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review 2015-08-07 07:56
The Euthanist
The Euthanist - Alex Dolan

Warning: The synopsis that's provided with this book spoils more than half of the book. If you don't like your books spoiled, I suggest you skip it. 


But seriously, I don't understand why any publisher/author would decide to tell so much on the back cover. Is it not meant to make you curious enough to buy the book? Then why tell exactly everything already. Why would I buy the book if I already know exactly what's going to happen </rant>


Luckily, I hadn't read the blurb and just a review which made me curious. And when I started reading this novel about an Angel of Death who happens to stumble on the wrong patient after which her life won't be same, I got immediately into the story. A few pages in and I was thinking 'wow, this is going to be good'. Unfortunately, the rest of the novel couldn't keep it up as I had hoped it would. 


The writing was nice enough but in the second half I did get annoyed with the story. The guy I think was supposed to be the good guy is so annoying and their plan didn't make much sense. 


So, the start was very promising but mainly in the second half the story kind of lost me.


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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review 2015-06-05 08:22
The Euthanist
The Euthanist - Alex Dolan

(I was given a copy through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.)

One thing I'd like to say: blurbs, please stop spoiling the plot. Because, you see, when the main character learns of something only 50% in the book, and it's presented as a reveal, the reader having known for so long somewhat deflates it. Which is too bad.

Overall, this was an interesting story, one that made me keep reading, but to be honest, I found the blurb was more exciting than what it turned out to be. I didn't feel the urgency that much, and the two predators didn't come off as so ruthless in the end: we know how dangerous they used to be because of what other characters and newspapers said about them, but since they're not seen directly in action, their deeds appeared once removed, and the impact on me wasn't the same. I didn't feel the immediacy.

Mostly what I had a hard time with was Kali herself. While she's strong in a physical way, the mistakes she made were those of an amateur, not expected from someone who's been disguising herself and evading the law for years in order to give the good death to her clients. It's as if she had never really contemplated the possibility of getting caught (contrary to her mentor, whom she knew had made preparations), and once caught, every decision was illogical: running to other people and thus endangering them, using her real name when pretending to be someone she wasn't... In general: not being paranoid enough. Even I know that the first thing you do when on the run is to ditch your mobile phone, especially when you know you've remained unconscious for several hours with a manipulative bastard who could have made just any plans in order to follow you later.

Leland was infuriating, but in a way that still made me want to get to know him better, at least. He meant business, even though this involved lying and behaving harshly.

I did like the themes of trauma (due to kidnapping, more specifically) that the novel wove, the way different people reacted to it (one became sort of a recluse, another let her story out to exorcise her fears), and the person with a strong desire for revenge realised that this hadn't to be the main goal. Leland's second trade, while manipulative, of course, also allowed him to get an insight he probably hadn't expected within a world that he seemed to see previously as black and white only.

I guess that makes it a 2.5 stars: there were definitely twists and turns that made me want to know what would come next–it is a page-turner–but the main character was just too annoying, and her mistakes kept distracting me.

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review 2015-05-29 19:14
The Euthanist - Review
The Euthanist - Alex Dolan

**Netgalley Copy**


The Euthanist is probably the biggest page turner of the year for me so far, I practically inhaled it because of its utterly addictive quality.

Kali helps people die. Only if they are dying anyway and only if she is convinced that it is truly what they want. Then one day, one client does something completely unexpected. At that point Kali is pulled this way and that, through drama after crisis after drama - and into an ever changing situation that is completely gripping and so compelling that you will come out of the other side feeling like you have run a marathon.

I loved it - because it is not what you think it will be - things change fast, the author keeps you right on your toes. There are some brilliantly depicted characters, not the least of whom is Kali, I guess whether or not you sympathise with her might well depend on how well your beliefs match hers. I can't really talk about anyone else without giving something away and this novel is most definitely best read cold.

This is a psychological thriller with heart and soul and a very fascinating premise that will keep you up until all hours until you can finally find out what the heck is going on. Some emotional subjects tackled well within the narrative, something to think about while you are following Kali around as she faces emotional turmoil and is given something to think about herself...

Really excellent construction, spot on pacing and pitch perfect reveal moments make this an absolute must read for psychological thriller fans.

Happy Reading Folks!

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