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review 2017-09-15 03:10
In Too Deep (The Blackhawk Boys, #5) by Lexi Ryan
In Too Deep (The Blackhawk Boys) (Volume 5) - Lexi Ryan

Lexi Ryan scores with IN TOO DEEP the fifth book in the Blackhawk Boys Series.  I couldn’t wait to read this story.  Mason Dahl and Bailey Green have been involved since the first book to the series.  Their relationship is complicated, and there was so much more going on than what you gathered from the previous books.  Mason and Baily got married in Las Vegas while at the bachelor/bachelorette party in book four, FALLING HARD.  Now Mason has devised a plan to try to win Baily over for good, but he’s on a short timetable to convince her.  This contemporary football romance is suitable for new adult and adult audiences.

Lexi Ryan did an amazing job with her character development.  Mason and Baily come from different means.  Regardless they have many similarities and make a fantastic couple.  They care about each other deeply.  Mason and Baily try to protect each other in their own way.  They both are very human and make mistakes.  They have difficult obstacles to overcome and become stronger for it.  

The plot was clever and believable.  Mason’s relationship with Gulf Gators NFL franchise owner, Bill McCombs, puts an interesting spin on the story.  Mason’s ex-girlfriend, Lindy, also creates some compelling turbulence. It amazed me what a great guy Mason turned out to be with Christian Dahl as his father.  It must have been his mother’s influence.  We discover multiple life-changing secrets that both Mason and Baily have been keeping.  I like that the story spans over four years, flashing back and forth in time.

I love this series.  Each book is extremely powerful. After reading every novel, I think there is no way that Lexi Ryan can match or top the previous story.  She has amazing done so.  If you follow the Blackhawk Boys series, you won’t want to miss this story.  If you haven’t read this series, you could probably read this book as a standalone, but I think you would enjoy it more if you read the series in order.  Every book is skillfully written and a worthwhile read.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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review 2017-08-26 14:09
Spinning Out (The Blackhawk Boys) - Lexi Ryan

Arrow is reeling from all the changes going on in his life.  He is on house arrest.  He is in love with someone he has to see everyday.  He cannot tell her how he feels.  And it is killing him.


Mia has a lot go on as well.  She took a job from her father's enemy.  She is trying to get through school.  She is also dealing with the man who makes her hot sleeping next door.


These characters are really hot!  This story makes me want to cry and scream all at the same time.  I was pleased with the banter, heat and pace.  I cannot wait to read more in The Blackhawk Boys series.  I give this book 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

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review 2017-05-23 19:05
Falling Hard (The Blackhawk Boys, Book 4) by Lexi Ryan
Falling Hard (The Blackhawk Boys Book 4)... Falling Hard (The Blackhawk Boys Book 4) - Lexi Ryan

Lexi Ryan is on a winning streak with FALLING HARD, the fourth book in the Blackhawk Boys series.  The boys and their significant others have graduated and head to Las Vegas to celebrate Arrow’s and Mia’s bachelor/bachelorette party.  While there Keegan Keller runs into the girl who broke his heart, former actress Emma Rothschild.  This contemporary sports romance is suitable for new adult and adult audiences.


Once again, Lexi Ryan does a fantastic job with her character development.  I like Keegan. He was given an opportunity to play in the NFL for the Gulf Gators. He is a good dad to Jasmine (Jazzy).  He also treats Jazzy’s mom, Olivia Crowe, well; especially, considering all the drama she puts him through.   Emma is a compelling character.  She is sweet and self-sacrificing.  Both Keegan and Emma have secrets from their past that are revealed in this story.  The two make each other better people.  They are stronger together and make a captivating pair.


The plot was well-executed.  I love how this series, always has serious issues that are depicted.  FALLING HARD was skillfully written and believable.  I enjoyed all the twists and had no idea where the story would take us.  I love that Keegan and Emma got a second chance.  I appreciated how various individuals changed throughout the novel.  I love how the story ended. I’m looking forward to Mason’s story in the fifth book in the series, IN TOO DEEP.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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review 2016-08-30 04:49
Rushing In (The Blackhawk Boys, #2) by Lexi Ryan
Rushing In (The Blackhawk Boys) (Volume 2) - Lexi Ryan

Lexi Ryan continues The Blackhawk Boys Series with another amazing and emotionally compelling story, RUSHING IN.  Quarterback, Chris Montgomery agrees to let his new step sister Grace Lee live with him over the summer and to keep her out of trouble.  What he didn’t expect was the undeniable chemistry between them. This contemporary sports romance takes place in Blackhawk Valley, Indiana, and in Champagne, Texas.  It is suitable for new adult audiences.


I loved this story!  The characters are extremely well-developed and show tremendous growth throughout this story.  Chris is a great guy.  He was raised by his single mother, Becky Dupree.  He is a really good son who appreciates everything she did for him.  He understandably has issues with his father who wanted nothing to do with him.  He does what he believes is right and will stand up for those that need help. 


Becky Dupree is an amazing woman.  She was a terrific mother for Dash and is the perfect step-mother for Grace.  I love that she believes in Grace.


Grace is a likeable character. She was bullied as a kid for having a stutter.  She wanted to fit in and made mistakes in her youth who are still haunting her.  She had to deal with some awful people.  My heart went out to her and the things she endured.  I can understand why she had a crush on Chris. I would have too. I love the internship she gets over the summer.


I Was glad that Grace had Willow for support in Champagne.  I love that Mia and Bailey from book one, SPINNING OUT, befriend Grace in Blackhawk Valley.  She deserves to have good girl friends.


The plot was believable and expressive.  The characters had a lot of obstacles to overcome.  There are so many things that happen in this story.  Lexi Ryan is truly a gifted author.  RUSHING IN had me mesmerized from start to finish.  I cannot wait for Sebastian’s story, Going Under, expected to be released December 6, 2016.


Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.


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review 2016-05-03 18:11
Spinning Out (The Blackhawk Boys #1) by Lexi Ryan
Spinning Out (The Blackhawk Boys) - Lexi Ryan

 Lexi Ryan’s Spinning Out is a touching and amazing beginning to The Blackhawk Boys Series.  Arrow Woodison had the perfect life until a tragedy caused his life to spin out of control.  He is confined to his father’s house under house arrest trying to get his life back in order.  His only light is unattainable, Mia Mendez, his best friend, Brogan Barrett’s, girlfriend and little sister Katie’s live-in nanny.  I LOVED Spinning Out.  This story had me crying on multiple pages.  Some of the things that happen in this novel are heartbreaking and tragic.  This contemporary sport romance is suitable for new adult and adult audiences.  It takes place in Blackhawk Valley.


Lexi Ryan’s character development is detailed and multilayered.  I love Arrow.  He was a rising football star, expected to go high in the draft until an accident causes him to spiral doing drugs and throwing his life away.  He is grief-stricken and tormented.  He is in the spotlight, and everyone has their opinions of him.  Mia is sweet and caring.  She met Arrow before Brogan and always had a spot in her heart for him.  She is loyal.  She wants to clear her brother Nic’s name.  Every character has his or her purpose.  There is so much going on with lots of substance.  All the characters have their strengths and weaknesses.  Everyone is very human.


The plot was amazing and perfectly executed.  I love how the chapters went back and forth in the time line to unravel the story.  Spinning Out is extremely believable.  I like how the different characters all interrelated.  The story had humor, drama, and mystery.  I love the texts.  Arrow’s elegy had me in tears. Spinning Out shows how people can influence one another, especially people we think care about us or are in a position of power.  Spinning Out is a thought-provoking and stirring start The Blackhawk Boys Series.  This is the first book I read by Lexi Ryan.  It will not be the last.  I cannot wait for Christopher's story in book two, Rushing In and Sebastian's story in book three, Going Under.


Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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