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review 2017-08-06 22:45
Readable, not a very interesting plot though.
Shades of Earl Grey - Laura Childs

This book still retains their likable and quaint characters, and still ends up a light enjoyable read. Although it would be preferable if read in order so you can get a feel for the characters, it could be read out of order (there’s a few references in the past books but nothing that will let the reader be lost and confused.)


My guess as to who the culprit was going to be was spot on. That being said though, what I really enjoyed about this book was the author got the reader to second guess their deductions. There were moments where I was second guessing myself because of the way the breadcrumbs were trailing. That was the best part of the book and the most enjoyable. I liked the little twists and turns being made to finally come to the ending and revealing of the cat burglar.


Although the characters and the mystery aspect of the book was enjoyable. The plot itself was a little lackluster and not very interesting to begin with. Delaine really struck a nerve with me as I didn’t enjoy her personality or her drama queen antics. I wanted the plot to be a little more interesting and more engaging to read. If it wasn’t for the breadcrumb trail you were being led on, the book would have been less enjoyable.


Overall, it wasn’t the greatest book of the series. The first two were much better. Let’s hope the next one will be better than this book. Still, it’s a light read to get through the day in between heavy novels. Worth a read through for cozy mystery fans.

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review 2016-08-15 14:35
Shades of Earl Grey - Laura Childs

This series came highly recommended to me, and I scooped up a few from a used bookstore. How I regret that purchase! I cannot stand this series. It's positively grating. All the characters and their endeavors are utterly perfect, to the point that nothing feels real. There are no flaws, nothing ever goes wrong, and that makes these stories impossible to relate to... and not very fun to read. On top of all that, the mysteries themselves are dull and poorly plotted. They're not gripping or intriguing or spook-inducing in any way.


UGH! I'm so disappointed! I love a good cozy mystery, but these take cozy all the way through the roof to full-on irritating. Sigh. I might skim through the copies I purchased, but I might send them straight back to the bookstore. Bummer!

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text 2015-11-14 16:27
The Aware - Glenda Larke
Plot Boiler (A Black Cat Bookshop Mystery) - Ali Brandon
Death Takes Priority (A Postmistress Mystery) - Jean Lilith Flowers
Jeweled Fire (An Elemental Blessings Novel) - Sharon Shinn
Guilty as Cinnamon - Leslie Ann Budewitz
Murder Fir Christmas (Christmas Tree Valley Mysteries Book 1) - Jeni Chappelle,Jim Lavene,Joyce Lavene
Pouncing on Murder - Laurie Cass

More books for my to be read list.

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review 2015-04-21 15:41
Ming Tea Murder (Tea Shop Mysteries) - Laura Childs


Author Laura Childs has brewed another strong story that is steeped in mystery.


In this sixteenth instalment of the Tea Shop Mystery series, Ms. Childs started the action off early. There was no waiting around for the dead body to pop in this one! Page after page, chapter after chapter, it was a glorious blend of mystery, fun, and excitement. The action kept flowing, and the suspense went from simmering to boiling hot until reaching the climatic reveal.


I really enjoyed the characters in this story. I loved the interaction between them.  Theodosia was a very likeable protagonist. She’s someone I’d like to sit and chat with.


Pick a day when you have time to yourself, brew a pot of your favorite tea, prepare the finger sandwiches and scones, and get ready to spend the entire day with MING TEA MURDER.


Don’t close the book once the story is over. Keep reading and explore the new book previews and blurbs, the announcement of a new thriller series, excellent tea resources, wonderful Tea Time Tips, and almost a dozen delightfully tempting recipes!



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review 2013-10-31 00:05
Slay It with Flowers - Kate Collins

Ever have a conversation with someone that you don't know that well and it's going OK and then they just drop some weird racist comment into the conversation?  That's the reaction I had to this book.


Some things were fine, pleasant even. I like the flower shop setting, Marco is fun and I like Abby relationship with her roommate (and the cat is fun too) Abby's relationship with her cousin is also good and I liked the book when the plot was centered on those things or the wedding/bridal party.  


But then there were the things that took me out of the story.  Referring to people as "Oriental", the assumption that a group of Asian women were prostitutes by the end when characters are actually saying "prease" and "wong numbah" I actually checked the publication date.  I'm used to that type of thing and can look past it in a book from an earlier time but this was written (or at least published) in 2005!  I don't know, I guess other people aren't bothered by it but it really bugged me.


So I'm unsure about reading any others in the series.  Like I said, the central part of it I did like and I don't remember any similar weirdness in the first book.  I may get the next one from the library and see where it goes from there but for right now this left me with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

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