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review 2015-06-24 20:33
The Hollows buddy read commences
Dead Witch Walking - Kim Harrison

So, Obsidian Blue & I are buddy reading The Hollows - one book every two weeks is the general plan, but we'll see how things go. She's been busy, I've been busy. Shit happens, right?


Anyway, Dead Witch Walking is the first book of the series. I thought I had read it before, but now having actually read it, I'm pretty sure that I only read about the first chapter before setting it aside. You can see I've given it three stars. A more detailed explanation would be:


First 1/3: 2 stars

Second 1/3: 3 stars

Third 1/3: 4 stars

Rachel Morgan: 1 1/2 stars

Jenks: five fucking happy pixy stars

Ivy: 0 stars

Nick: 4 stars

Plot: 3 stars

Potential: 5 stars


Things I liked: Jenks. Nick. The fact that human beings are terrified of tomatoes. The set up. The action. The old guy from down the blog (Keasley?). The head of the IFB (totally forgot his name).


Things I didn't like: Ivy. Vampires aren't supposed to be sullen and mopey. Come on. Denon. What a douche.


Things that I hope improve: Rachel. What do I say about the main character? She is so reckless that she seems stupid and incompetent. She's obviously neither of those things - she's able to do serious spell craft. But fuck, woman, use the brains that god gave a duck and stop using such awful judgment. 


Overall, I think the series has great potential. The beginning dragged, and Rachel needs to pull her head out of her ass. 

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text 2015-06-23 05:00
Reading progress update: I've read 172 out of 416 pages.
Dead Witch Walking - Kim Harrison

I wasn't able to start this one until last night - work & the real world interrupted my weekend reading plans!


Obsidian, have you started it yet, or is work kicking your ass, too?

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text 2015-06-16 01:47
Buddy read with Obsidian Blue, version 2.0
Dead Witch Walking - Kim Harrison

So, I had so much fun buddy-reading The Lunar Chronicles with OB, that I have roped her into round two!


We will be reading The Hollows series by Kim Harrison. 13 books, 26 weeks (or thereabouts). The unstructured plan is to read two books a month, but because life happens, we're free to modify as necessary.


And, of course, this is supposed to be fun. So, if it turns out that either of us hates this series, we reserve the right to change our individual minds!


And feel free to jump in and read along with us - if you've read part of the series already, comments are welcome. Read one, read all, the only rule is that you have to have fun. ;)


First up, Dead Witch Walking.



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