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text 2018-08-04 12:41
Summer in Germany


My car dashboard thermometer, yesterday at 1:55PM -- the week before, we'd even been up to 39°C ... at 4PM.  (That's 101F and 102F, respectively.)


These are temperatures I know from desert areas ... Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma and pretty much anywhere else in AZ, Death Valley, El Paso, TX; even Los Angeles.  They are NOT normal in Germany.  Or, well, they weren't, until now.  Now scientists tell us this is going to be the new normal by 2050.  I'm beginning to hope I won't actually live to see that.  I love lots of sunshine in summer, but *this* ...?!


Spent the past two weeks alternately drenched in an air conditioning-free modern office building (because who needs air conditioning in summer anyway, right?) -- sitting right on a major boulevard, too, so opening the windows immediately resulted in being drowned in noise -- and working my butt off until late at night, when temps had finally cooled down enough to even make focusing on work possible.


One morning I saw an office worker going by carrying a sixpack of 2l (67,6 fl oz) bottles of mineral water -- until I took the above photo, I'd have considered that the image of this summer ...


Now I'm going to try to catch up with what's been going on on BL in the past two weeks -- a decidedly more enjoyable prospect.  Hope everybody is well and having a good weekend!  (Minus excessive heat.  Or cold, as the case may be ...)

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review 2013-06-13 00:00
Temperatures Rising - Sandra Brown I received this through good reads giveaways.I actually want to be able to say I disliked this book if only on principle. I just couldn't come up with that much feeling, instead I am rather indifferent. Infidelity, stealing, lying, a shooting, and kidnapping all happen within the first ten pages. The characters treated these things like they were normal and no big deal.Scout, the guy, was more upset that Chantel, the girl, wouldn't sleep with him than the fact that she had shot him. I can not stress this enough-- a woman under any circumstances has the right to say no. If she has said no she should not be ridiculed or insulted for it. Both characters were dwelling on sex so much that there was very little room for the actual plot of the book. Maybe that was why there wasn't one.
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review 2010-06-28 00:00
Temperatures Rising
Temperatures Rising - Sandra Brown My first Sandra Brown and well, it wasn't as good as I expected it to be. Too cheesy and my God, the hero was too clingy. The title signifies nothing about what the story is. The kidnapping part and I guess, the whole premise was too unrealistic to begin with. I liked the exotic parts of the book but I simply did not like the character of the hero. He seemed to be getting angry like every five minutes!

The heroine's character has been shown to be too snobbish and proud and I am still figuring out why is that so. Thank God that it wasn't a short book and I finished it within two or three hours. Still it seemed like waste of paper to me. And money, of course. By the time, the clich├ęd ending came around I was more than ready to toss the book in the trash bin. Read it only if you like the whole fantasy to the hilt romance.
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review 2010-04-12 00:00
Temperatures Rising
Temperatures Rising - Sandra Brown So far I have liked her older romances, but this one was ridiculus. How anyone could fall for a woman who kidnaps, shoots and lies to him repeatedly, is beyond me. I guess lust can overcome all!
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