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review 2019-09-23 06:07
Review: The Gatherer by Colleen Winter
The Gatherer - Colleen Winter-Brathwaite

***Disclaimer: I received an advanced copy of this book for free on NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. Thank you NetGalley!***


This book was a nice surprise for me. I read the synopsis and thought to myself, "Well, that sounds like just about every dystopian young adult book I've ever read." But it wasn't and that surprised me a lot. I found the plot intriguing and the characters were crisp and refreshing. I didn't really mean to make them sound like apples, but there we are.


Really only to things got on my nerves and I hope they are rectified before publishing. 1. The plot moves back and forth in time quite a bit, and there is no indication in the text about when we're in a particular time period. I found it rather confusing with no idea what time period we were in until I had read a page or two. Even a "X year" at the beginning of the chapters from the past would help. 2. Sometimes the text seemed a bit disjointed. For example, I would read something and then all of a sudden they'd be talking about a dead body and I'm thinking "wait, when did someone die? what happened?" So I went back and read those passages again and still can't figure out what happened. This didn't occur a lot, but it happened a few times.


Storm was a good character, though I found her assumed helplessness a bit annoying sometimes. This book was the time for her to harness the power she still has and step forward into action. I saw that a little bit at the end, but it was quite literally only in the last 2 chapters. Prior to that she was a passenger to the plot and I wanted more from her.


Maria is a great character, a real kick butt strong woman with a purpose. The only drawback to her character is that I felt she was a vehicle to the next book. She seemed a little irrelevant to this particular plot but she was the method of getting our characters to the next book.


The plot moved at a good pace and the writing is exciting. I really enjoyed the journey this book took me on as a reader and I look forward to the revelations we get in the next book. I wish I could come up with more great things to say about this book, but anything else will spoil the plot and I endeavor to keep this review spoiler free. But it is a good, fun read that you should check out.

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review 2010-11-11 00:00
Drawn Into Darkness - Annette McCleave It's no secret that I haven't really been touching any paranormals in quite a long time and so when I finally do decide to pick one up, I've been pretty happy with what I've been reading. This book was no exception. I haven't been too wild about romance novels that talk about God and Satan and what not but in this book, I didn't seem to mind it as much as I thought I would.Lachlan MacGregor is a Soul Gatherer and what he does is he gathers souls for Heaven. On top of that, he's got a job of protecting Emily. Emily is being wooed by a dangerous demon who is responsible for a whole lot of unhappy memories for Lachlan and when Rachel Lewis, Emily's Mom comes to Lachlan for help, at first he declines but then changes his mind. His job is made doubly hard by the fact that he's so attracted to Emily's Mom. Falling for Rachel is a big no no and he doesn't need the distraction but because this is a romance novel, he can't help himself. Rachel thinks that Lachlan is a priest and though she's trying to keep her distance, she can't help herself either...Lachlan is hot stuff!Watching these two find their way to their happy ending was a pretty exciting adventure. I thought McCleave did a fantastic job of drawing the reader into her world and I am very excited about reading more from this author. She had a great storyline, a fantastic hero and heroine who had chemistry that steamed up the pages. The villain was interesting as well. Drusus was no joke and more than once, I thought, WTF are you planning with the linen?There were parts in the book that I wanted to strangle the heck out of Emily but for the most part, I was captivated by the story and I thought the way that McCleave wove this story was great and made this book a total winner for me. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is in the mood for a new paranormal world that is sure to take off.Lachlan was a great hero, one that I totally felt for. I mean, he lost his entire family at the hands of an evil demon and seeing him struggle to remain focused on the here and now had me sighing all over the place. I thought he was a very solid and strong hero, one that I just want to sink my teeth into because he was definitely a hot one as well.Rachel was a great heroine, one that I could relate to being a single mother myself. She did what she could for Emily and she had the usual hang ups that most single mothers do, wondering if you're doing enough, wondering what they're up to and where their little girl disappeared to. I related to everything that Rachel went through in this book (well except for all of the paranormal stuff) and I thought her character was well written.Kudos to Annette McCleave for writing a story that I could really get into.
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review 2010-06-15 00:00
Drawn Into Darkness: A Soul Gatherer Novel
Drawn Into Darkness - Annette McCleave Drawn Into Darkness is an interesting introduction to the Soul Gatherers. I wasn't sure how much I'd like this one, as I'm not a big reader of highlander warriors, but Lachlan's story was very intriguing.Drawn Into Darkness introduces us to Lachlan MacGregor, a former Scottish Highland knight who, after taking his own life, is now in the service of Death for 500 years as a Soul Gatherer. He's currently living his life under the guise of a priest in order to discourage human contact, mainly that of females. Throughout his "term of service" he's become the most successful Soul Gatherer and a fierce warrior. Upon gathering the soul of a recently deceased person, he takes the soul into his heart where it's held until Heaven's "courier" claims it. Recently though the courier has been arriving late which puts the soul at risk of being taken by couriers for Hell. Each time this happens he must fight the demons off, keeping the soul safe until delivery can be made. We are also introduced to the artistic single mom, Rachel Lewis and her 14-year old Goth daughter, Emily. Rachel struggles to maintain her career as a print designer while taking care of her newly rebellious daughter. Death orders Lachlan to protect Emily. So, he watches over her, not exactly sure what Death's interest is in the girl. Unfortunately a powerful demon, one Lachlans dealt with in the past, Drusus, notices his attention on the girl and is determined to take her from him.In protecting Emily, Lachlan is forced to deal with Rachel, who he finds extremely attractive. He battles with his feelings and the reality of his life as a gatherer, but ultimately cannot deny them. As their relationship grows, the ensuing battle between good and evil brings them all together, fighting to save Emily, who's significance is ultimately revealed. This book surprised me with all it's sword-wielding battles, good vs. evil, Heaven vs. Hell, touching and hot romance and the fight to save those you love enough to die for. I will definitely check out book 2, Bound By Darkness which tells Brian's story, another Gatherer, who we met in Drawn Into Darkness being trained by and working with Lachlan.
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review 2009-08-31 00:00
Drawn Into Darkness: A Soul Gatherer Novel
Drawn Into Darkness - Annette McCleave Overall, this is a great start to a new paranormal romance series and Annette McCleave is going to have a smashing hit on her hands. Drawn into Darkness comes out tomorrow morning and you will definitely want to be at the bookstore to get your hands on a copy. Or at least bug your librarians for copies.To read my full review, click here.
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