matter? I'm NOT saying this as reading those books aren't important. I'm just saying . . . you read like 10 books. Let's say that one of those ten books are written by a new author you've just discovered! Now you search them, and they have like 7 more books written? You're going to add those 7 books onto your TBR! Because you're TBR has grown so much you don't have time to read what you want right now!


So, after this realization. I decided to do something. I have an app on my phone with all the books in the world I wanted to read. I went through it, and I deleted the books on it. But before I did that, I did something else.


I literally have NO proper TBR right now . . .


I did this because I've noticed something. So, I'll explain.


I divided my books into a WHOLE bunch of TBR's! I handwrote this list, though. So, these are the categories I have:


Completed Series: Local Library


Completed Series: School Library


Completed Series: OverDrive

- available as ebook or audiobook


Standalones: Local Library


Standalones: School Library


Standalones: OverDrive

- available as ebook or audiobook


Series To Buy (not available any where else) 


Series that are Incomplete (due to releases aka ongoing)


I know. This took me TWO HOURS to do! But I did this so that I can organize my reading. I have certain periods where I can focus on my school library and then look at that TBR and see what I FEEL like reading.


Sometimes, we find books we've heard great things about and ISN'T on our TBR. We see it somewhere, and then we HAVE to try it out! Or maybe a friend recommended something? Or maybe you've discovered a series more than 5 books you HAVE to catch up with? Maybe you've been sent books for review?


So I've decided, you know what? Forget the TBR. I read what I wanna read when I feel like it.


So far I've put this list away. At the end of the year, I'll go back and check this list and cross out things I have read and I have lost interest in. Then maybe I'll see which series I want to read has been completed and maybe other series I wanted to read but couldn't remember!


So far, my TBR is very short. I'm reading things I WANT to read right now! Any anticipated releases are on hold right now! And, I've got everything under control. I'm not stressing anymore, and I'm glad!


Maybe you guys should try this tactic out, too! Make a list and categorize all your books you want to read. Then continue reading what you want, and at the end of the year, give it a look and cross out what you'd like to read in January (no making a yearly TBR) and then take out books you're no longer interested in! :D


Thanks for reading this everyone, and hope you have a great day!

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