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review 2016-01-23 16:00
Written in Fire
Written in Fire (The Brilliance Trilogy) - Marcus Sakey

Author: Marcus Sakey

Series:  The Brilliance  Trilogy  #3

Rating: 3.5 stars


This book was provided  free in exchange for an honest review. 


While not as good as the first two, this was a good ending to an outstanding  series. I knew it would be tough to live up to the buildup from the first two books. The issues raised are tough ones and hard to resolve in reality. This last installment was entertaining and suspenseful. The ending, the very last scene made my jaw drop. Wow. Hats off Mr. Sakey for going there. 


As a whole, I recommend  this Scifi series. It's a wild, yet surprisingly thought provoking ride. One of the better written trilogies  out there. 





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review 2016-01-12 18:35
Nefertiti - Michelle Moran

Author: Michelle Moran

Rating: 4.5 stars


I really enjoyed this book about Nefertiti. This was definitely the best of Moran's historical fiction novels I've read so far. It was more dense and the scope was greater than in her other books.


The story is told from the viewpoint of Nefertiti's younger sister Mutny, who is a real historical figure.  I liked how Moran played up the family dynamics.  Though royalty- the push/pull between the family members rang true and were very relatable.  There were so many times I wand Mutny to just walk away and live apart and in peace but she kept returning back to her self absorbed sister's side.  Why? Because she was family. Understanding the religious and historic significance of a lot of character's actions should have been difficult but Moran made it accessible. 


We follow Nefertiti from when she becomes Queen through her reign with Pharaoh. I always felt, being they viewed Pharaoh as a god,  that amount of power has to have devastatingly bad consequences. But it makes for riveting reading. The erratic power hungry behavior of Pharaoh made the plot unpredictable (if you didn't know the history) and kept me turning the pages.  So did that ending which deals with the plague. It read like horror novel - this morning I was all "Lock the door Mutny! Stop going outside!!!!" Such reading stress.


A note: I did enjoy the afterword and historical notes which set up Heretic Queen which is Nefertiti's sequel - something I didn't know. I will definitely be reading it.  Moran breaks down what's historical and what's fiction for you, which I appreciated,


Highly recommend.


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review SPOILER ALERT! 2016-01-10 03:02
The Shadow Throne
The Shadow Throne - Jennifer A. Nielsen

Author: Jennifer A. NIelsen

Rating: 2 stars


Whew I did NOT like this book ya'll.


If you recall, I was annoyed with the second book because Prince Jaron was captured,  tortured and whined a lot.  He wasn't the fun smart aleck character we loved in The False Prince. He spent most of the book negative and was a bit of a downer.


Starting this book, I was excited. We finally get the anticipated war/showdown  - but by page 83, Jaron was captured, tortured and was whining.  I was listening to this on audio as I was driving and when this happened and it went on for a few chapters, I was trying to control my rage.  Who thought we'd want to read that again?  If you used it as a plot device in the last book, why use it again?


And to top that, this book contained one of the worst plot twist fake outs I have seen in a long time. I don't want to go into detail but if you read the book, you know of what I speak. All it did was wind up needlessly depressing the reader for a third of the book and for no good reason. The blasted capture and torture scenes accomplished that just fine.


I was not happy with this concluding book, but I did love the first book which I do recommend. The series as a whole was not one I'd recommend- just read the first one and know they live happily ever after- THE END. 

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review 2016-01-09 01:36
Old Man's War
Old Man's War - John Scalzi

Author: John Scalzi

Rating: 4 stars


I do enjoy good sci-fi. I like the logic, the science, how things for the most part reliably make sense.   It's hard to explain, I find it comforting - like a blanket.


I said it was hard to explain.


Anyways, this book was very good. I really enjoyed following John Perry as he enlists in the army as an old(er) man and then fights across the galaxy to protect earth colonies. I won't spoil the details of how exactly that happens but I will say I never felt any part of it was so farfetched it was unbelievable. I bought the science.


The characters were solid. The story was brutally violent at times and yet there was humor all throughout the book.  I liked the issues brought up and how they made you think, considering both sides of the coin.


I really got caught up in the emotion of the story.  I learned my lesson very quickly about getting attached, but my heart  still broke a little when people I was fond of in the story died. The different species Scalzi created were interesting. I definitely want to read more in this series, so I put the next book on hold at the library.  I'll pick it up tomorrow..

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review 2016-01-07 01:12
The Ice Princess
The Ice Princess - Camilla Läckberg,Steven T. Murray

Author: Camilla Läckberg

Rating: 3 stars


This book seemed to tackle every issue known to man - adultery, unwanted pregnancy, child abuse/molestation, domestic abuse, codependency, battered wife syndrome, self esteem issues, estranged family members. I was surprised as usually an author picks just one, two- maybe three. It was issue overload for me, which is why I gave it three stars, I was emotionally exhausted, drained and down after reading it. Not what I look for in my reads so I won't continue with the series.


The mystery itself was not bad, it's resolution sad.

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