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review 2019-02-04 18:43
The City Center
The City Center - Simone Pond

Who has been following my reviews knows I have a hard time resisting anything that slightly resembles a nice Dystopian story, so The City Centre obviously made its way to my shelves when it was a freebie on Amazon. On the one hand it is great that there is so much to choose from in the genre, but it also becomes increasingly clear just how difficult it is to stay even remotely original when writing these stories.

The main character is special, of course. Not only has she an important role in the City, as she is the leading candidate to become Queen for the next 18 years, she is also the only one who has the feeling that some things are off in the otherwise completely nice and 'beautified' City. So, it is not surprising that a rebel happens to meet her and teaches her how seriously the system is she has been living in. Subsequently, you've guessed it, it is her who has to take it down. Oh, and why do all these books have to 'retire'  people with promises of splendor while it is obvious from the start that they are going to be killed/mistreated?

The one thing that did stand out was that there were no pretentious that is was an Utopian community. It is clear from the beginning that everyone and everything surrounds and supports the Royal Court. It made me wonder why they even designed some of the lower classes at all. It was a quick read and it was also quite enjoyable, but it was also so predictable that I'm not sure I would pick up the next book.

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review 2016-01-16 13:42
let down
The City Center - Simone Pond

about the author:
Award-winning author of dystopian fiction. Pond's current series includes The City Center, The New Agenda, The Mainframe, and The Torrent. She also has a short story series called Voices of the Apocalypse.
Pond currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their Boston Terrier. Be sure to join the mailing list for updates on new book releases. simonepond.com

book synopsis
A dystopian book series about love and the fight for freedom -- Book 1.
Ava didn't want to be right. Not about her city. Not about their leader, Chief Morray. But when Joseph gives her a secret journal from the past, the truth is revealed. She escapes with Joseph to the Outside, sending Chief Morray on an obsessive pursuit to retrieve his property. Ava has to decide if she should keep running, or return to the city center to save her people

what sis I think of the book:
I heat to say this but this is the first book of 2016 that will be getting a 1 star from me, I've been trying to read it since 2:00 am and I just can't get in to it at all, which for me is a let down, because form the book synopsis it sounded like it would be a really great book series, sorry to say its not for me.

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text 2015-12-30 20:13
My December 2015
The City Center - Peter Stier,Simone Pond
Firefly: (A Dystopian Story of Christmas) - Jen Minkman
Cold-Blooded - Lisa Regan
Not Okay Cupid - Heidi R. Kling
Sound of Sirens: (Tales of Skylge #1) - Jen Minkman
Zia, The Teenage Zombie & The Undead Diaries - Angela Scott
 The Girlfriend Request - Jodie Andrefski
Phantastische Tierwesen und wo sie zu finden sind - J.K. Rowling
The City Center - 4 stars
Firefly: (A Dystopian Story of Christmas) - 5 stars
Cold-Blooded - 5 stars
Not Okay Cupid - 5 stars
Sound of Sirens: (Tales of Skylge #1) - 4 stars
Zia, The Teenage Zombie & The Undead Diaries - 3 1/2 stars
The Girlfriend Request - 3 stars
Phantastische Tierwesen und wo sie zu finden sind - 4 stars


Favorite book(s) of the month: The City Center, Firefly, Cold Blooded, Not Okay Cupid, Sound of Sirens


Books started this month but haven't finished yet: Scintillate (one day I'm gonna finish it), All the Light We Cannot See


Eight books!!! I'm happy with that. I pretty much loved all the books I have read. Not all of them have been my favorites but I enjoyed them all. So it's been a good month. I have a tablet now and read most of my ebooks there and it's just so much easier than reading on my phone or my laptop.

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review 2015-12-03 14:41
The City Center!!!
The City Center - Peter Stier,Simone Pond

First things first, I received the whole book series in ebook format from the author in exchange for a review.

I finally finished the first book today. I read this on my laptop and no matter how good the story is, reading on my laptop is always tricky for me, cause I always get distracted by all the shiny things on the internet.

But I really enjoyed this book.

I love the writing, it's really easy to read and to understand. The world building is wonderful. The book is also realyl faced paced, there is a lot happening on these pages.

The characters are really great. I really loved Ava right from the beginning. The same goes for Joseph. I really enjoyed the connection these two had right from the beginning and that it didn't feel forced at all. Also Ava's friendship with Delilah, I hope that in the upcoming books I get a little bit more of that.

I'm certain we haven't seen the last of Morray. And I'm just really intrigued about Ava/Joseph after reading the last chapter. So I'm really excited to start the next book and see what's going to happen.

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text 2015-11-27 19:56
Reading progress update: I've read 48%.
The City Center - Peter Stier,Simone Pond

The writing is so good. I'm really getting into this story.

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