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review 2017-11-22 08:00
The Dead Of Night
The Dead of Night - John Marsden

I've read the first four books so far (as I haven't been able to find the last three books in my library yet), and for me, this series was a great surprise! I had been willing to read the Tomorrow series for years, but somehow I never really got to the point where I would buy and eventually read them.


Till last year! And I may say that I thought it to be the best series I've read that year! This second book, I thought it to be thrilling, and I love the fact that (even though the things that happen are terrible) the story is original and full of suspense!


I would recommend this book to a lot of people, but please read the first book first!

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text 2017-06-27 02:15
Roll 16 (I think) Fantasyland: Climb the Matterhorn
Dead of Night - Nick Steckel


A dr out for petty revenge infects Hitler's Nazi Germany with a rabies based virus that turns people into zombie like creatures within hours of being bitten or scratched.


It sounded like fun, and in the hands of a more experienced author could have been a good alternate history.


Instead, it mostly sucked.

The writing was stilted and juvenile, and I don't think it was meant to be a middle grade level book.


I would have DNF'd at about 25%, but my Kindle version (it was free back in 2012) has some awesomely screwed formatting in regards to the page numbers.  Goodreads and Amazon say it has 410pgs - the book said I was WAY past that at 25%, and it ended with over 2000pgs showing.  I couldn't figure out where I was, so I slogged it out.   Next time I'll just take the zero.  LOL



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text 2016-09-02 13:39
Review: Eternity in Death (...In Death #24.5) and Chaos in Death (...In Death #33.5) by J.D. Robb
Dead of Night - J.D. Robb,Mary Kay McComas,Mary Blayney,Ruth Ryan Langan
The Unquiet - J.D. Robb,Mary Blayney,Patricia Gaffney,Ruth Ryan Langan

A little Halloween Bingo bingeing to catch me up on the ...In Death series novellas.


1. Eternity in Death (...In Death #24.5) from the anthology Dead of Night 4 stars

    Fills in the Free Space Square

So glad to be back to NYC circa 2060. This story included a Vampire vs. Eve storyline. The characters outside the core group of the ...In Death gang were utterly shallow, but it was a novella and both of them were victims, so no big deal. The dialogue was funny and snappy. There was an emotional scene when Eve had to notify the ex-husband of one of the victims - written so well I was tearing up while reading.


2. Chaos in Death (...In Death #33.5) from the anthology The Unquiet 5 stars

   What a story! J.D. Robb takes on the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde story and gives it an ...In Death spin to it. I liked that Eve didn't know who the killer was right away; she actually had to go through the evidence and suspect list was long enough to keep me guessing. There was also an appearance by Nadine, Louise and Charles, Trina, and Mavis, which is always a plus to have Eve's friends show up and help in their fields of expertise. There was also a good dose of humor, which was sorely needed as this story came right after the heavy and very dark book NY to Dallas. I couldn't stop reading this until it was done.


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text 2016-08-30 21:09
Holiday Weekend Reading
Final Catcall - Sofie Kelly
Dead of Night - J.D. Robb,Mary Kay McComas,Mary Blayney,Ruth Ryan Langan
The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel, Volume 1 - Neil Gaiman,P. Craig Russell
Succubus Lost - Tiffany Allee
Lycan Unleashed - Tiffany Allee
Vampire Games - Tiffany Allee

We have a four day holiday weekend and I intend to start on Halloween Bingo reading on Sept 1st. Rather than do individual reading lists for September and October that are nothing but re-treads of my bingo reading list that I already made, I am just going to pop in and say what I am reading at certain intervals. Here is my list for the holiday weekend:


1. Final Catcall by Sofie Kelly (Black Cat Square)

    I found this cozy mystery on OverDrive. First time reading on my Kindle.


2. Eternity in Death (....In Death #24.5) by J.D. Robb (Free Space Square)

    From the anthology Dead of Night. Not interested in any of the other stories, just missing Eve, Roarke, and the gang in my reading life. I have a bunch of ...In Death novellas to catch up on and lucky me, some fit within other squares.


3. The Graveyard (Graphic Novel Edition) by Neil Gaiman (Grave/Graveyard Square)

    My husband keeps poking me to read Gaiman and I figured a graphic novel was a faster way of seeing if I liked his writing than reading a novel. I picked a print edition from my base library.


4. Succubus Lost (Files from the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency #2) by Tiffany Allee (Read by Candlelight/Flashlight Square)

     Going to read by candlelight (Spice Pumpkin from Yankee Candle). Does the guy on the cover look like that actor that played the politician on the original Heroes show?


5. Lycan Unleashed (Files from the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency #3) by Tiffany Allee (Scary Women Authors Square) - I love werewolf shifters, especially for heroes.


6. Vampire Games (Files from the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency #4) by Tiffany Allee (Vampires vs. Werewolves Square) - This is the last one I have on my NOOK and according to FictFact.com, it is the last one in the series currently published.

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review 2016-07-31 13:41
Audio Book Review: Dead of Night
Dead of Night (Ghosts & Magic) (Volume 1) - M.R. Forbes

On a job, Conor Night hears of another job paying two million dollars. That was a lot of money. More than his current job to kill the two men that were offered the job. After finishing his current job, Conor asks about the job. The Fixer gives it to him, but Conor has 48 hours to finish and contact him and Mr. Black or a kill team will be after him, and being a necromancer won't make a difference to them. What seemed to be a simple theft job turns out to be more, and the different powerful Houses are involved. Conor finds himself on the run while protecting another, yet fighting back against beings that shouldn't be.

I do enjoy the vast cast of voices Jeff performs in his narrations. That's the first thing that drew me to this novel, the second was it sounded like something I would read and enjoy. Jeff has not let me down with his talented voice. Not only do we get different voices but we get the muffled sounds of one talking without a jaw (you have to listen to understand) along with sounding like one is on the phone when doing so. Jeff breaths life into all the characters in a fourth dimension we don't always get in books, through voice and emotions.

Wow. This world is vast in creatures and beings and magic. There is a system to the Houses that ruled in the magical ways. And lots of ghosts, though I did get confused as to who are ghosts and not, and what ghost meant here. I'm leaving the book believing ghost isn't exactly what we think of with ghost. I think Ghost is a term used for people who are affiliated with magic, touched by it some how or for those that are hired to do theft jobs along with assassinations.

Conor is motivated by money, so he'll survive and send money to those he care(d) about. But he does have his own set of rules and morels too. Will he turn on his current employer to save his own neck? Or does he have something else up his baggy sleeves? You'll have to read to see what he'll do when put on the spot. Conor is an interesting character as he's a necromancer, and to be one you have to have one foot in the grave, so to speak. Conor is dying. That's when the necromancer ability shines along with the use of the drugs he needs to hold off the cancer from finishing it's work. He could always feel the pulse of the fields that brought magic back to the world, but that was all until he started the test drugs for his cancer.

The reason for magic being present in the world is interesting and feels well thought out. We get the descriptions are given through the book.

I think the jury is still out on this book and world. I'm just don't feel I understand what's happening in the world with ghosts and magic completely yet. We get some of the rules, but I'm not sure I understand it all yet. There is much here to see and learn, and with Conor being a hired gun or thief, there is great potential for us to see more of this powerful world.

In the end, I'm curious about this dark, magical world created. We get the complete story here but there are small openings in the world that could bring us to the series and to learn much much more about Conor and some answers he's seeking.

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