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review 2021-01-18 03:43
Assaulted Caramel (An Amish Candy Shop Mystery) - Amanda Flower

 Bailey goes to visit her grandparents when she learns that her grandfather's health is failing. While there she learns of much she did not know about them. She also discovers the body of a man who wants to buy her grandparent's candy shop. With the whole family under suspicion of murder, she needs to find out who did it before one of them ends in prison.


I enjoyed this book. It sets up the series well. I liked Bailey. She puts her life on hold while helping out her grandparents. I liked that being with them in the Amish community brings her to question her choices in her English life. The story was good. I did not figure out the murderer until it was explained in the end.


I look forward to the rest of the series.

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review 2020-06-22 15:56
Murder Lo Mein
Murder Lo Mein - Vivien Chien

The main reason why I am giving this four stars is that it seems Chien is dabbling with a love triangle or possibly rectangle now and I want no part of it. I like the core couple of Lana and Adam and I hate it that a lot of cozy mystery's have now started to do this. I was glad that the "Liz Talbot Mystery" books moved away from that after the first couple of books. Hopefully "A Noodle Shop Mystery" does as well. 


"Murder Lo Mein" finds Lana as the manager of her family's restaurant. She is wondering if her mother really will live things up to her, but so far so good. Her family's restaurant and others are now entering the annual Cleveland’s Best Noodle competition. Lana's family and others feel like they were cheated out of winning last year and that one of the judges was possibly fixing things so that the former contestant won. When one of the judges is found strangled, all eyes turn to who could have done it and why. Lana of course goes investigating and gets warned off by her boyfriend, Detective Adam Trudeau. Making matters a bit more complicated is that a new face has appeared in the plaza and he appears focused on asking out Lana. With Lana wondering where she and Adam's relationship is going, she starts to wonder what if while also trying to track down a murderer. 


Lana is a good character and I keep rooting for her. She's more comfortable in going around and questioning people in this one and is still managing her family's restaurant. She and her sister have come to a truce of sorts so it appears that is working out well now too. She is left wondering about Adam though since he barely seems to have time for her these days. 


I love the continuing development of Lana’s best friend and roommate Megan though I wish she get a love interest too. It was also nice to see some backstory into Adam and why he was previously so tight lipped about his past. 


I think this was a solid installment and shows the cozy mystery genre in a good light. There's not any swearing (that I can recall) and there seems to be a subtle fade to black when you can imagine that a love scene may have occurred. 

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review 2020-02-16 21:56
Lethal In Old Lace - Duffy Brown
Boone and Reagan are finally getting together and Reagan finds another body.  In order to keep her neighbors from being arrested for a murder she know they did not do, she must find the killer.  Of course, she now has a reason not to get herself killed as she and Aunt Kiki smoke out the murderer.
I think this is the funniest one yet.  With Aunt Kiki going undercover and Uncle Putter meeting with Boone in a professional capacity, how is Reagan going to handle the fallout of this murder especially since Aunt Kiki is getting hurt while undercover.  They are all, except Reagan, have the times of their lives including Judge Gloria.  Business has now picked up (of course, that's because of the gossip.)  Reagan has the best boyfriend in Boone.  He is so patient and there to pull her out of trouble.  Detective Ross gets that date with the coroner.  Maybe Big Joey's love life might revive if he can get over commitment phobia.  There were some questions left at the end.  I cannot wait for number six.
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review 2019-11-17 02:03
Assaulted Caramel (An Amish Candy Shop Mystery) - Amanda Flower

This was fun!! I've never read a book where the Amish were featured, but Amanda Flower is a go-to of mine, so I was in for a good read.
Bailey has a great relationship with her grandparents, so helping them while she is in town to visit shouldn't have come to a surprise. First, there is a dead body discovered in the kitchen of her grandparent's candy shop. Then there is a wedding that needs to be catered for that includes dealing with an evil mother of the bride.
The characters were interesting enough to want to keep reading and then reading on with the series. I really want to see what happens with Bailey and the Officer.

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review 2019-09-30 23:36
DEMISE IN DENIM by Duffy Brown
Demise in Denim - Duffy Brown
Boone is wanted for the murder of his father.  Blackmail and greed go hand in hand in this story.  It's up to Reagan and Aunt Kiki to the rescue.  Well, it's up to Boone to do the rescuing.  Reagan once again manages to have everyone want to kill her.
I laughed out loud throughout this book.  Reagan gets into so much trouble.  I still want to know what Boone is going to do about his Chevy.  There is also a story line that does not get closed in this book.  I hope the next book closes that story line and shuts down those phony competitors.  There is nothing better than a day with Reagan and Boone.  And I was not expecting that ending.  Truths come out.
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