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photo 2016-06-13 11:00
The Lascar's Dagger: Book 1 of The Forsaken Lands - Glenda Larke
The Dagger's Path (The Forsaken Lands) - Glenda Larke
The Fall of the Dagger (The Forsaken Lands) - Glenda Larke
Sorrel Redwing (from The Forsaken Lands Trilogy by Glenda Larke) by Kristy M (book frivolity)

You know, I really loved The Forsaken Lands series. Glenda Larke is a masterful Australian fantasy writer. The Dagger's Path won TWO Australian awards, and it's possibly my favourite Aussie bred fantasy series in the last few years.


There were scenes in The Dagger's Path that were so beautifully written, with so much heart and soul, I had tears in my eyes for a good chunk of the book. True!


Do you want to know what I enjoyed most? A brave female character named Sorrel Redwing. She is stubborn, wilful, loving, powerful, smart, strong; the reason this whole cast of characters works together.. She is the character this series revolves around.


I could go on all night praising Glenda Larke's ability to show just how wonderful a mature woman, without wild warrior kill skills, can be in a fantasy series.. Can play an absolutely pivotal role, and be an absolute joy to read.


Want to know what I didn't like?

Three main characters, Two male: Saker and Ardhi. One female: Sorrel. Which is fine, no problems there... 


Three covers.. I see Saker, I see Ardhi, and I see.. Who? Oh right, I guess it's Saker.. Again.


So, where is Sorrel? *sigh*


I'm not going to say it's because she's a female character that she's not on the covers...


Oh, yes I bloody am! Come on Orbit! We aren't in the 80's now.. Whoever commissioned this series of covers, I swear you've earned my ire. Really unacceptable.


This isn't an SJW ranty rant, which I'm sure many will say it is. What it is, is that I want my gender to be represented on a fantasy cover. I want my favourite character to be celebrated, and not overshadowed by other characters - just because she happens to be female.


Is it really that hard? I'd understand if she was a minor character, but she is an equal in this Ternion. In fact, I'd say she gets twice as much book time as Ardhi, and he gets a bloody cover! Saker gets TWO!


So, just to prove a point, that, you know, female characters aren't all that hard to create in art-ing - I created my own Sorrel. If I had the inclination to create and render a full body version of Sorrel to match the other two covers, I could have without much extra trouble. And I'm really not great at this art thing. 


Pretty sure Orbit's paid professional could've conjured up something 500 times better if asked..


No excuses Orbit. 


You've made me grumpy in conjunction with a series that gave me so much joy, and I'm Not. HAPPY. Jan.


*wanders off grumbling*

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